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Pies & Coffee is a new concept cafe which was founded in 2011. It specializes in gourmet pies and coffee, a first in the cafe scene in Singapore. They serve buttery, flaky pastry crusts filled with classic, modern and unexpected combinations of fresh, high-quality sweet savoury ingredients. It is also available for takeaways, as well as for patrons to sit and relax. continue reading
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Signature Dishes
Beef Shepherd's Pie Lamb Shank Pie Mushroom Ragout Pie Peach Pie Wagyu Beef Cheek Pie
Review (27)
Level3 2015-12-11
Full review: http://nkikichua.blogspot.sg/2015/11/pies-coffee-rochester-mall-buona-vista.htmlThey have introduced new items to their menu, let's start with some cheesy goodness and one of my favourite from the lot, Croque Monsieur, consisting of olive-accented focaccia with a variety of turkey ham and garlic turkey, béchamel sauce, mozzarella cheese and pesto sauce. Simply irresistible for me! However, it can be a little dry.Another gratifying meal, Lobster Bisque Baked Rice where the lobster bisque sauce is made from fresh flower crab, prawn and slipper lobster jus. Even the vegetables such as onions, mixed herbs, carrots and celeries are stirred in a prawn stock before pouring over the charbroiled long-grain rice. No wonder it takes hours to carefully prepare this dish. Loving the sweet note from the crustaceans. It packed with chockfull of flavours in every bite.No meal can be completed without dessert(s). Try their Sticky Date Cake, homemade toffee sauce drizzled over the dates finely chopped loaf cake, and topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It’s a hit to my sweet tooth! continue reading
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Level3 2014-12-31
Pies & Coffee has a few outlets scattered around Singapore, but I never ventured to give them a try - until recently. Indeed, good things are worth the wait.The Steak and Nacho Cheese Pie I ordered was absolutely delectable. The chunks of tender beef blended perfectly with the accompanying carrots, mushrooms and onions to form a hearty stew. The pie pastry was impossibly flaky and buttery, making every bite a heavenly experience. To top it all off, literally, the cheese topping was so beautifully smooth, rich and chewy, it was really buttery, cheesy heaven to the max.A shoutout also goes out to the accompanying mashed potatoes, which were light and fluffy, yet rich and buttery. The gravy was thick and delicious, yet not overly salty. One of the best mashed potatoes I've ever had.Do not hesitate like I did. Go grab a pie, any pie, from Pies & Coffee now! continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-28
We visited Pies & Coffee for their DBS 1-for-1 breakfast set promo and ordered a set of Hearty Brekkie and Smoked Salmon Stacked. Both breakfast sets come wither either a cup of orange juice or apple juice.Hearty BrekkieThe set consisted of toasted Belgian waffles, scrambled eggs, cheesy chicken sausage, and mesclun salad with homemade citrus dressing. My only gripe was that the Belgian waffles were a little cold and could have been crispier. Smoked Salmon StackedToasted bagel stacked with scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes with green peas, sautéed button mushrooms and two slices of smoked salmon, this breakfast set lacked punch as it was rather bland and light. I was expecting a little more smoked salmon slices but for the promotion, it was still acceptable.Service was poor as staff were not very professional. They had some issue with my card initially and instead of checking their own system, insisted that my card was faulty. I ended up having to call the bank’s customer service to confirm that my card is in order before they checked their own system. Honestly, if not for the promotion, I would have simply left. continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-31
If you are looking for a place with great ambience, Pies & Coffee is the place to go. They are really strict with the no outside food and drinks policy.. i had an empty cup of drink from Texas Chicken hoping to find a bin to recycle, and got a stern warning from the cafe crew there as they clear the tables.i guess it's just the ambience that you will be going for if you ever visit pies and coffee. the waterfall is a great touch to helping you feel relaxed.Caffe Latte (10 oz) - SGD5.42Honestly, I don't know why they priced it so strangely. anyway their latte art was really weird too, but the fragrant of the coffee was strong. i felt it was too bitter and needed a lot of sugar.. the temperature of the coffee was not hot at all, so i think perhaps there is something wrong with their coffee machine and the hot liquid may not be able to thoroughly press the coffee bean enough.New York Cheese Cake - SGD6.45i really question why the new york cheese cake was so expensive. i thought it would taste better than any other new york cheese cake but it felt like it was there for several days. it wasn't fresh and even the way the cake was placed (with the sauces on the side) look frightening. it turns out the sauce was some strawberry sauce but doesn't it look like CHILLI?!!i wouldn't visit the cafe ever again, i don't think it's worth it! they don't have service charge but it is so expensive (you have to order from the counter and also pick up from the counter, really troublesome). continue reading
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Full Pies & Coffee review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2013/12/pies-coffee.htmlIn the style of that Great British English tradition, Pies & Coffee is a suitably named place that sells... what else? Gourmet pies and coffee! A niche concept cafe, Pies & Coffee also has soups, salads, and pastries on their menu, but most visit for their range of traditional or unique fusion pies.Ambience at Pies & Coffee is functional, laid-back and casual. There isn't much indoor seating, but the ample outdoor seating is comfortable, sheltered and pretty cool, thanks to the nearby fountain. However, some seats may have bird poop on them, thanks to the nearby Myna birds that frequent this place. Check before you sit!Pies & Coffee is largely self-service, with staff only helping to prepare orders and clear tables. Decent enough, and staff are quite friendly, they do make recommendations if you're unsure what to get.Food at Pies & Coffee revolves around its namesake. I found the coffee to be decent, nothing to shout about, and while the coffee beans are of good quality, their Latte Art is rather sloppy and unprofessional. Their traditional pies are quite tasty, above average in quality, though portions are generous and filling. Worth the money! But their fusion pies really stand out for the unique flavour combinations! Made according to the traditional British English Shepherd's Pie Beef, with a generous, filling portion. Despite the classic combination of ingredients like minced beef, carrots, onions, and peas, the Shepherd's Pie Beef lacks in the overall taste, being slightly weak on the palate. Decent, but a little more gravy or seasoning might have helped. continue reading
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