Capricci offers the best of pizzas and pastas and more, including Rucola Parma Ham Pizza, homemade paccheri with homemade Italian sausage and Portobello mushroom over a parmesan cheese sauce and fiorentina steak. Capricci's desserts menu also boasts of tiramisu and panna cotta. continue reading
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Tuna Steak Tagliata Pistachio-crusted Lamb Cutlets
Review (11)
Level4 2014-12-20
The restaurant was nicely decorated with a warm cozy feel. For the pictures of the restaurant, you may want to browse the website instead for a better gauge. Service was nice & warm too, and they changed your utensil after every course, high class service standard indeed. I'm not complaining but I kinda not used to such "atas" (high class) environment. LOL.We were served a basket of warm bread almost immediately when we were seated, which was complimentary. However, both my bf and I felt that the focaccia bread was a tad salty and so we dint finish the bread. The other bread in cubes was better, being soft and fluffy, which went very well with the olive oil/balsamic vinegar dip.Broccoli Souffle with Cheese Fondue ($22)I was expecting broccoli served in cheese dip for this dish, so this came as a surprise presentation. It was served warm and soft, like mash tofu with broccoli. The cheese in it was very mild, so mild that I would never though there was cheese in it if not for the name. So I guess, this should appeal to non-cheese lovers too. A pleasant yet unique dish. 36 months cured Parma ham with rock melon sorbet ($24)Again, I was "wow" by the presentation. Have you ever thought of serving sorbet as your appetizer? And have you ever thought that rock melon as normally paired with parma ham can be replaced by rock melon sorbet? Wow, that was C-R-E-A-T-I-V-E. Okay I must say parma ham was never my favourite. On its own, it was very salty. The saltiness was slightly "covered up" by the sorbet as I used the ham to wrap around a generous scoop of the rock melon ice-cream. Haha. Dun mind me, I admit I dunno how to appreciate parma ham. John Dee grass fed Beef Tenderloin with green peppercorn sauce and parboiled asparagus ($38)The serving was quite generous with a thick slab of premium meat, but I thought the serving was quite plain with just boiled (tasteless) asparagus. Perhaps, the chef's intention was for the diners to focus on the premium meat instead? *Pondered*Anyway, I ordered medium rare. It was very juicy and "bloody" yet not uncooked, leaving the meat very moist and tender. I think I mentioned this before ~ the red juice which seemed bloody was not blood. Basically, most of the blood will be drained from all meat before it is cooked. But my bf was pretty turned off by the bloody scene. HohoBreaded Norwegian Salmon with herbs and cherry tomato confit ($38)Again, focus was on the salmon, which means no sides except for the cherry tomato buried underneath the big piece of salmon. Very soft and fresh, a pretty well done dish.Panna Cotta drizzled with Strawberry Coulis ($14)Finally, desserts came!We were told that this was one of the more popular dessert at Capricci and so we ordered the panna cotta! Very creamy texture and milky taste, so I guess you need to love dairy product to like this dessert. On the other hand, the strawberry coulis was quite sour, only good as decoration. Bounette ala Piemontese (Cocoa Pudding) with crushed Amaretti Biscuits ($16)Nothing will go wrong with chocolate definitely. What enlighten this dessert was the extra touch of the crushed amaretti biscuits and nuts, which added crunchiness to the soft cocoa pudding. Overall, we had a pretty enjoyable lunch with good food and service. Then again, the pricing may be a bit too hefty for me to revisit.Visit http://fun-hideout.blogspot.sg for more reviews! continue reading
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We were having our annual wedding photo shoot session at Duxton area, so decided to go somewhere quiet for a nice dinner date.The ambience of this place is romantic and elegant, staff has great service with great smiles.We ordered their Dinner set. I’m pretty happy that they serve warm dinner rolls after we’ve placed our orders as we're already very hungry.Pistachio Crusted Lamb are tender lamb pieces that's covered with crusted/chopped pistachios to have that crispy texture. Lamb meat was very delectable and I didn't get any of the unpleasant "lamb" taste as it's well paired with the flavour of the limoncello cream.Tenderloin was well cooked , slow-roasted to perfection , had such a soft juicy texture I just wanted to chew with my gums and enjoy all possible flavours of it.For dessert, Tiramisu was sweet, so moist and overwhelmed by its velvet fluffiness. The chocolate cake was alright, probably good but because all the great stuff we've been eating ranks this lowest. Strawberries were fresh to neutralize all the heavy flavoured stuff we've been eating. I regretted not bringing our DSLR here because the visual appeal of the ambience and food were all so pretty but after all it's our special day and didn't want to carry around bulky equipment. The dimlight didn't help with the phone photography which doesn't justify how it looks in person.As we finished everything, Hubby who eats like a recycling centre said these barely filled him up and asked me again “what’s for dinner?” -_- continue reading
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Level4 2012-03-31
My boyfriend brought me to this nice italian restaurant in Tanjong Pagar, Capricci for our anniversary celebration. They sell reasonable set dinners at a very good price. They include Appetisers, main course and dessert, lastly followed by coffee or tea. And it only cost us $48 per pax. The ambience in the restaurant is very nice and cozy with the orange lighting. I personally like the scallop appetisers which i attached the photo. The scallop is very fresh and the texture is very smooth and sweet after taste. I really have a great time there and will definitely visit again. continue reading
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Level2 2012-03-23
Whoever came up with the concept of Restaurant Week is a genius. The combination of an affordable 3-course meal, an element of surprise in the mystery menu and the discovery of new taste sensations is a sure winner. This time around, we went to Capricci. When we entered the restaurant at 6.30pm, it was decently half-filled, definitely a good sign. Plus, we realised that the entire restaurant was only serving the Restaurant Week menu, another very good sign as it reflected the popularity of the restaurant. Here's their selection of Restaurant Week items:We sat down and were greeted with their complimentary bread basket.Not too sure what type of bread it was but I'm guessing it was Focaccia. I hate to start off as a wet blanket but the bread came disappointingly cold and bland. Thank goodness for quality olive oil and balsamic that saved the lackluster bread cubes. For our 1st course, we choose the Broccoli and Yogurt Soufflé with Cheese Sauce Fondue for him, and the Orange Perfumed Maguro Tuna Tartare with Avocado Purée for her. The soufflé was quite good - airy and dotted with fresh green broccoli bits throughout. The cheese sauce was a bit salty and heavy but worked well with the light soufflé. I thoroughly enjoyed my maguro tuna tartare. The fish was fresh and paired well with the creamy avocado purée. I couldn't really detect the "orange perfume" but it really didn't matter - the dish was already a winner as declared by my taste buds. Moving on to the 2nd course, we ordered the Grilled Rib Eye Steak with Mix Green Salad for him, and the Homemade Paccheri with Homemade Italian Sausage, Portobello Mushroom and Parmesan Cheese Sauce for her.Juicy and tender, the grilled rib eye steak was delicious. Done perfectly medium-rare, even I, a non-steak eater, thought it was well-prepared and delectable. It was, however, a tad on the oily side but the mixed green salad below did a great job of soaking up the oil and balsamic vinegar, turning it into a luscious vinaigrette. The word "homemade" in an Italian restaurant is always a good thing. This dish also came highly recommended by the waitress and chef who described the pasta as a "sleeve pasta". I knew I was in for a treat when this arrived. It smelled sinfully cheesy and had a good amount of sausage and mushroom over the pasta that was cooked just al dente. It may look like a small portion, but with a dish this rich (I overheard the chef telling another table that the sausage is made of pork belly), a little goes a long way!At this point, I should add that the husband actually ordered a second helping of rib eye steak. Reason 1: the portion was a little small for him. Reason 2: It was a damn good steak. Reason 3: It would only cost a reasonable $15++. The second steak that came was good, but not great. The husband commented that the steak seemed to be smaller and thinner, while the vegetable heap was larger. Some parts were a bit too rare as well. Oh bummer. Now on to dessert!The Crème Caramel was as it should be - creamy yet not too dense. The almonds and crumbled amaretti cookies on top added a nice contrasting crunch.I'm partial towards the heavier desserts so I'm going to say the Panna Cotta was better. Cold, smooth, creamy and rich, what else could you want in a dessert? The menu was a bit misleading though - the only semblance of strawberry I got was the 3 slices on top of the panna cotta. The sauce tasted more like chocolate to me. But as with the missing orange perfume, it really didn't matter. It's thanks to Restaurant Week that I had the chance to visit Capricci. We took a greedy look at their a la carte menu and I'm pretty sure we'll be back. (: continue reading
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Level4 2011-09-29
I went to capricci for some delicious dinner, that time I went, I only ordered dessert as I already ate dinner before hand. I ordered their delicious lamb shank. It was totally delicious. the lamb was so tender and juicy, I simply love the sauce the marinate the lamb with. It was also very easy to eat as well. This ambience is also very nice and comforting. The service is realy good. really a good place to go for a date! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)