Helmed by a barista from One Man Coffee, Carvers & Co offers not just your standard cafe experience - to guzzle over coffee and brunch - but also a full dinner menu after 6pm daily. continue reading
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The Carvers Wagyu Roast
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Level4 2015-12-01
Yes, yet another burger joint. While I'm happy about the variety and competition the various eateries offer, I'm honestly a little jaded by the "famous" or "must try" places that serve middling burgers. But I digress. We were at Carvers & Co for a taste of their much touted beef burger on a sweltering weekend afternoon.Occupying one of the small shophouse units along East Coast Road, just opposite Roxy Square, Carvers sports an industrial chic interior complete with overhanging halogen lamps and heavy steel chairs. One gripe I had about the place. We were seated next to the fold-able doors with the glass panels and could make out second hand cigarette smoke seeping in from outside (we later found out that there was a "designated" cigarette disposal tin just outside and folks from adjourning units were disposing of their cigarettes there as well).Pork Get In My Bellay! - As amusing as this dished sounded, it was average at very best. The pork belly came across as very crisp and way too dry; on a bed of crisp bread with a splattering of siracha mayonnaise for that spicy but less than useful kick. Finishing this proved quite a chore and we gave up after a while.The (AWOL) Sergeant - Grilled to a medium rare with a mildly salty bovine taste, the beef patty came topped with melted cheddar and a layer of caramelised onions for a dollop of sweetness; sandwiched between two mildly crisp burger buns spread with a thin layer of butter and mustard. Overall pretty decent but I personally would have preferred the buns without the mustard. The additional streaky bacon (+$3) came extremely crisp but was way too dry for my liking (it felt like I was eating a cracker instead of bacon).Truffle Fries - Crisp and topped with grated cheese, served with mayonnaise but where's the truffle oil?At $44 for the both of us, it wasn't expensive but the food was rather disappointing. The beef burger was the only thing that was decent (but nowhere as good as Suprette's - http://www.timelessfacade.com/2015/09/suprette-ii-still-my-favourite-burger.html) and I don't foresee myself ever returning again. Once again, so much for the hype...See all my pictures at http://www.timelessfacade.com/2015/11/carvers-co-yet-another-burger-joint.html continue reading
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Carvers & Co. joins many new cafes and restaurants in the Katong/ East Coast road area. It is run by chef and fitness trainer, Sarah Lin. She was inspired by the cooking techniques and tradition through her farm stay in Southern Italy which was later fuelled by her own passion for cooking for friends through "supper clubs" and other events.As we entered the restaurant, we realised that the space was actually quite small and cozy. It has a seating capacity of about 40 people. Furniture were arranged in a way that encouraged communal dining in groups. The interior was decorated with paintings, some shelves and the colours of the place made the place feel friendly and welcoming.Carvers' & Co. serve a range of drinks. The highlight would be their coffee. The coffee here are brewed with beans roasted by Common Man Coffee Roasters. You may also speak to the barista and staff to request for pour-overs featuring single origin coffee beans from reputable roaster around the world. These coffee are specially hand-picked by Carvers & Co. and vary from time to time.We tried their Flat White which was aromatic and not too acidic. They offer other drinks such as craft beers, organic colas and wine for those who prefer something else.Truffled Egg-in-the-Hole Toast with Bacon Jam is usually served with Candied Bacon as well. Brioche bread is used in this dish where the centre of it has a hole where the pour in a fresh egg. The truffle taste was consistent and we felt sufficient. On the side, bacon jam is served atop a crouton. It was our first time tasting bacon jam and we really liked how the salty bacon was emulsified into a jam that had a balance of both sweet and salty flavours.Carvers & Co. also prides itself with their signature hearty roast meats that can be enjoyed individually or ordered whole and shared. Their choice of roasts varies weekly. You can order their Carvers' Plate which consists of Gammon Ham and carvings of Roast of the Day served with caramelized onions and potato hash. Half a roast is usually at $80 for 4-6 people while a whole roast is at $150 for 8 to 10 people.One of their signature roast is Porketta with Crackling and Apple Chutney. The porketta is seasoned with herbs such as garlic and rosemary. The crackling of the Porketta was the highlight as it so light, crispy and tasty. The meat is well-seasoned but I thought it could do with more moisture.We felt the Wagyu Steak was the highlight for the night for us. It really is a generous portion! I enjoyed the garlic and caramelized sides as they give a good balance to the red meat. TIt was done evenly and the meat was really tender. We would recommend this dish for all steak lovers! The price is also pretty reasonable for the quality and portion!Overall, a great place for gatherings with family and friends!For full review and more photos, please visit http://thumbsforfood.blogspot.sg/2014/06/carvers-co-thumbsforfood.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-05-15
Opened to much hype, Carvers & Co is one of the few new eateries to have opened at East Coast Road. Unlike hipster cafes of the late that had been serving brunch items that usually involves eggs, Carvers & Co takes on a different approached by putting roasts on its menu, as well as other mains that are less conventional though some brunch items are still available. The menu is rather creative; all clipped onto a book so you can literally flip it while browsing. Interestingly, Carvers & Co is being run by the former owner of One Man Coffee which is now currently run by a friend of the ex-owner.It had been some time since we had truffle fries, so we were glad to see them serving Communal Truffle Fries ($10.90). While they are all crispy, it seemed that there was a difference between “chips” and “fries” here, with the fries seemingly opened from a freezer pack with truffle oil drizzled over it and served. We could not help but noticed a few over-fried fries in the bowl, and the inconsistency in taste was noticeable as there were some parts which lacked the truffle aroma.Wanting to try a brunch item but not wanting to go for the mainstream Scrambled Eggs, we went for the Farmhouse Frittata ($9.90). It was somewhat like a quiche with cheese and bacon and comes with toast and garden salad on the side. The toasts were crispy and tasted rather spiced, but the garden salad was just uninspiring in its presentation, while the Frittata replicated a thicker Fu Rong Omelette with cheese and bacon inside.Since my dining partner had a brunch item, I went with a main. Stewed Chicken ($18.00) was a dish that involved white wine and dates, and sounded very classy on paper. It was in fact luxurious, with the sauce tasting sweet from the dates and slightly sourish from the white wine; a combination seemingly odd at first but strangely appealing. The chicken was also tender and succulent; the only gripe was its size which seemed a tad small for a guy. The sides were a salad with raw celery and carrot in a certain drizzle; the celery being rather mild tasting so it was not exactly revolting, but still a rather odd combination somehow.While the food were largely disappointing, the Flat White ($4.50) was rather robust with a strong acidity and a earthy tone for the finishing touch. Carvers & Co uses blends from Common Man Coffee Roasters, which assures the quality of its coffee.For more photos and the full review, please visit: http://jiaksimipng.wordpress.com/2014/05/13/carvers-co-east-coast-road/ continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)