Casa Italia offers Singaporeans a true taste of Italian gelato using recipes dating back to 1962, made fresh here in Singapore our products are honest, with no colorants or preservatives. continue reading
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I must say that I was really thrilled to witness the opening of the new Gelateria Italia branch at Causeway Point, although my mind was inwardly lamenting all those busted dieting plans. Located near the atrium, Gelateria Italia features a gelato counter, a "deli" counter, and an open dining area that cleverly made used of the open space around the pillars. At the gelato corner, there are two display counters that features a wonderful, colorful array of flavours such as Nutella, Pistachio, Butterscotch, Cookies and Cream and so on. The wonderful thing is that you get to sample the flavours before deciding on the ones to buy and the staff are generally friendly, patient and accommodating enough to allow you to try a few flavours. You can then opt to get the Piccolo size (small cup of one flavour - $5.40), Medio size (medium cup of two flavours - $7.70) or Grande size (large cup of three flavours - $9.90). After sampling a few, we decided to geticcolo Size: Nutella ($5.40)Grande Size: Ferrero Rocher, Toblerone, Pistachio ($9.90)Being such chocoholics, we chose mostly the chocolate flavours to share although we also got the Pistachio to try. The gelato were creamy and milky and consistently dense and sticky in texture. Out of the flavours we got, my favourite was the Ferrero which was very chocolatey and felt richer in taste compared to Toblerone and Nutella. I also liked Pistachio which was sweeter than expected and was quite nutty too with bits of pistacchio in it. The price was pretty expensive for just a small cup of gelato. But what we liked about the gelato from Gelateria Italia was that there were also actual bits of ingredients like Nutella, Ferrero and Toblerone bits mixed in which added to the richness and sweetness of the gelato. However, at this branch, I found the Ferrero bits to be comparably few compared to the same Ferrero gelato I have tried before at another branch.Although it seemed to be worthwhile for us to get the Grande version of three flavours at $9.90, we found that some of the flavours (basically the chocolate ones) overlapped each other, making it hard to discern between flavours. This was made worse by our overloading of toppings on the gelato. So to enjoy the taste of each flavour, it might be a good idea to just get a single flavour, or with differing flavours, like chocolate and strawberry. And also go easy on the toppings even if it is tempting to overload the gelato with the free toppings such as the marshmallows or chocolate rice, as it can overshadow the taste of the gelato rather than enhance it. We regretted swamping our gelato with the toppings as it distracted us from truly savouring the flavours of the gelato. We have since learnt the errors of our (greedy) ways; no more toppings for us next time! Other than gelato, the Gelateria Italia branch here also offer waffles (which you can also top with gelato) and other breads like sandwiches, croissants and muffins at the "deli" corner. There are also beverages like Hot Chocolate ($3.80) or Cafe Latte ($4.20) as well. If you wish to dine in, there is a homely designed open dining area that is both comfortable and inviting enough to sit and enjoy your food, drink or gelato, although we thought that it would be nice if the tables were spaced apart a little more. Nevertheless, we had an enjoyable time with our gelato at the open dining area and would certainly be back again the next time to try out the waffles with gelato and beverages here! continue reading
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