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Catch 'N Bite is an indulgent, fast take-away experience for seafood lovers. They aim to provide fast, fuss-free takeaway with great affordability. Enjoy seafood takeaway with Catch 'N Bite! continue reading
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10:00 - 22:00
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10:00 - 22:00
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Signature Dishes
Crunchin' Crab Po' Boy Ultimate Catch Lobster Roll
Review (5)
Level3 2014-12-31
Catch 'n Bite has a delectable range of largely seafood-based sandwiches, consisting of both soft luxurious rolls and traditional Louisiana-styled po' boy sandwiches.Intrigued by this novel concept, we grabbed an Ultimate Crab roll and a Crunchin' Crab po' boy sandwich. Both were indeed impressive. The former had oodles of soft and creamy crabmeat, tomatoes, lettuce and corn stuffed in a soft ciabatta. The smooth white dressing nicely bound all the fillings together. It was a heavenly experience.The Crunchin' Crab po' boy, on the other hand, was not as smooth and silky, but delicious in its own unique fashion. A whole soft shell crab, breaded and fried to a crisp golden perfection, was layered with garden greens and topped with a spicy sauce. The entire package was umami and simply addictive. I craved another immediately upon finishing it.For a new and unique submarine sandwich experience, give Catch 'n Bite a try. They will not disappoint with their fresh and briny seafood creations.  continue reading
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A friendly store at Westgate B1 is a Halal Certified Freshly made sandwhich which specialises in Seafood Sandwiches, Seafood Tart, Seafood Soup and Seafood Bites.Full Blog review = http://cennds.blogspot.sg/2014/10/catch-n-bite.htmlUpon arriving, i couldn't decide on which sandwhich and other choices that i should catch.Regardless, whether it is a CRAB, LOBSTER or FISH !! All seems are very tasty.So, the TIPS  is here : LOOKOUT for the RED keywords on the Big Menu Banner .Do you spot the words of " Best Seller " and " Must Try " ? If not, then " Zoom it "Eits.. There is Wasabi , Salmon and Ebiko Tarts too.Clam SoupNot creamy and no fishy smell on the clam. ( $ 4.90 ).The soup is made from real lobster stock and not flavoured with MSGCrispy FishGolden fish bites seasoned with Creole spices and tasted a bit salty. ( $5.90 )One thing that you should not miss out is the SEAFOOD SAUCE .The Bites will be tasted better if you dip in with the Seafood Sauce.Full Complete Set of Seafood Tarts :There are variety choices of Salmon , Crab , Ebiko, Shrimp, Lobster. The smoked salmon is specially imported from Norway, fresh and delicious.You can actually buy in the bulk with 16 pcs in each for event or parties. It will be more cheaper, only cost you $2 each instead of $2.50Price :$2.50 - each$4.50 - 2 pcs$13 - 6 pcs$24 - 12 pcs$30 - 16 pcsCrunchin Crab The crispy and soft crab shell which can be eaten is really quite interesting. However, it is a bit salty but overall is fine. Worth to try with a shiok interesting soft crab shell which filled with a bed of lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and spicy mayo.   ($9.90 )Besides the Crunchin' Crab, The Signatures include Ultimate Lobster Sandwich at $12.90A slightly spicy ciabatta sandwich packed with Maine Lobster, egg, corn. continue reading
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Level2 2014-05-28
Catch 'n Bite is a kiosk located in Westgate, Jurong. It is opened by the same folks running "SureCatch World", a fishing company in Singapore and that explains why their seafood is so fresh and their seafood are all made from real lobsters, crabs, prawns, fish and calamari, everything is non processed and REAL.Finally, we have fuss free,. affordable seafood right here in Singapore.My personal favourites are their softshell crab and fish bites, you gotta try it and you will know how crispy and absolutely FRESH they are!!!Full review here: http://ilovedawn00.blogspot.sg/2014/05/food-review-catch-n-bite.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-05
Crispy soft-shell crab, layered with fresh lettuce and tomatoes!To start off, I'm not a sandwich person. However, I seriously had the best sandwich I've ever had at this place. Love the sauce that goes well with the filling and warm, soft, lightly toasted bread. Overall great experience! Crunching crab are only selling $6.90 which is value for money! continue reading
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For the full review and more photos, please visit http://makanarts.com/2013/12/03/catch-n-bite-westgate/Today marks the first day of opening at Westgate. Being the same as Jem, Westgate offers some shops and brands that are first-in-Singapore, unique only to the Orchard area and startups.Catch 'n Bite is one of the new startups. Opened as a fast-food take-away booth, it offers sandwiches at affordable prices. The sandwich can also be upgraded to a meal for an additional $3 (consisting of a side and a can of drink). The sides are also available as an a-la-carte.I ordered the Crunching Crab Po' Boy. The crab is very crispy and I also noted they used the crab parts in the process as the shell could be tasted. The pickles and the sauce made the whole experience better by enhancing its taste.Although the Golden Fries looks like normal fries you can get at other fast-food chains, the fries here are slightly bigger and more filling.If you want to get a sandwich, this is an affordable place to get one. Do take note their flavours are limited to seafood (hence the name Catch 'n Bite!) continue reading
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