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CATO is a restaurant and bar housed at the iconic conservation building that once housed the first OCBC Bank in Singapore, serving international cuisine with an Asian influence. continue reading
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Level3 2015-11-09
Here we are at Cato Singapore, a new bar-cum-restaurant born in September 2015. Keeping to its shophouse, retro pub style on the second floor, that's where we enjoyed the evening with good drinks.The picture above shows the second floor. The first floor, boasts a more modern black and white theme. (Sorry, didn't manage to get any pictures.)Let it flow.This is one beer I would highly recommend. Very awesome, even for someone like me, who doesn't take much beer.Modern Times Beer Black House Coffee StoutPrawn bisque with homemade cod fishball & coriander leaf ($12), listed under the Tapas menu, is flavourful. The bowl looks small because this is a tasting portion. The actual portion is bigger. Anyway, this was pretty comforting and a good starter to whip up your appetite.Some interesting finger food included the Garlic Fries ($8), the Crispy squid in thai style glaze ($12) and Cato Wings in homemade chilli glaze ($15).The squid and the wings are table favourites.Chilli lovers, you will find the Chicken Noodle Salad ($16) a delight, Ghost Chilli seasoned noodles paired with Chinese tea smoked chicken and fresh greens. The ghost chilli makes it interestingly spicy.There is also a healthier option available - Acai Cured Salmon ($18). Acai berries were freshly purchased from the Amazon, where Acai sprouts from. The portion was a tad small, we should take cue from the categorisation from the menu. Yes, this is parked under appetisers and probably would make a good one as it is topped with a light and refreshing calamansi creme fraiche.Moving on to the mains, they have interesting ones like Aunty Jasmine's Fish Curry ($25) and the Steam Baked Pork Cheek ($28).They serve the curry separate in a pitcher and will pour it in front of you. The dish is a Asian-Western fusion, combining a homemade family recipe for the indian-style curry and a New Zealand Ling Fish.The pork cheek is tender, sealed in 'Fata' cooking foil and steam-baked in a Port Wine Mustard sauce together with veggies.We also got to try the only 2 desserts served on the menu: Valrhona warm pistachio chocolate cake ($14) and the Papaya Nougat Glace ($14).The glace is homemade, marrying the nougat and fresh papaya chunks and caramelised almonds. We saw many customers enjoying this dish and is probably one of the more special desserts they have to offer here.The chocolate cake was rich, in fact, a little too rich for my liking. But chocolate lovers, this might just be your thing. This lava cake, however, did not flow well when cut.Overall, Cato would be a place where you would probably want to hang out if you would like to chill over some nice finger foods and taste their awesome alcoholic beverages.\This is an invited media tasting session. continue reading
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CATO is a modern Asian Fusion restaurant located at the ex-OCBC Bank along South Bridge Road, occupying a second-storey unit in the conservation building, giving it all the element of historic cultural allure along with old world charm. Comfort is the name of the game, from the modernistic, rustic decor of the first storey restaurant to the dimly-lit, industrial chic interior of the second floor bar area. Mains are served on the restaurant level and one may have light bites / tapas to go along with drinks on the upper level.The Prawn Bisque with Home Made Cod Fish Ball and Coriander Leaf (SGD$12.00) - thick, smooth and creamy broth has a delicious flavour, slightly saccharine and distinct with lobster goodness; lingering in the palate long after every drop is savoured. The cod fish ball had a class of its own - firm but soft in texture, the taste is lighter than those of the typical fishball, but very pleasant for sure. Wish I had more of those balls.The Chicken Noodle Salad (SGD$16.00) - Chinese tea-smoked chicken salad with fresh greens and Ghost Chili seasoned noodles. The tea-smoked chicken was tender, juicy and proudly infused with the aroma of Chinese-tea and hunger-inducing smokey hints that made it a joy to chew unto. Do not be deceived by the seemingly innocuous name or appearance of the murky-coloured noodles - one bite was all it took to feel the spiciness reverberating in the ears and inferno in the mouth. I enjoyed it immensely, and had a few more bites since the rest pretty much left it alone after the first try - but bear in mind that I eat chilli padi as well (though this exceeded the prowess of chilli padi greatly). Suggestion is that you can order it for sharing, or ask the restaurant to let you have the milder or non-spicy version.The Açaí Cured Salmon (SGD$18.00), açaí -cured salmon rounds served on starfruit ceviche with a light and refreshing calamansi Crème Fraîche & Açai jelly. Another dish that left a deep impression on me, and I am sure I needn't emphasize that a dish with health benefits definitely scores points in today's context, where people eat healthier. Springy salmon rounds were sweetly-justifiable of the salmon's luscious, mildly-fishy taste, like eating fresh sashimi. Açai jelly were tiny caviar-like rounds by the side; fun to bite on; and calamansi Crème Fraîche with starfruit ceviche added a refreshing touch of zest.Crispy Squid in Thai-style Glaze (SGD$12.00) were baby squids with a light flour and spices batter, crackling scrumptiously with each bite, melting readily away in the charmed jaws. I could eat a few plates of this easily, especially over drinks.The Steam Baked Pork Cheek (SGD$28.00) - tender strips of slow-cooked pork cheek sealed in "Fata" cooking foil and steam-baked in a Port Wine Mustard sauce along with seasonal vegetables. So we eagerly unwrapped the anticipated dish like a precious present, and slowly doused the yellow sauce over it before attacking the dish. Such soft, succulent pork cheeks were a bliss to behold in between the teeth, slowly slicing through its springy texture and letting the strength of the port-wine mustard sauce come through - rather intoxicating and very palatable. I also loved the sweet vine tomatoes served with the pork cheeks.The Papaya Nougat Glacé (SGD$14.00)- homemade nougat speckled with fresh papaya chunks and studded with almonds was soft, chewy, sweet and crunchy. Drizzled with a papaya and sweet wine reduction pooling it slowly, this decadent dessert was further enhanced in taste and flavour. Loved the berries by the side too.For full review and more detailed information, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2015/11/media-invite-dinner-at-cato-singapore.html continue reading
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Level4 2015-11-07
CATO Singapore just launched in cultural mecca with delicious bites and laidback vibes.Double-storeyed restaurant and bar inspired by Modern Asian cuisine, CATO Singapore packs a punch when it comes to giving you an awesome night out. This jazzy, fun affair is lined with fancy cold brews, coffee stouts, craft beers, and more - whichever is your chosen poison, they will have it. Groove to the beats from their live DJs spinning 90's retro remixes, and then, hang out with friends over interesting fusion creations from CATO's talented chefs.Image credits: CATO SingaporeThe first floor seemed a little muted and has a slow, lulling effect for a quiet date night, but the second floor is truly made for memorable nights with its cozy setting, and a large arching window that oversees the grand glowing Sri Mariamman Temple in blue.Prawn bisque with home-made cod, fishball and coriander leaf (SGD12) is a velvety product of simmered prawn shells for a more full-bodied flavour, typically served in an espresso cup for you to down in one shot... ideally. In reality, it was so full of goodness from the seas and I would really prefer to sip at it slowly and dip in bread to enjoy it in entirety. Portion is likely to be small as this is a 'quality over quantity' sort of tapas selection.The super savoury Garlic fries (SGD8) would be good to share among a crowd. It is tasty with strong garlic-crusted flavour, but probably not the sort of fries to binge on as it can be quite overpowering after a while.Chicken Noodle Salad (SGD16) is the spiciest thing I've ever tasted, meant to be both smoky, savoury, and sour with vinegar vinaigrette... but numb was the only feeling I had after the 'ghost chili' (bhut jolokia) which the noodles were seasoned with! It was pretty crazy, but people who love to push their limits... here it is.Fashioning one of man's greatest discoveries - the salmon - in a very different way, the Acai cured salmon (SGD18) has cured the Tasmanian Salmon Rounds with superfood of acai berries, which is intended to accentuate the fattiness and juiciness of the salmon. Oh my, if the chef hasn't mentioned it, I wouldn't have known why this salmon tasted especially plump and delicious. Pair it with the marinated starfruit ceviche with light and refreshing calamansi creme fraiche and the maroon-coloured sweet acai jelly squares on the side. Photo credits: CATO SingaporeThe Crispy Squid in Thai Style Glaze (SGD12) is known to be a regular-favourite and also quickly swept off the table by fellow hungry dinner companions. Strangely, I didn't find that I like it as much, it wasn't crispy but instead, feels chewy, with a sweet and sour sauce that stays true to Thai cuisine.Steam Baked Pork Cheek (SGD28) is wrapped in a Fata cooking foil in a rather aloof way, as if it doesn't care much for being photogenic in this era of Instagram... unwrapping it, an inviting aroma wafts over, revealing tender strips of sous vide pork cheek and steam-baked in a port wine mustard sauce. The pork cheeks were super tender, I didn't even feel like I had to bite it (not literally) but it sure doesn't feel like any other regular pork cheeks. My impression of it just went on an exponential curve after getting to know it.My favourite amongst the mains, appetizers and sides goes to this ingenious Aunty Jasmine's Fish Curry (SGD25), made from a family secret recipe. The New Zealand Ling fish is used, doused in an in-house Indian curry made by CATO's culinary team. It is really good, my eyes watered with tears as I ate it because finally, a curry that is perfect in a way I liked it... generous and full of coconut milk, spices and spicy enough too. Honestly, the fish and curry took centrestage, and everything else was promptly ignored. If you're wondering, the little yellow blobs of caviar is olive oil.What took my breath away was the Papaya Nougat Glace (SGD14) which I thought was really special... the homemade nougat had a soft texture almost like tofu, the juicy papaya chunks and caramelized almonds lies in a pool of papaya and sweet wine reduction, all in all such heaven on earth! Desserts should all be like this, a little mysterious and hundred-percent starry-eyes inducing. I didn't exactly know what I was eating before the chef came over to explain, I just knew this was glorious dessert in the making.In comparison, the typically good Valrhona Warm Pistachio Chocolate Cake (SGD14) wasn't as spectacular in the creativity department, but scores brownie points in how classic and well-done it is. The ice-cream on the side is in a strong premium almond flavour.For more food reviews: www.amiehu.com continue reading
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Level3 2015-11-06
This new modern asian bar cum restaurant has recently landed on South Bridge Road near Chinatown. Known as CATO, this place serves up a mix of good tap and draft beers as well as finger foods which were a real treat. Occupying two levels, and a DJ on the second floor, CATO oozed food and music.So what did we have at CATO?Let me introduce to you some drinks first.With a wide selection of almost 60 different types of alcohol, I gave some of the recommended beers a try. Loved that IPA tapped and the Modern Times coffee stout. Time for the foodPrawn Bisque 3HandsA good starter to warm your stomach. Found the prawn bisque creamy and flavourful. Garlic Fries 3HandsIf you're a garlic fan, you would love this dish. Chucks of garlic spread over hot pipping fries. A good pairing for the assortment of beers at CATO.Acai Cured Salmon 3HandsSaid to be a superfood, Acai used to cure salmon chunks. Presented like a fine dining course, i take it a a bonus. It tasted somewhat weird, prolly not used to the flavours. Crispy Squid in Thai-Style Glaze 5HandsVery well fried. Looks ordinary but tasted really good. Complimented well especially with the stout coffee, i would recommend this dish to everyone who's dining here.CATO Wings 3HandsWings wings and more wings. Ordinary.Steam baked pork cheek 4HandsServed wrapped up in a bag. As you unravel the pork cheeks, that fragrant aroma lingers out from the top. Coupled with the pinch of playfulness in the dish, it was awesome. Pork was tender and not too tough, the sauce complimenting well with the whole dish.Aunty Jasmine's Fish Curry 4HandsPlating was on point once again. Using Aunty Jasmine's recipe, a curry is brothed and served with the fish. You can choose to pour it over or dip it into the sauce. The table loved that fish.Done with the mains and starters, time for some desserts. full review @ http://shauneeie.blogspot.sg/2015_11_01_archive.html continue reading
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Level4 2015-11-06
It has been a while since my last OpenRice tasting. This time round is at CATO , the modern Asian restaurant and bar located just opposite the Sri Mariamman Temple. CATO offers an extensive list of craft beers, spirits and quirky tapas or bar bites. The 4 months old (opened on July 2015) is well-known with its craft beers but we are here to try their food for this session instead.CATO occupied the first and second level of the shop house. The first level is the restaurant concept theme while the second level is in bar concept. We had our session at second level where the interior designs are rustic style with rough brick walls and wooden flooring. And the lighing at the bar was very dim so for those who opt for food photography, I would suggest to just relax with the music in-house, foods and drinks. Set aside on the photography!Starter/ Appertizers/ BitesPrawn Bisque with Homemade Cod Fish ball & Coriander Leaf S$12.00The description of the dish pretty much explains the ingredients in the broth. The broth was prepared using the prawn stock and the cod fish ball added in to give a good start to chill as a bar snack. It comes in a size as an espresso cup.Garlic Fries S$8.00The fries served with roasted garlic and Cajun seasoning. I find the garlic taste was overwhelming but some find it not. Thus, it depends on individual preferences.Chicken Noodle Salad S$16.00Trust me! If you are not a spicy lover, you may want to skip this. I took the first bite and I can immediately feel the numb at my mouth and my throat is burning hot! So, be sure you inform the staff if you want the spiciness level to cut down.Crispy Squid In Thai Style Glaza S$12.00Fresh whole baby squid coated in flour and spice batter and seasoned with fish sauce before deep frying it. I would prefer to enjoy it with less batter so that I am able to taste the meaty squid in it. Neverthless, it’s a good order to go with beers.CATO Wings in Homemade Chili Glaze S$15.00Mild chili wings with slight sweetness taste at the outer layer of the skin.MainsAcai Cured Salmon S$18.00Salmon was served in big cube chunks together with marinated starfruit, ceyhice and acai jelly. Too many flavours in the plate and I cannot really find the focus taste of this dish.Steam Baked Pork Cheek S$28.00Tender pork cheek wrapped with a fata cooking oil along with seasonal vegetables. There is an Aladdin lamp shape jar filled with mushroom and port wine mustard sauce at the side. The pork cheek was tender and juicy and the sauce enhanced the flavour of the meat.Aunty Jasmine’s Fish Curry S$25.00This is highly recommended as it’s the secret recipe by the Chef’s family member. The fish that they used was New Zealand Ling fish along with the okra , eggplant, carrots, yellow squash, olive infused caviar, chunks of breads and garnished with fried onions. The curry was made from stretch was thick and solid savory.DessertsPapaya Nougat Glace S$14.00Beautifully plated on a nice round plate was served on the table. The nougat is homemade and topped with fresh fruits of papaya. raspberries, blueberries and caramelized almond. Fruity taste as whole.Varlhona Warm Pistachio Chocolate Cake S$14.00Chocolate cake served with almond ice-cream and some fresh pomegranate in between the plating. Although the chocolate lava cake does not flow as we expected, the chocolate cake was moist and rich flavour. I enjoyed having it with the pomegranate at the side. Plus, you will never go wrong to pair it with a scoop of ice-cream.Overall there are some hits and misses on the dishes but if you are looking for a good place to chill out, CATO bar would be an ideal option as their specialty on craft beers were well-received. On top of these, they also have the S$1.00 special for fresh oysters starting 6pm on Wednesday Specials.For more food reviews; http://www.hazeldiary.com continue reading
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