<BR>Causeway Bay Hong Kong Café is one of the many Hong Kong-style chain restaurants in Singapore. The restaurant serves customers with an extensive menu, consisting of a great variety of dishes. continue reading
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10:00 - 22:00
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Giant Size Hong Kong Burger
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Causeway point is a huge mall with lots of things to do here from watching movies to shopping etc. We found ourselves at Causeway Bay for a meal. There was a decent crowd, we didn't have to queue as there were enough seats. As we were celebrating birthday, so we ordered a feast! We ordered the Ee Fu mian, Chicken Chop, Fish and Chips, Chicken Cheese spaghetti, Huge HK Burger. Ee Fu Mian was alright, noodles was smooth textured and flavourful. 2 sets of Chicken Chop with different sauces one of them was black pepper sauce. The chicken was firm and delicious. The sides dishes include fries, corn and carrots, generous and made the dish look all colourful. Chicken cheese pasta was like baked rice but spaghetti instead. Nice mozarella sticky and the meat was tender. Then comes the limelight of the night which we almost couldn't finish it. The huge burger that was easily bigger than your face! the chicken filling was great, again, another mountain of crispy delicious fries covered with cheese and mayo. Fish and chips was alright. No problems. continue reading
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Level4 2013-05-19
This wantan mee is not too bad with the sauces covering the noodles and the fried wantons at the side. The wantons are deep fried till golden brown and are crispy to the bite. Love the minced meat that is packaged in the wanton and the fried goodness hoes really well with the tasteful and springy noodles.This dish goes well with green chilli that adds a slight acidity. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
First time to this eating place. Used to have the impression that Xin Wang was its superior (red/ yellow colours on top of its extensive menu, and vast number of outlets in SG). But like every foodie, one gets tired of the same food quickly...even so for Kim Gary.So, I was extremely pleased when I learnt that Causeway Bay was like e other 2! And with the extensive food choices available, I am definitely going to use that $5 voucher they've given me at the end of the meal, for my next trip!Now, they don't take reservations during weekends, but there is sufficient seating, so you will not need to wait long. I called up and requested for special arrangement for my wheelchair-bound Grandma, and they aceded to my request. Good service (only, you'll need to speak in Chinese)! I ordered a Baked Spaghetti w Fish Steak in Twin Sauce and Coconut Milk Tea. The serving was huge! The twin sauce on my spaghetti were Cream Sauce and Bolognese. Both were decent. Fish steak meat was soft. If it was the crispy battered fish like those in Fish & Chips, this dish would be superb! Coconut Milk Tea didn't work well for me, though it was pretty (served with cream!). Somehow, the coconut flavour was overwhelming. I traded it with my dad for his Stocking Milk Tea. What it taste like? TASTE LIKE SOCKS! Nah, I'm kidding! It was EXTREMELY GOOD! If you can, don't add sugar! This Teh Si Kosong is solid! The richness is comparable to that of Ah Mei Cafe! Will I return? Of course, there are so many other items to try, including hotpots! And for those who read Cantonese, look at the names of their beverages! Hahaha! Amused me! I am certainly returning ($5 voucher under lock & key)! Ha! Total Cost for 5 pax: $60+ continue reading
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