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Central Hong Kong Café serves numerous Hong Kong cuisine selections such as Curry Chicken Chop, Rice Rolls and Chee Cheong Fun. Their striking retro decor also attempts to recreate the ambience of Hong Kong streets. continue reading
Opening Hours
10:00 - 22:00
Mon - Sun
10:00 - 22:00
Signature Dishes
Chee Cheong Fun Curry Chicken Chop Hong Kong Rice Rolls
Review (8)
Level3 2013-12-27
Central Hong Kong Cafe at Jurong Point oozes old-school retro charm even to passers-by sneaking a mere glance into the place. The cafe is decked out with rustic-looking furniture and flooring, and the '80s/'90s vibe is completed by the numerous posters of relevant celebrities plastered across the walls. Have a look!Simple, retro-looking furniture.Posters that contribute to the rustic old-school Hong Kong charm.Alas, the decor is pretty much the only commendable aspect of this cafe. This Pork Chop rice-based dish (SGD 7.00++) came accompanied by a sourish tomato dressing and topped with an egg. My opinion of it was that the dressing was too overpoweringly sour, and overwhelmed the other flavours that should have come out more strongly. For instance, the pork itself could barely be tasted. The various ingredients did not seem to blend or work together, and appeared to me like a haphazard mish-mash of ingredients combined without much thought to the overall workability of the dish. Furthermore, the serving was really small, and did not do much to fill me up. The one saving grace was that the meat was surprisingly tender to the bite, and was succulent and juicy.Despite charging for service, there was barely any to speak of. Getting the attention of servers was constantly a laborious and painful process throughout my meal. When finally successfully summoned, or when delivering the food, they wore a grumpy look, as though they were doing me a favour by attending to me. Curt and utilitarian service certainly was the order of the day.With downsized serving sizes, overly-sour dressing and equally sour faces, I am giving Central Hong Kong Cafe a wide berth in the future. continue reading
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Level3 2013-12-04
Me and my ex-colleagues had decided to meet at Jurong Point and to eat at one of the Hong Kong Restaurant named “Central Hong Kong Café” at level 3. Right when we reached the entrance of the restaurant, there are quite a lot of people having their meals over there too but still there are still some empty tables so we are able to get a table without any issue. The tables are being placed quite near to each other but still able to let some slim people walk around the place especially the staff there serving dishes to the customers. We had no problem ordering from the menu which is a laminated A3 size paper.The cafe decoration was like you were the 70's. All the stuff they placed are those olden days our parents or grandparents used to have or used. This is a nostalgic feeling that is memorable for those older generation.The mixed grill allows you to choose 2 different meat on your platter which includes some french fries, egg, hot dog and a bit of salad. One of my friend ate this dish all by himself though for me, it can be shared by 2 person. Overall, not a bad dish.Cooked rice are being placed on top of the aluminum foil. Cheese, some greens are placed on top of it before going into a oven or microwave to make those cheese melt. This is a simple dish and nothing special to it as the unique taste is mostly focus on the cheese (They did not put a lot of cheese though). continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-28
I am quite happy that there is finally a hong kong cafe at Jurong Point. However, I'm quite disturbed by its menu because the dishes are only shown in pure text (english and chinese characters) and not pictures. Thus, one has to spend some time to scan through the whole menu. My usual order for drink is the HK milk tea. It tastes rich in flavour and its comparable to yakun's milk tea. For the main dish, I ordered chicken chop cheese baked rice and it tastes pretty average. But, i would recommend its skewer dishes like meatballs, etc. It is available upon order near the cashier. continue reading
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Level3 2013-06-23
Went to this Central Hong Kong Cafe with my family members after shopping at Jurong Point. We ordered several items which includes the tomato pork chop rice, prawn dumpling noodle, sweet sauce chicken and lastly peanut thick toast. Firstly, the tomato pork chop rice has a nicely cooked pork chop, tender texture and goes well with the tomato sauce. Apart from the pork chop, other ingredients includes egg and tomato. Next, the sweet sauce chicken is also well presented. The chicken is sufficiently cooked, soft and tender texture. As for the sauce, it is not too sweet and is well seasoned and goes well with the chicken.As for the prawn dumpling noodle, it come with a simple presentation. The noodle is very well cooked, has a soft and QQ texture. As for the prawn dumplings, it fillings is fresh which consist of a medium sized prawn, sliced mushroom and some mu er. Soup wise is very light and refreshing and is not oily. Lastly, the peanut thick toast is spread with a thin layer of the crunchy peanut on top of the toast. As for the toast, it has a soft texture with a very slight crisp on the side. However, I think that the thickness of the toast is a bit too thick. Overall, quite a tasty Hong Kong style food and a affordable price. continue reading
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Level3 2013-06-18
This is a place I have been waiting to try. Impressed by the retro oldies decor in the cafe restaurant. It mimic the old Hong Kong styled tea house. They even have fake windows to look more real. Pleased with the service. However, sitting seem to be a bit too squeezy for real comfort though. We ordered the signature soup noodle and rice dishes. The soup noodle is yummy and real value for money. Lots of ingredients and varieties with chewy HK style noodles. The soup base is also quite unique with a tinge of spiciness. The rice dish was called 4 Precious. Nothing special with just chicken wings, cabbage, sausage, egg....not as worth it.Overall, do check out this cafe. continue reading
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