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Level3 2015-03-05
See my full reviews & photos at = http://chefquak.com/2015/03/05/very-good-cny-set-lunch-char-on-3mar2015/a fundonate partner organised a lohei lunch at char on 3.3.2015.^^ we had the S$38pax CNY set. it was good! some staff were foreigners, so we waited for a chinese speaking local staff to do the lohei. a friend asked the staff to drizzle just 1/2 the sweet sauce & 1/2 the oil. results was good. the amount of salmon was puny, unlike what we had for dinner at mitzo. otherwise, i enjoyed this lohei.^^ the fish maw & scallop soup was excellent! very very tasty, 1 of the best i had! the char siew with the special sauce (though a bit sweet) was best!the roast pork was tasty, not quite crackling skin but skin was edible. the duck was forgettable, very below par. steamed garoupa was good, fresh, sauce was excellent with a hint of sesame oil, fish was fresh, sweet & firm.^^ broccoli with crabmeat was good if quite standard fare. prawn fried rice was simple but good too! red bean paste with lotus seed was just ok. no 陈皮 old orange peel & lotus seed not cooked enough. my friends said this place packed in the evening & he usually just call up & order the char siew.^^ continue reading
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I have been wanting to whip up a post on this place for some time. Finally, and pushing my lazy bones to do so, this post will be again on chinese cuisine, but this time on a this tiny unpretentious Cantonese restaurant at Guillemard - serving good (an understatement) char siew.Ever since i tasted that melt-in-your-mouth char siew in Kuala Lumpur those years ago when I was young, I felt that Singapore char siew pales in comparison. After hearing many positive reviews that a place in Singapore finally can match that standard, i die die also had to try. So here's how it turned out at Char casual dining:fried riceduckthat famous char siewhot and sour souproasted pork dips with mustardsoy sauce chickenOverall Verdict: 4 Hands. Read more of the review on my blog. Prepare to spend: $20 per paxcan't resist another take on these awesome char siew continue reading
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Level3 2014-07-28
Char is a casual eatery along Guillemard Road that has gathered quite a bit publicity on social media platforms in recent weeks. Specialising in cantonese cuisine, especially roasted meat, Char serves typical tze char fare in a casual air conditioned environment.The sticky gooey black char siew is what people go to Char for. Going at $5/100g (min. order of 300g), the char siew looks charcoal black and tarred at first glance and one might think that it's burnt. But it is not. Instead, the tender and melt-in-the-mouth char siew is coated with a sweet glaze and perfectly caramelized. With a right balance of sweet and savoury, the fats just dissolves in the mouth. I wished the fat to meat ratio was lower though. But, if you like fatty and sweet char siew, then I'm sure you'll love this!With the roast pork out of stock in just less than 2 hours after they opened (what a bummer!), we ordered the Roast Pork with Beancurd in casserole instead ($16). A typical comfort food that goes well with rice but nothing too outstanding. Pretty pricy for just beancurd and few pieces of roast pork.The Hot and Sour soup ($5) was not bad. It wasn't too starchy and the chili padi inside packs a punch.Overall, the food at Char is not bad though I wouldn't say the same for their service. Imagine having to wait for 1 hour before you get to eat because the server who took your orders did not submit it to the kitchen. Constant lapses in the service is a huge turnoff. They definitely need to work on their service standards to retain the customers.I still hope to try their roast pork but it won't be soon till I visit again. Queues are still long during meal times so do make reservations if you are planning to head down.For full review and photos, please visit shirlynnyang.blogspot.com continue reading
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This Pork Belly Char Siew is quite different from those that we find in Hawker Centre or even Chinese Restaurant. The thick spice-infused caramelised coating makes the Char Siew slightly crispy on the outside and the pork belly cut completes the dish with a melt-in-your-mouth texture.The fragrance of the five spice powder is evidently stronger than the traditional Char Siew and the texture of their fatty Char Siew is one of it’s kind in Singapore. Comparing to a typical Hawker Char Siew, this is much more tender but the thick caramelised coating makes it much sweeter. It’s more like a grilled Kong Ba and is the must-order.For menu, more photos and review, visit: http://chinchaijiak.wordpress.com/2014/07/03/char-restaurant-the-chinese-roast-with-a-twist/ continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)