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Charcoal Thai brings in the nation's well-known 'steamboat', also known as 'Mookata' to many. From the delights of fiery soups, Tom Yum Gong, to the red and green curries, Charcoal Thai brings to you traditional and popularised dishes. All the ingredients used are fresh and of good quality, all thanks to the chef and staff who know and understand the importance of serving quality good ingredients. continue reading
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Level4 2017-08-14
We had reserved a table of two by using Quandoo mobile app since Charcoal Thai restaurant is a popular place for the younger crowd because of the great location. Therefore, my girlfriend and me walked into this restaurant after finished watching A Family Man in Shaw.Average Thai ice milk tea was being served as I thought it was a free flow, which the waitress initially told us before we made an order and did not mention free flow drinks only applicable for buffet.The highlight of this restaurant is Charcoal Thai BBQ and Steamboat with the choice of chicken broth or tom yum soup base, recommended for 2 pax by the waitress. We ordered for the chicken soup base.The Mookata Set's meat platter contains marinated pork and chicken slices on top of cabbages. Although the portion is quite generous, the meat will stick on the hotpot when grilled especially our luncheon meats had to be eaten in reduced slices because the bottom part had to be screeded off.We understood that raw egg was provided to dip the meat in before grilling it, but I decided to cook it as half boiled egg inside the soup portion.Sausages and crab meat were not attractive to us because only 4 pieces were given.Regarding it's vegetable platter with standard set of vermicell, cabbage and mushrooms, two pieces in small portion of baby corns were being given instead of the whole complete piece of baby corns unable to made our soup in sweetness mode.The restaurant's call button on our table no. 15 seems to be malfunction because I had pressed for service more than 10 times, but no sound alert being triggered. I suspected the waitress had deactivated our table call button service because we did not order for their buffet dinner. We did not order it's buffet because we do not want to waste food and we felt that it's Mookata set was just enough for our dinner. Due to the unavailability of service crews, I had to top up the peanut sauce and soup by going to their preparation corner for DIY way. I really do not know that why were we being paying for 10% service charge with such kind of substandard service being treated us last evening.I found that the restaurant is pretty small for all staffs' action to greet and serve all customers with smiling faces. Unfortunately, such expectation cannot be fulfilled. I really hope that all of Charcoal Thai's staffs must attend WDA-Approved Programmes for Professional Development before starting work in the restaurant as the best policy to be implemented in making it simple and easy for customers to return in having their satisfactory meal experiences there.Thank you for taking the time to read my review! continue reading
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Level3 2015-12-24
Hello folks! Its long since I last wrote a OpenRice Review due to my hectic schedule and fret not! I'm back now!! Am really glad to be invited for the last food tasting of the year at Charcoal Thai, Nex! Heard of Charcoal Thai quite a few times from my friends and always wanted to give it a try, but time always doesn't permit. Finally had a chance, and moreover, its FREE! Good things are suppose to wait YEAH? Hehe! As I write this review, was thinking of my Christmas Menu for this year's party and before ideas starts to pop up, let me start the review proper! In this food tasting, we tasted quite a few different HotPots as well as different type of drinks that Charcoal Thai offers! This is the Ingredients for Chicken HotPot. Indeed, generous portion of Pork, Chicken as well as vegetables, luncheon meat and crabstick to go with the HotPot! All's ready! And my verdict : It's pretty NORMAL leh. And my fellow reviewers somehow agreed with me... Well. Anyways, its time to move on to the next dish! Oh ya. Before I forget, Charcoal Thai offers 3 different types of sauces to go with all sorts of HotPot that they offers. And the 3 sauces are Thai Chilli Sauce, Thai Garlic Chilli Sauce and Thai Tomato Sauce. Amongst them, I would say that the Thai Tomato is the spiciest (YES, you did not read wrongly) and also my favourite. Please don't be trick by the name yeah.. Garlic Chilli would be suitable for those who really loves Sesame Dressing.. As for the Thai Chilli, no comments about it... Oi guys! What are you all thinking ah? These are COLLAGEN Stocks lah! Probably one of the main contributor to the high cost of the HotPot. Verdict? Ladies would love the nutrients that can be obtained by these collagens. Along with the Collagen HotPot are vegetables as well as meat. Corns, Fishcake, Cheese Hotdog, as well as Chicken, Beef and Pork Slices. Not a good picture though. Sorry! But anyways, the food reviewers all agreed that the broth is too thick, and with all the ingredients throwed into the Collagen Hotpot, it doesn't really taste that good. But nevertheless, not forgetting the beauty nutrients behind the collagen! We also got the chance to try out the Spicy Chicken Hotpot! Which is somehow similar to the Mala Chicken Pot that most hotpot outlet offers, but I got to say that Charcoal Thai is really generous with their portion and indeed, the level of spiciness is just nice for someone who can take spicy but cannot take spicy (Ironic yeah? That's me!) Anyways missing out are the drinks. Managed to try their Ice Tea as well as Ice Lemongrass Tea and both are BAGUS!! Definitely worth the price that they are priced at!! Please do try out their drinks whenever you are there, its really really super duper worth the price (Yes, that's how good it is!).. Last but not least, I thought it was really great to have their Chef to share with us the "recipe" for the Spicy Chicken Hotpot and I've got to say that the service is pretty good! Not sure if it was a benefit for us only, or for every diner, we were given petite deserts after our meal, which is very sweet of Charcoal Thai!   continue reading
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The rising popularity of thai cuisines in Singapore is evident with the influx of anything thai into the local food scene, ranging from thai milk tea joints, thai shibuya toast, and in recent years Thai Mookata/steamboat. Many restaurants and even food centres offering Thai Mookata has popped up, leaving thai food lovers with a plethora of choices.I had the chance to try Thai Mookata for the first time thanks to the OpenRice food tasting last Friday together with a few other OpenRicers. Thanks OpenRice for the invite! I actually love Thai food and Thai Milk Tea, but not being a steamboat or bbq person, I have never tried Thai Mookata as yet. The Charcoal Thai outlet at Nex is big and spacious, and there were ample space to move around between the tables. Ambience is typical of that of a busy bbq steamboat restaurant especially when the lunch crowd started streaming in.We were served first with the Thai Milk Tea. Blended from thai tea leaves, the Thai Milk Tea is rich and fragrant, having tried many thai milk tea in Singapore, this came off as one of the better ones! Authentic Thai Milk Tea are known to be sweet, so for those who don't like sweet stuff, thai milk tea may not be to their liking. After taking the first sip, I couldnt stop drinking it! Love it so much that I actually wanted a second glass, but I have to leave space as I wanted to try the Lemongrass too.The Thai Lemongrass drink is light and refreshing infused with a mix of lemongrass and pandan leaves. However, I personally feel that the lemongrass taste could be a tad stronger as I actually find the lemongrass taste too light. It's also not ice cold enough. Both drinks are $3.95.The hotpots are accompanied by three types of sauces, namely the Thai Chilli Sauce, Garlic Sesame Sauce and Thai Tomato sauce. These sauces are really good and enhances the taste of the food.The Thai Mookata BBQ Steamboat Set ($39.95) comes served in a choice of the traditional charcoal or the normal electric stove. Cook your meats on the barbeque grill and the layer of oil from the meats will roll down to the surrounding steamboat, adding more flavour to the soup. The set consists of well marinated pork and chicken, prawns, squids, sausages, fishballs/meatballs etc. A serving of tang hoon and assorted vegetables are also included. We tried both the chicken and tom yam soup base. The chicken soup base is light and fragrant while I like the mildly spicy clear tom yam soup. I prefered the meats cooked on the traditional charcoal, as it has more oomph and gives a more distinct and better taste over those cooked on the normal electric stove.The Thai Beauty Collagen Hotpot Set ($48.95) is stewed for hours into a smooth collagen pudding. Watch the collagen pudding slowly melt into a pot of rich creamy broth. The set comes with marinated chicken, pork, beef, cheese sausages, prawns, enoki mushrooms, fishcake, tau pok and assorted vegetables. Didn't really like the meats cooked in the collagen hotpot though as there isn't much added taste. The Thai Chicken Hotpot Set (Small $15.95/Big $19.95) is actually not Thai style but more of a Chinese style hotpot. The special recipe sauce is made from fermented soybean and chinese hua diao wine among other ingredients. The chicken is tender, savoury and flavourful, while the soup base is spicy and quite strong-flavoured. It's a little too salty for my liking though.Our meal ended on a sweet note with refreshing fruit cocktail as desserts!Overall, food quality is quite decent though prices are slightly high. I personally love the Thai Mookata BBQ Steamboat Set the most, as I prefer a mixture of grill and steamboat. Drinks are good too. The restaurant also serves a selection of ala carte cuisine ranging from the usual thai fare to thai desserts. continue reading
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Level1 2015-12-21
I was invited for a food tasting at Charcoal Thai on 18 Dec 2015 together with several other Openrice users. We were treated to 3 sets from their menu:1. Most Popular Thai BBQ Steamboat using Charcoal / Electric stoves (also known as Mookata)2. Super Rich Collagen Beauty Hot Pot3. Thai Chicken Hot PotThai BBQ Steamboat is also known commonly known as Mookata which has taken on Singapore food scene by storm. It is a Thai style BBQ accompanied with steamboat with soup (choice of tom yam or chicken base). You have another option using the electrical stove. The other set, Collagen Beauty Hot Pot is reportedly good for skin and health and you start off seeing pudding-like collagen in your hot pot before the heat dissolves it. Last but not least, the Thai chicken hot pot comes packed with a spicy punch and in my view, will be best enjoyed with a bowl of steaming rice. All sets come with well-marinated meats and portions of vegetables. The meats take on the flavour of the steamboat/hot pots. Top ups of more soup base/ collagen will be made available when requested. I personally prefer the robustness of the charcoal smokiness of the Thai BBQ Steamboat compared to the other sets.   continue reading
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I had food tasting at Charcoal Thai@Nex. The restaurant has a good ambience.  The seating is usually long which can take 4 to share a pot.  The waiting time is about 5  minutes. The first dish is the Thai Mookata BBQ Steambook Set ($39.95). As new customers, we asked what are the differences using the golden pot and silver pot.  The waitress advised that the golden method is cooked by electric method while the silver pot is the charcoal method.  Using charcoal method will give the food a better taste.  In order to prepare for the BBQ, mwe melted the fat on top of the cover.  This serves as a layer of oil and will not get the meat from being burned.  We placed all the meat to be cooked.  Other items like prawns, vegetables, sauage, ham, fishball and stong etc are placed into the soap base with a choice of either tom yum or chicken soup.  Both soap bases are tasty.  I did not feel thirty after my meal.  The BBQ meat is tender. We moved on to the second item ie thai Beauty Collagen Hotpot ($57.95).  The waitress put the solidified white jelly ie collagen into the pot and it will slowly melt.  We were told that collagen is made of several chicken which boiled for several hours and then freeze the soap.  It does not take very long to melt the collagen to be the soap base.  While were waiting, it was a good form of bonding relationship.  As the collagen melted, we poured all the ingredients like pork, chicken, vegetables, cherry tomatoes and get them cooked.  My feedback of this dish is that there is real taste beside salty.  In order to enhance the taste, perhaps ginseng and add wolfberry to bring up the colour of the dish.  The texture of collagen is thick and stick if the soap is left to cool.  As the theme of the dish is collagen, chef could consider food like fried pig skin, salmon fish skin, sea cucumber, chicken feet, fish belly. These are rich in collagen.  I am disappointed with this dish. The third dish is thai chicken Hotpot set ($19.95).  The Chef sahred with us little trade secret of preparing the sauce.  It lies in the fermentation process of the soya beans to cook this dish.  The taste is not salty but there is lack of unique aroma of the sauce.  If a little spice such as sesame oil or dry chilli, onion and garlic to fried the hotpot first and then add the sauce to cook before serving will make a great difference.  The taste is moderatelly spicy. This dish is suitable to serve as a main dish and to be eaten with rice. I had Lemon Grass Drink to go with the dishes.  I order the Lemon Grass Drink ($3.95).  It was served lukewarm.  The taste and aroma were perfect.  I enjoy the drink.  continue reading
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