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Level2 2014-06-19
Got a pack of 6 cuva cakes from Chewy Junior, touted to be the best of best worlds - cupcakes + lava cake. They really look very pretty & inviting.By the time I reached home, the cuva cakes were in a mess. I took one out to eat - cream frosting was too mushy, the lava doesn't flow. I can't possible warm the cuva cup up to make the lava flow, as this will ruin the cream frosting. The cake texture was ok, not too sweet.Kept the rest in the fridge to chill. When chilled, cream frosting is firmer, but the rest of the cuva suffers - harder cupcake & lava. continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-06
Some kind soul sent us 2 boxes of Chewy Junior for tea break. I helped myself to the chocolate oreo flavour.They say on their website it's no ordinary cream puff which is crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. I am not so sure about their claims though. The cream puff is not so ordinary yes because they have so many types of flavours. But it wasn't exactly crispy on the outside when I bite it in. It was a little chewy, took a bit of effort to tear off the bitten part. The chocolate cream tasted ok only. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Bought some more chewy junior donuts! Simply cannot resist their cute looks and oozing sweetness of the icing. This time round I went to try the flavour Raspberry Lemon! It was really nice! The thick icing if lemon was wrapped around the raspberry jam that was placed in the middle of the puff, which contained custard cream. The lemon taste was zesty but not too overpowering. It sweet and sour of the lemon and raspberry blended together nicely.I bought the cream cheese caramel flavour for a taste today! Usually I do not like cheese on its own, it feels too sour for me. However, for this puff, you have to bite BOTH the cheese and caramel together to fully get the greatness of this flavour combination. The slight sourness and thickness of the cheese goes well with the light and sweet caramel at the centre.This is the Strawberry Butter Cream Dream, such a fancy name for a donut. With a sweet tooth,I am roaming around to try to their wide variety of deliciously looking donuts. The strawberry cream is very sweet, with hints of sourness of strawberry. The cream at the center otherwise has been overpowered by the strawberry cream around it. This is of course, for those with sweet tooth and looking for a fast bite.Tried the Oreo Chocolate Crunch. It was made of the basic crunchy cream puff with a layer of Oreo powder over it. In my opinion the layer of Oreo powder could be slightly thicker to enhance the Oreo taste of the puff. Overall, it was too light for my liking. But I would still recommend it and the double chocolate crunch which has much more chocolate taste. continue reading
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Level4 2013-05-10
unlike conventional sugar coated donuts, donuts at Chewy Junior(as the name suggest) is chewy and there is a hole at the side of the donut that allows the eater to suck out the fillings inside the donut. Love the chewyness and the texture of the donuts and the apple flavoured donuts were not bad! Love the all time favourite oreo donuts that are filled with oreo cream continue reading
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Level4 2013-04-28
They always had the promotion of getting it at a cheaper price if you were to purchase more. The normal promotion for box of 9 is $13 but it’s on offer where it costs $11 for 9 ;DBought 9 in total and the flavours are: Chocolate Fudge Caramel MilkButter Scotch CrunchTiramisu DeluxePassion Fruit Cream CheeseStrawberry DreamChocolate Almond CrunchChocolate Oreo CrunchDouble Chocolate crunchBlueberry CheeseServiceFirst I felt I should highlight on the service.The guy that served me and a few customers ahead of me is really friendly and patient.I ordered 9 and took some time to pick out the flavours. He patiently waited and would inform me how many I’ve chosen and how many I have left to choose out of the 9.His tone and gestures are all really welcoming to customers. Professional reply and friendly attitude.I’m really pleased to be served by him. He’s really courteous and warmly thanked us after we have made payments and wished us a nice day FoodI ate the Chocolate Fudge Caramel Milk and Butter Scotch Crunch.Refrigerated it over the night and consumed it about an hour later after reaching the office.It had already turned soft and chewy and I really like it that way ;DThey also recommended us to leave it for awhile before consuming it after taking it out from the refrigerator. It is chewy and a little crispy at the sides. The cream in it is just the right amount. Love the Chocolate Fudge Caramel Milk ;DThe chocolate and caramel is quite a lot and it is not overly sweet. It goes well together with the coco cream in the puff.The chocolate and caramel topping is also not too sticky and it is pretty convenient to eat it. You also do not have to worry about the topping dripping down or something.The Butter Scotch Crunch is also nice. I’m quite surprised that the corn flake on top retains a little crispiness. Indeed the corn flakes are quite fresh and crispy, covered with icing sugar, giving a sweet touch to the puff.The cream in it is different and it is butter scotch flavoured butter cream.This is a little sweeter though, but it is really nice to have it as the icing sugar melts in your mouth while you chew on the puff and corn flakes ;DAs some of the chewys have got cream and toppings etc on top, it is a little inconvenient to bring it out. It didn’t bother me and my family much though, cause we used the small containers originally used to store pudding soya beancurd to pack it.This way my puffs are still nice and in shape ^^I would probably get it again when I’m at bugis. Great service and sweet treats continue reading
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