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Level4 2014-03-31
Pass by this CHewy Junior outlet here at Tampines and was attracted by the colourful range of chewy puffs available at their counter and decided to buy one to try.The counter ladies are very friendly and helpful when serving me.  THe stall is small and clean, with simple nice bright layout as well.  I have bought the Lemon Pie Crust to try, which cost only $1.50 each.The puff, as you can see from the name itself, is 'chewy' and most in texture.  Lots of fresh smooth fresh cream are filled in the puff which is very flavourful and delicious. The lemon cream is not too sour and also is very smooth and sweet.  With the added cornflakes topped on it added that extra crunchy to this little snack.  continue reading
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These pretty little treats are actually cream puffs but they kind of remind me of cupcakes with all those pretty little toppings, while a few looked more like buns than cream puffs, but oh, looks can certainly be rather deceiving. Looking at all the pretty decorated cream puffs in the Chewy Junior's display counter, I can't help but to bring home some to try! Original Chewy ($1.50) - Plain on the Right without ToppingsThe Original Chewy is indeed quite chewy and the inside is quite soft and fluffy. The cream filling is smooth and is not too sweet. There is a small "hole" at the side of the cream puff (all of their cream puffs in fact) where you can see a little cream oozing out and you are supposed to start eating the cream puff by biting from the "hole" first to prevent the cream from suddenly squirting out on first bite. Double Chocolate Crunch ($1.80)The Double Chocolate Crunch is a regular cream puff on Chewy Junior's "Sweet" menu. For some reasons, the cream in this particular puff is quite lacking compared to the premium cream puff I got. No cream oozed out on first bite and the cream did not even fill up the whole inside of the puff. Despite looking all shiny and gooey, the chocolate layer covering the top is a tad thin and not as rich as the chocolate topping on the premium cream puff, although the chocolate balls help to add a bit of crunch.Premium Chocolate Almond Praline ($2.00)The Premium Chocolate Almond Praline is a premium cream puff which also mean that it costs more than the rest of the regular cream puffs. The puff is just as chewy as the original and the cream filling inside is quite light and not very sweet as well, but the outer topping really shines. The sweetness of this cream puff mostly comes from the toppings. The chocolate frosting is very rich and chocolatey while the almond praline has a fair crunchiness to it. Eaten as a whole, the chocolate and praline coupled with cream filling can be quite gooey and I felt like a kid with smudges all over my mouth. Pure bliss in every bite! The prices of the cream puffs are quite reasonable considering they come with toppings and additional flavours, many of which are quite innovative. Among the many I've spotted in their display counter are flavours like White Chocolate Oreo, Chocolate Fudge Caramel Milk and even Apple Cheese! I find it certainly worthwhile to pay slightly more for the premium flavours. According to their website, there are also supposed to be savoury flavours like Potato & Ham, but when I went to the branch at Tampines mall, I didn't see any savoury flavours around, which was kind of disappointing as I'd love to tried a few of those too. Nevertheless, I'll certainly be back for more! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)