Satisfy your Korean fried chicken cravings at Chicken Clinic. The fried chickens are served in stainless steel metal tray with tweezers and a huge syringe containing extra Korean spicy sauce level 1-3. continue reading
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Chicken Nanban Seasoned Spicy Chicken Chili Chicken Dong Black Sesame Fried Chicken
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Level4 2015-11-04
For more information and reviews, check out my post http://www.hazeldiary.comChi-Maek referring to perfect combination of Chicken and Beer which is loved by Koreans like the drama “ My Love from The Star”. This combination is still going strong in F&B Singapore lately and Chicken Clinic is the latest addition. Chicken Clinic located at Thomson V Two (walking distance from Marymount MRT Station) specialized in Japanese and Korean style Fried Chicken. Nic and I was there around 4plus and the shop was empty and we were greeted by the staff with the menu and an order chit. We browsed through the menu and tick on our orders before handed back to the staff.Since, the shop space is limited; we can actually get a glimpse on how the foods are prepared. The indoor seating can only fit up to 8 pax and there are few tables for outdoor seating area.Once the order is placed, we waited for approximately 10-15 minutes time for the foods to serve.Seasoned Spicy Chicken S$19.50We were being warned that there is certain spiciness level in it. Fried chickens dipped in Korean style sweet chili sauce look fiery red and I was expecting it to be fiery spicy too. But, it turned to be mild spicy with more sweetness in it. I don’t take spicy but I can handle the spiciness here. As I had more of it, I can taste the garlicky taste in it too. The set comes with sides of a small pail of fries, salad and also the seasoned pickles.The unique of Chicken Clinic here is that the sauce is served in syringe form and you seem like having doing an ‘operation’ to eat it.Watermelon Soju 400ml S$15.90It is a refreshing fruity alcoholic drink to enjoy with the fried chicken. If you notice, there are lemon slices in the watermelon soju enhance the tangy taste in it. We were served with 2 small soju cups and it was quite hassle to keep pouring it as we finish it at one gulp each time. After few rounds of drinking, I can feel the alcohol kick starting to take effect.Buta Yakiniku Dong S$10.50Steam Rice with pork dipped in soy sauce. The pork slices were as thin as 0.2mm were served. It would be nice if pork slices can be thicker and more gravy added in so that overall meal is not too dry.Overall the services here are friendly and approachable. The lady gave us suggestions before we decide on our orders. The Korean chef was in smiles all the time and you can feel their polite manners to the customers. continue reading
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