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Level4 2012-11-09
Hospital canteen food are known to be unfit for human consumption~~~ well, you would only hear this from a "junk food" eater. lolz.... Menu in hospital canteen food tends to be healthier and would usually state the calories per dish, but it's still fit consumption! It does help people decide on wiser choice and these so called "healthier food" usually taste bland and dry. However, I was quite surprise when I tried the chicken noodles and chicken rice from this stall in CGH and it totally changed my thinking on hospital canteen food. Dry Noodles with Roasted Chicken. Noodles are well cooked, taste springy and well tossed with seasoningsVeggies nicely blanched, with a healthy looking coat of green which taste crunchy.Chicken breast meat aren't toughLast but not least, price is affordable. $2.50 for a plate of roasted chicken noodles! Where can I find in Singapore?!?!I've seen many people ordering their white chicken rice. Especially health conscious doctors or medical team people who goes for chicken breast. Yup, high in protein, lower in calories as compared to chicken drumstick/ thigh. For additional protein, adding 1 hard-boiled egg is a good choice.Rice grains looks glossy but dun taste oily at all. Chicken meat ~ super generous serving with sooooo.... many pieces of meat, taste even better with the light soy sauce & sesame oil drizzle. Delicious! continue reading
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