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Chikuyotei is a traditional and modern Japanese fine-dining restaurant that started in Japan since 1851. Brought to Singapore in 1992, Chikuyotei is a proud representative of Japanese culinary culture and has kept the tradition of serving their signature live Japanese eel to this date. The restaurant offers a wide variety of authentic and modern Japanese cuisine comprising sashimi, sushi and Kagoshima wagyu beef and black pork. Though it started as an unagi restaurant, Chikuyotei gradually put more weight into kaiseki dishes that are crafted by Chef Kishio Watanabe and perfectly complemented with a wide selection of premium Japanese sake. continue reading
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Review (3)
Level3 2014-11-10
After a great dining experience at this restaurant recently, I came back here for lunch and went for the omakase lunch.We were seated at the sushi counter, which uses Japanese wood and we were able to watch the chef in action and also talk to the chef about the origins of the ingredients of the dishes he prepared.The chef is knowledgeable and well versed in sushi preparation and cooked food.Here are the courses that we had:- Stewed Bonito: The first course of the meal. Served cold and very refreshing, with tasty gravy.- Fresh beancurd skin topped with seaweed, roe and freshly grated wasabi: The chef gets this special supply of fresh beancurd skin that’s ben layered to create tofu. Topped with the other ingredients, it was a delightful dish.- Teapot soup: Drinking the soup with and without squeezing the lime made the soup taste different. After drinking the soup, you can eat the prawns, mushrooms and vegetables that has been cooked inside.- Sashimi -- Hokkaido sea urchin: The chef only imports the best brand from Hokkaido and if its not available, it means the quality is not up to their standard. It has heavenly.- Setouchi Sea bream: Biting into this white fish gave a good bite. Definitely fresh!- Nagasaki Spanish mackerel: The chef flame-broiled the outside of the fish – skin side in front of us. It gave the fish a slightly smoky flavour. I usually do not like mackerel and this changed my perception. Loved it.- Wakayama strip jack: Also fresh and delicious.- Hokkaido scallop: It was very sweet and delicious. Must-order.- Assorted fish with Goma dressing: Assorted fish that was marinated in home-made sesame dressing. The dressing was unlike any that I have tasted and definitely not off the shelf. It was good.- Fried Japanese fish with Japanese sweet potato cut in the shape of the Ginko leaf: Decent piece of fish that was skewered on a stick, coated with small bread crumbs and fried. Fish was very good. It came with two pieces of Japanese sweet potato that has been cut into the shape of a ginko leaf. Good presentation. It also had two soba noodles that has been tied at one end with seaweed and deepfried. I had thought it was toothpicks and inedible till the chef said I could eat it.- Mini hotpot with Oysters, crab meat, seasonal mini Japanese potato and cream and cheese sauce: Another highlight of the meal. I wasn’t expecting the whole oysters in there and together with the cream sauce, it was yummy!- Rice topped with Unagi, Japanese pickles and Nagoya Miso Soup: Last course of the meal. It was a mini bowl of Japanese rice topped with two pieces of freshly grilled unagi. The unagi was soft, but do be careful of bones.We were filled to the brim after our meal, and most importantly, the food were fresh and good!I look forward to visiting the restaurant again in the near future. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-29
Come here on a weekday and at lunch time and you can probably save some money, however, you won't save much because the meal is still expensive but worth it for the experience. Do take note to book and reserve seats as it's rather popular. The waitresses are all in kimonos and it's almost as if you're escorted to Japan in an instant.I ordered the mini-eel and Kabayaki style as I couldn't bear to spend more than I needed in order to obtain this experience ($68 before GST and service charge). There are 3 different choices that you can choose from and the most expensive option is when you can eat the unaju in 3 different ways.1) eaten the normal way: unaju and rice.2) eaten with spring onion, wasabi, and other condiments which they provide3) eaten with soupI think my favorite is option #2, but be experimental and try all 3 ways if you've never had the opportunity before.If you're confused, do ask the waitresses as they are quite helpful.Salad and Tofu as appetizersThe condiments that you add to get Option #2.Freshwater eel that apparently they raise themself and isn't outsourcedKabayaki styleGreen Tea ice cream to finish off the meal continue reading
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Level4 2011-09-16
Went to Intercontinental Hotel to meet my overseas friend staying there and was surprised to come across Chikuyotei as i though it had closed long time ago in Mandarin Hotel in Orchard Road.Of course the chefs were different from 10 years ago when i frequent Chikuyotei for their eel dishes but the quality is as good as always and there's always a Japanese lady hostess who speaks good English and is always loud and clear in welcoming guests into the restaurant.Had the "unagi kabayaki"as that's my favourite dish.Sold here at either $28 per piece or $48 for 2 slices.Sounds expensive but again you are paying for the quality,melt in your mouth eels.Nicely grilled,sauce not so sweet,japanese pepper very fragrant and japanese rice well cooked. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)