Chocolate Mark is inspired by a child savoring a cup of chocolate drink. He had emerged with a satisfied smile smeared with traces of chocolate. That presents to me a symbol of happiness. Chocolate Mark aims to artfully prepare chocolate beverages with the ultimate goal of making our customers happy and healthy. continue reading
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Level3 2015-11-04
[ Chocolate Mark ]8 Wilkie Road#01-11 Wilkie EdgeSingapore 228095Situated at one corner of Wilkie Edge, Chocolate Mark sits at the end of the stretch from the main mall entrance on ground level. The whole cafe unit wasn't very big in size but can catered to at least 25pax. Furnished with wooden tables and chairs, the whole cafe gives out a very cosy feel to patrons.(1) Firstly, the boss, Jeffrey, introduced us with their main highlights, Hot chocolate drinks. We tried 4 different types of hot chocolate drinks:Artisan ChocolateA) Simply dark- Smooth texture but not dark enough. Contains only 56% cocoa.(B) Milky touch- Too milky and sweet for me.Premium Origin ChocolateC) Saint Domingue- A surprisingly interesting chocolate drink with wine note aftertaste. Best of all, it's non-alcoholic!! I recommend you guys to try this.(D) Equateur- I love this dark version most. Contains 76% cocoa, very thick yet tastes smooth down the throat. How I wish I have marshmallows to dunk in this luscious drink! (No picture provided. Go try it yourself! *wink* )(2) Next, we have the snacks and mains.(A) French fries $4.90- Skinny type of French fries. Air-fried made them tastes more healthy & less oily.(B) Sweet potato puff $6.90- The common ones you can find from supermarket frozen section. Done by air-frying too. It's crispy on the outside & sweet inside.(C) Earl grey waffle $11.90-Crispy texture on the outside, fluffy inside. Earl grey infused waffle was not distinctive in taste but got an unusual peppery aftertaste. Vanilla ice cream was common.(D) Chicken sausage waffle $12.90- Waffle texture is chewy rather than crispy. Slices of chicken sausages are mixed in together with the waffle mixture. I find the overall taste rather bland, best to go with the bbq dip provided. Portion of chicken sausages can be more. The shredded cheese below the scrambled eggs didn't spark any fireworks in me too. Boss Jeffrey also includes a small piece of chocolate together with their savoury waffles. His idea was to let all his customers taste a hint of sweetness after the food. It also links up to what they're popular for: CHOCOLATE.(3) Lastly, girls' best friends, DESSERTS! As told, all the desserts sold here are from suppliers, not made in-house.(A) Triple crunchy chocolate $4- The portion of white chocolate layer in the centre was too much, causing it to be overly sweet. Ratio of the dark chocolate mousse vs white chocolate should be adjusted. I like the crunch base which helps to improve the overall biting sensations when cake is put into my mouth.(B) Matcha Azuki cake $7.90- Cake texture was crumby and matcha taste wasn't distinctive. You can only taste it in the buttercream part which was seen here as too little in this cake. The overall sweetness comes from the red bean fillings.(C) Chocolate Lava cake $5.90- Cut across the lava cake and chocolate flows out nicely. Yum! The chocolate filling was dark, very thick and causes some choking effect in our throat. But I still love it most among the rest of the desserts Paired really well with the vanilla ice cream scoop provided as it balances the sweetness.Verdict: Overall experience was good. The boss, Jeffrey, was very friendly and approachable. He is also knowledgable, did a great job in explaining the different types of chocolate drinks they selling to us patiently. I was really impressed with their chocolate drinks. I will definitely come back for more chocolate as I'm a chocolate lover.A pity that Chocolate Mark doesn't have a proper hot kitchen, therefore most food are from air fryer, oven. Therefore, main food wise, there's still room for improvement.  continue reading
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