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Dulce De Leche Churros Devil Churros Real Spanish Churros
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Level3 2016-02-10
Full reviews on http://www.nahmj.com/2016/01/14/churro-101-singapore-%EC%B8%84%EB%9F%AC%EC%8A%A4-bugis/Churro 101 doesn’t operate out of a kiosk, instead it provided limited seats. The decoration was with a little European touch. It felt very much like a living room cum dinning room kind of setting.Getting a seats at the dining area wasn’t easy. It seems like some customers were in the wait to find a seat for quite some time. It is better off for takeaway which I did.At Churro 101, there were so called 3 types of Churros. The so called Real Spanish Churros with either Plan, Sugar or Cinnamon. The second type is the Filled Churros with Chocolate, Milk Custard or Cream Cheese as fillings in the churros. And lastly the Dark Chocolate Coated Churros.I ordered a Cream Cheese Filled Churro and a Dark Chocolate Almond Churro. I forego the Real Spanish Churros since the churros are the same.The churro texture was rather soft and a little more than moist which I will describe it as wet batter. It wasn’t to the extend soggy though. It lacks of the chewy texture. And overall, I find it a little too sweet for the Cream Cheese filler. I like the dark chocolate coated since it was chocolaty.For more reviews, visit http://www.nahmj.com/  continue reading
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