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CIEL Pâtisserie is about pure, unadulterated goodness in your favourite French based pastries and sweets. continue reading
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Lemon Meringue Tart Strawberry Shortcake
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Founded in September 2012 by Ms Chara Lum, a graduate from reowned French culinary arts school Le Cordon Bleu Paris, Ciel Patisserie is a small dessert cafe tucked away in the heartlands of Kovan, which specialises in down-to-earth, no frills, yet tasty France dessert confectioneries. Pronounced 'see-el', meaning sky or heaven in French, the pastries, tarts, and cakes at Ciel Patisserie regularly receive good reviews, because for just SGD $5, you're able to get a pretty good dessert!Ambience at Ciel Patisserie is functional and rustic. The rather small interior features warm lighting, rustic wooden furniture laid out neatly, with fake flowers decorating each table, like a countryside home. The display of desserts is colourful and attractive, with clear labels. I notice most people order takeaway here, and the place usually isn't crowded. Quite a few people seem to prefer their exterior seating, on cool days, it's peaceful in the quiet neighbourhood of Hougang Avenue 1, and it's also sheltered from the elements.Service at Ciel Patisserie is largely self-service, with ordering, payment, and collection of orders done over the counter. However, staff do sometimes help to send orders to your table, if you order 3 or more items. If asked, staff are able to provide basic descriptions of each pastry / cake / dessert, and can make able recommendations. They're rather friendly as well. For large orders, catering, or special requests, staff do try to accomodate requests, though you have to give them advance notice. Pretty decent service overall.Food at Ciel Patisserie is all about classic French desserts. No mains or appetizers here, just pure sweets. Taste and presentation is generally above average, rustic, no-frills, straight forward goodness. Portions are nicely sized for individuals, and Ciel Patisserie is especially known for their wallet friendly, affordable prices, as most items here cost less than SGD $5 per dessert. Good value for money!The only savoury item here, the Quiche With Ham & Mushrooms (SGD $3.20) is also possibly the most value for money quiche you'll get. A crumbly open faced pastry crust, filled with a savoury egg custard, generously studded with sliced ham and bits of mushroom. Each mouthful gets you a taste of all the ingredients, and the texture is moist, without any burnt / overcooked taste. Pretty good!The classic French dessert is given a slight twist in the Crème Brûlée Ginger (SGD $4.80). While it still has that beautiful rich, wobbly, soft, creamy custard base that is nicely caramelised at the top, this dessert has also been infused with the spicy tang of ginger. Love the idea, as the ginger helps cut through the overall sweetness. The caramelised crust cracks beautifully, then you get the soft texture of the custard, followed by flavours of vanilla, caramel, and ginger. Highly recommended!The classic Opera Cake (SGD $4.80) originated in France, and features layers of almond sponge cake soaked in coffee syrup, alternated with layers of dark chocolate ganache, rich coffee butter cream, and coated in a chocolate glaze. Incredibly rich and tasty, the version here is sweet and true to the original, which was created in 1955 by Cyriaque Gavillon from Dalloyau (Patisserie), in Rue Du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Paris, France.Full Ciel Patisserie review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2015/11/ciel-patisserie.html continue reading
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Level4 2015-01-13
Sandwiched between old-school hardware shops and grocery shops, Ciel Patisserie seems like as if it was a shop that got transported back to the future. Being a patisserie, items such as cakes, tarts and puffs are offered here, with a lone quiche on the menu. Beverages includes coffee and tea.Fuji ($5.20) is a triangular-shaped cake that is made out of green tea mousse and sponge cake, with what seems like a grape compote encased within. The matcha flavour was light and refreshing, from the jelly-like mousse layer all the way down to the airy sponge cake base. The sourish sweetness from the compote inside was also luxurious, adding yet another dimension of taste to the cake.Choux ($3.20) is pretty much self-explanatory; essentially a Choux puff pastry, it looked firm, but was spongy, airy and light. Despite so, the pastry had flavour, which was somewhat salty and bitter. This was great with the subtly sweet vanilla custard, as it created different dimensions of flavour which made it felt similar to a very mild-tasting salted caramel taste. A simple pastry made different that felt rather intriguing, classy and delicious.For more photos and the full review, please visit: https://jiaksimipng.wordpress.com/2014/12/11/ciel-patisserie-blk-124-hougang-ave-1/ continue reading
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Level3 2014-03-29
Came here for dessert.It is quite a small shop. There are a total of 16 chairs. 8 outdoor and 8 indoor.Everything that was displayed had limited quantity. I decided to buy the Ginger Brulee Tart($4.10 after discount). Because I love ginger. Took one bite and I could taste the sweet custard and the spicy ginger. It tasted a little like gingerbread cookies. However, the ginger was very overpowering with it's spiciness. My tastebud could not really take it so I did not finish my tart. Not suitable for kids or for people with strong tastebud. It's a pity. If only they tone down the ginger, it would be better.My friend bought the Fuji- A light green tea mousse complimented with a lychee gelee insert and a soft green tea sponge base. The mousse was not the light and fluffy kind but more of the thick and kueh-like kind. The lychee from the jelly was quite mild. You could not taste the lychee unless you were looking for it. Quite a weird combination, lychee with green tea. However, I like the shape of it. Looks like Mount Fuji.The Ispahan- Layers of rose bavarian cream and raspberry mousse with a lychee gelee middle and lychee fruit. This mousse was lighter than the Fuji. The top layer is sweet while the bottom is acidic. Not a nice combination.Strawberry Shortcake- Lightly sweetened whipped cream and juicy fresh strawberry, sandwiched between layers of soft sponge cake. The cream really was not too sweet and the strawberries were acidic. It goes well together unlike the Ispahan. The sponge cake could be softer and lighter.To me, this was not a trip worth making. continue reading
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Level3 2014-03-27
There's a student promotion whereby students can get 15% off any cakes & patries till 5PM on Tuesdays - Fridays. Well, if you're not a student, don't be upset because there's also a Weekday 1PM - 5PM tea time promotion! Pay $6.80 to get a cake/ pastry of your choice + a cup of tea!My friend got himself the Fuji. It is a light green tea mousse complimented with a lychee gelee insert and a soft green tea sponge base. Sounds very complex. And indeed, I found it hard to appreciate the taste. The texture was kind of "heavy" and the lychee taste was very mild. This is not the kind of matcha dessert I fancy.He also got himself a Ispahan, which consists of layers of rose bavarian cream and raspberry mousse with a lychee gelee middle and lychee fruit. This dessert is sweet and sour at the same time, which does not complement each other very well. The texture of the mousse was however done right.I dislike ginger so when my friend got the Ginger Brulee Tart, I shook my head in disagreement. Haha! If you don't like ginger, please don't get this. The ginger taste is extremely overpowering and the taste lingers in your mouth for a while. Quite "spicy", too.This is my cake of choice - Strawberry Shortcake. The nicest out of the 4 pastries, I must say. The sponge cake is very soft, light and delicate. Also, the frosting wasn't too sweet. The strawberries were perfect too - not too sour, which goes so well with the whole cake. Definitely worth the try and a second buy!  continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-26
It seems like more and more cafes are choosing to set up below void decks to avoid the high cost of rental in premium districts.Ciel Patisserie is a small little cafe that is located at Lorong Ah Soo. A first of its kind in the area, the store is located in between provisions store and a clinic, place which most doesn't even consider ideal for a cafe. Yet it a still sees a steady stream of customer in the area and one visit to the cafe I could see why. With a limited amount of cakes made per day, you would definitely need to book ya cakes if you would like to make a evening trip as they are usually sold out by 5pm.The cakes here are definitely beautifully crafted and I was so tempted to order every single one of them cause they just look so good! Too bad there was only 2 of us and limited stomach space.A round shape dessert, it isn't particularly beautiful to photograph but the taste is exquisite. If you are one that go for heavy flavors, this will be the ideal choice for you. The velvety thick chocolate mousse together with the crunchy praline base complement each other perfectly well. SGD 5.50Well baked and not overly sweet, this tart is a refreshing alternative to the DOME. The size is a little small for the price, with a shallow base. But for the taste I am willing to shelve out the moolah.SGD 4.80Instant coffee from illy, it wasn't too bad a coffee to enjoy.Service is generally good except for a grumpy staff (who was a little unfriendly) told me that if I was to see the entire selection, then I should be here early in the morning when they open. A sarcastic reply to what I deem as a innocent question of "Do you replenish your cakes when they run out? Cause i would like to check out the entire selection?"VERDICTSeating area is a bit limited in this area, so big groups of more than 6 might find it hard to get settings. Otherwise, this cafe is a pretty good place to chill out with friends over chatter and cakes. continue reading
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