The Singapore branch of famous American-Eclectic New York City bakery and restaurant with Southwestern accents. continue reading
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Signature Dishes
Buttermilk Fried Chicken Chicken & Waffles
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A small cozy cafe. Located near City Hall MRT (About 8-10 minutes walk). They do not take reservations. So do go early if you don't want to wait too long. The pancakes were fluffy and delicious. The portions are also generous. We have tried the following:- WildBerry Shake (S$10)- Pancakes with Warm Maple Butter (S$18)- Egg Benedict (S$18) - Substituted with smoked-salmon (+S$5)Read my full review with more pictureshttp://www.eatdreamlove.com/clinton-street-baking-company/ continue reading
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Level3 2016-04-25
Purvis Street is full of good restaurants and Clinton Street Baking Company is no exception. We just walked by and saw this new and bright restaurant and so we went into it.The place is nicely decorated and you felt that you're in a tidy western cafe in Tokyo, that is, bright and tidy with light colour as its theme, and attention to details.We tried Fried Chicken Plate and Veggie burger.Fried Chicken Plate you felt that you are having a luxury and properly cooked version of KFC. The skin is crispy and not oily, and the chicken is quite tender. Maybe the only thing to criticized is that it's not warm enough. We matched it with salad and it's like coleslaw with some good mix of herbs which are great match with the chicken.The veggie burger is just great. The veggie patty is filled with herbs are the taste just stayed in your mouth. The juicy tomato and the slightly crispy surface of the patty is a perfect match, together with the leafy salad.Highly recommended. Price is quite reasonably with this quality of food. continue reading
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Level4 2016-03-08
Located in the middle of Purvis Street, is this cafe called Clinton Street Baking Company. Its main outlet is in New York, United States. It is well known for its pancake and is known as "New York's # 1 breakfast spot" by Lonely Planet, as well as, "Best Pancakes" by New York Magazine (twice). The place was decorated in a traditional, clean cut look.The usual menu was presented in a booklet.Besides the usual menu, there is daily special items on the board,as well as, dinner special items.Boozy Salted Caramel ($15++ left)vanilla ice cream, bourbon, salted caramel sauceWithout alcohol ($10++ right)Pretty strong in the alcohol. The drink tasted very rich and creamy, but could not taste the salted caramel in it.Crab Cakes ($15++)Two crab cakes, served with classic remoulade, and house slaw.The crab cake was moist and creamy inside with chunks of crab meat in it.Chicken & Waffles ($21++)with honey-Tabasco sauce, a crispy Belgian vanilla buttermilk waffle, and signature warm maple butter.The chicken was served char burnt, which made one quite disappointed. Some parts of the batter was just too hard and bitter to be eaten. One had to remove the batter coating in order to eat. Although the staff saw that we had left much of the batter untouch when clearing the plates, no one asked us about the food. The waffle was not the usual crispy and fluffy type. Instead it was eggy and soft. More like kueh kueh type. Not bad with the maple butter sauce. But not really my type.Pancakes with Warm Maple Butter ($18++)Served with wild blueberries.The first which I notice when the dish was served, was that the pancakes were super thick in size. The pancake was fluffy and soft, with a kind of eggy taste. Some may felt that the blueberries was a bit too sour. Nice but could not take in more a piece of pancake. It was way too much for me.Overall felt that the food was overrated. Maybe I was expecting too much but it just did not blow me off. Although the place looked sparkling clean, I was surprised to see a certain small animal running through the dining area. No wonder the place had placed a notice that it would be closed early for maintenance on the coming Monday. I soon lost my appetite after that and trying to vomit everything out. continue reading
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Went on weekday afternoon and is already crowded with people on waiting list by 12pm. Ordered the signature pancake with warm maple butter to share. The pancake is the most fluffiest pancake i ever ate! Damm awesome when dip with the maple butter, the taste is different and distinctively unique from the usual maple syrup. Ordered a shake, that consist of a scoop of ice cream topped with whipped cream. Probably will give this a pass on the next visit. continue reading
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For the full review and more photos, head over to http://toroamtheworld.blogspot.com/2015/12/food-review-clinton-street-baking.htmlThe all-famous Clinton Street Baking Company has arrived on our sunny shores! Originating from New York, this place is well-known for their fluffy pancakes, with many crowning it the best in New York City!We knew there'd be a queue during lunch time (even on a weekday) so we arrived around 2pm. Luckily for us, we didn't have to wait for seats at all! The restaurant is a bit narrow but long, with a semi-open kitchen at the back. The design is simple, using the wood furniture to create a no-frills yet homely vibe. They serve all-day breakfast, including their specialty Buttermilk Biscuit Sandwich and of course, their pancakes! They're also known for their buttermilk fried chicken, which is served from 11.30am.Crispy Potato Pancakes ($19++): There are two choices for this, either with caramelised applesauce and sour cream ($14++) or with house-smoked salmon, caviar and lemon creme fraiche ($19++). My friend picked the latter. On first sight, we were a bit shocked because the potato pancakes look so charred! Nevertheless, my friend proceeded to eat it. The salmon was a bit too salty, but it was a reasonable portion served. The potato pancakes is essentially rosti, but yes it was kinda oily and too charred. We should have requested for a new plate on hindsight...Pancakes with Warm Maple Butter ($18++): The star dish of this place! There are three options for your pancakes - wild blueberries, banana walnut or chocolate chunk. The choice was obvious for me because I love berries! The aroma of pancakes was so strong I was so excited to dig in! (But of course, my camera eats before I do...)Mmm, what a delicious stack of pancakes! As you can see in the photos, they are very thick and fluffy, and actually rather huge too! Finishing three was quite a challenge for me, as I was rather full after my second one haha. The pancakes were sufficiently moist and very flavourful! The wild blueberries weren't on the sweet side but I like that. I would have preferred if more blueberries were stuffed in the batter though.I didn't drizzle the warm maple butter all over my pancakes like how you see photos/videos on social media, lol, because I don't like maple syrup. But, I know that it is very highly raved about, so I dipped my pancakes in a little bit of it. Haha. Hmm, to me it tasted like maple syrup with more butter? Hahaha y'don't say? It was very rich but unique I guess. Overall, this pancakes definitely wins my stamp of approval, and possibly lives up to the hype!Although prices are quite steep here, I think the portions given justifies what you're paying. As an American diner, naturally their food is like the usual American serving - HUGE. So either you go with a big appetite or you share the food with friends hahaha. I would probably return to have their pancakes again! continue reading
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