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<br>Cocotte serves unpretentious rustic French cuisine in a casual and comfortable setting and they take inspiration from the hearty and rustic meals trademakr of the French countryside. They place a strong focus on communal dining and large platters of meat in the middle of the tables are common sights in the dining room continue reading
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Boeuf A La Ficelle Escargot Gougeres Fried Tripe Roast Pork Collar
Review (24)
Level4 2017-03-20
The restaurant was located in the ground floor of the Wanderlust hotel and was taken over by Meat Smith for 3 months until end of April 2017. Instead of the usual menu, it would be offering  Southern American BBQ with an Indian flair cuisine. Besides its ala carte menu, it also offered 3 course lunch set priced at S$25++ and S$35++, which included a choice of appetizer : Na’an & Bombay Butter (ala carte S$4++), It looked quite oily but it was quite nice, although I would prefer it to be more crispy.Onion Bajji & Smoked Yoghurt (ala carte S$6++), Looked quite dark but it was quite crispy and light with the yoghurt sauce.Crab & Saffron Biryani (ala carte S$24), The rice pops were lack of crispiness and felt a tab flat (lau hong). It looked more like crab stick salad topped with rice pops.a choice of main : For Lunch Set A (S$25++): MS Cheeseburger (ala carte $20++),Tomato chutney, Indian pickles, American cheese on a Brioche BunLamb Vindaloo (ala carte S$38++/ 2pax)(Smoked Lamb Shoulder, Chickpeas, Chopped Salad, Raita & Chapati),The serving was huge. The lamb was thinly silced and there was no gamey taste. I like that it was served with refreshing yoghurt salad.Kingfish Collar, Coconut Sambal & Eggplant (ala carte S18++)For Lunch Set B (S$35++):Kingfish Collar, Coconut Sambal & Eggplant (ala carte S18++), Tandoori Chicken & CauliflowerPilaf (ala carteS$24++),Pork Ribs (Dry Spice or Madras) (ala carte S$26++),The ribs was chunky, encased with a thick layer of paste. Tender and easy to slice through. Not too spicy but flavourful.Beef Rendang (ala carte S$25++),Beef Rib, Carrot & Fenugreek (Additional $20++) (ala carte S$85++/ 2pax)Served with Pumpkin & Kale Salad (ala carte S$8++)The salad was packed with the sweetness of soft pumpkin and dried raisins. But it was a tab too much when the lamb vindaloo already served with a side of greens, which made this felt like a repeated dish.Accompanied the meal with Free Flow Masala Chai Tea (S$5++) which was available in both hot and iced. Felt that the taste of the tea was a tab too weak.Between 2 females, the food was a tab too much and we could not finish up. continue reading
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Level4 2016-05-15
Cocotte is a communal restaurant and bar that serves delicious, genuine country cuisine in a hip environment. They are located in Singapore's Little India just inside Wanderlust hotel.Environment was indeed different and unique on its on with industrial like bar counter and some old school items around.As appetizers, 2 types of olives was given, in dark brown and olives color. Taste were not too greasy and was not too bitter either.Basket of bread was warm and the butter spread given to us was remarkably delicious. Butter was flavourful and was made in France, pairing along well with the warm bread.A special style of serving braised pork trotters in wraps with hazelnuts, thyme, brown butter, capers and sauteed kale. Braised Pork Trotters were deboned and served in shredded form like pull pork and mustard was given to pair along with the dish. Though the dish may be special with nuts and vegetables, i still prefer a stronger taste from braised pork and juicier touch.The whole grilled seabass was something not within my expectation as it was bigger than what I had thought. Meat was fresh and tender, served with vierge and salad of crispy quinoa that literally overwhelmed the entire perimeter of the fish. Capers, mint, radish, shallots, lemon and parsley was part of the mix too.They use grass fed beef which is antibiotic and hormones free from Cape Grim, Australia served with green pepper corns sauce, duck fat fries and salad. Ordering Medium Done-ness from the beef, I find that the beef was actually well cook to our request and I would give a thumb up to this dish. Simply love the pairing of tender beef and sauce even though I'm not much fan of medium done-ness. Fries on the other side maybe on a soft but have unique taste.Apart from the proteins and carbohydate we had from the main dish, here comes the fibre that save us from the "heavy" meal. Interestingly mixed with different types of vegetables with a touch of vinaigrette, ah, its really something wonderful to have for the meal.Dinner was pleasant with a comfortable ambiance. The environment is both suitable for gathering or even couple dating. Recommended. continue reading
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Located within the Wanderlust Hotel, a quirky, inspired design boutique hotel, the Cocotte restaurant opened alongside it in 2010. Basically the in-house dining option for the Wanderlust Hotel, Cocotte restaurant serves unpretentious, rustic French countryside food, in a casual, comfortable, setting that encourages communal dining. Cocotte restaurant is known for their free-flow weekend brunch trolley, which features a variety of ala-carte dishes at only SGD $69 ++ per person, from 12noon - 3pm only on Saturdays and Sundays.Ambience at Cocotte is designed to resemble the farmhouses along the countryside of France. Think ample amounts of wooden tables, flanked by brightly coloured metal chairs, decorative lighting, rustic windowsills, and retro decor. While small, the area is well laid-out, allowing seating of many diners, and still having space to push the brunch trolley around! I also like the open bar, where you can watch the bartenders at work. When crowded, Cocotte restaurant can get rather noisy.Service at Cocotte is good, with staff displaying a level of professionalism reserved for premium, fine dining restaurants. Was very pleased with the attentive, courteous service shown. Staff demonstrate good product knowledge, describing in detail each dish, and the ingredients within, and they willing accede when asked to repeat, or to elaborate further. I also like that staff pour a wine sampling, wait for your approval, then pour the actual glass of wine. However, you have to request for empty dishes to be cleared, or a change of plates, as these are not done proactively.Food at Cocotte is rustic, hearty, French countryside fare. Each dish is crafted around 1 or 2 star ingredients, well executed and presented simply, with tasty, bold flavours. Very fresh too! The free-flow weekend brunch trolley has no fixed menu, instead, Head Chef Anthony Yeoh creates a wide variety of ala-carte small plates and sharing plates which suit his fancy, with 5 appetizers, 3 main courses, and 5 desserts. Guests can request for as many portions as they want. Very reasonable for a price of SGD $69 ++ per person, and a 3 hour dining time. You're encouraged to reach on time at 12noon, to maximise the full brunch!Loved the Ham, Brie Cheese, Cherry Jam Sandwich, with its crisp, crusty baguette bread slice, and the savoury salty, thickly stacked slices of ham within. The cherry jam was unique, lending a sour sweet flavour and a slight tartness. But I couldn't detect the taste of the brie cheese amongst the much stronger flavours here. Still loved this dish though!The Pan-Seared Seabass With Dill And Salsa features a lovely thick fillet of fresh, clean tasting seabass fish, with a savoury salty, crisp skin. The fish meat is slightly more firm than I like, I would have preferred it to be more tender, but my fellow diners seemed to like it. The tomato and onion coulis / salsa lends a floral, juicy, crunchy texture, while the herbs lift the overall flavour. Pretty good dish!A house speciality, the Fried Honeycomb Tripe With Home Made Pickles & Wholegrain Mustard features tender strips of beef stomach / tripe, lightly breaded and coated with a dusting of smoked paprika. Chewy with a light crunch, and a savoury smoky, meaty flavour. The home made pickles (carrot, radish, fennel) stood out for us, just the right balance of tart sourness and crunch. So good that my fellow diners specifically asked for a whole serving of it on its own! Glad the staff were able to fulfill this special request!Absolutely loved the Pot-Roast Pork Collar With Pumpkin Puree, I think it's the best dish I had here! The pork meat is fresh, incredibly tender, with a melt in your mouth texture. Good enough to stand on its own, as I felt the creamy smooth pumpkin puree didn't really pair well with it, despite also being executed well. Unstoppable, I had piece after piece of this flavourful, succulent pork. Highly recommended!Full Cocotte review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2016/03/cocotte.html continue reading
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Level4 2016-02-20
Full review's at http://thehungrybunnie.blogspot.sg/2016/01/cocotte.htmlWe had their Weekend Brunch Trolley ($59++ without alcohol). The decidedly limited array kept the quality of the brunch high, and because everything was in petite portions, we really could partake of everything. Also, the long gaps between the trolleys helped encourage the slow food movement thing that the French are so famous for; we actually took the time to graze over a languid brunch.Favourites are:1) Croque Monsieur, a fantastic crusty baguette slathered with an excellent fruit jam, gruyere, mustard, and meaty ham. I got seconds of this.2) Salmon Quiche: exceptional, with a meltingly buttery crust, beautiful caramelization, and a lusciously cheesy filling.3) Homemade Baked Beans with smokey French bacon topped with a sous vide egg, and a drizzle of citrus oil: Exquisite stuff.4) Poulet Roti - a whole organic chicken seasoned with herbed butter and roasted to juicy perfection, then sprinkled with golden almond flakes, and herbed cous cous5) Blue Mussels & Clams simply steamed with white wine, Swiss chard, and fennel cream: fresh and sweet; we drank this like a soup6) Roast Pork Collar blanketed in a glorious mustard cream sided by buttered local vegetables7) Desserts like Creme Brulee and Crepe SuzetteNot so much:1) Seafood Croquette and Salmon Mousse: wasn't my thing2) Squid was a moreish contrast, chewy rings topped off a crusty buttered bread.3) Flatiron Steak, torched with a gorgeous char: a perfect, consistent shade of pink but they laced this with Chimichurri continue reading
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Level2 2014-07-31
I love the interior of this restaurant. With wooden cart, antique barber chair, and plaster wall, they certainly add some rustic charms to the restaurant.We ordered red snapper with prawns in creamy saffron sauce. The red snapper was perfectly cooked and the skin was crispy. The prawns on the other hand were overcooked and very difficult for me to deshelled them. I didn't like the cream sauce splashing to my white top while struggling to deshell them . The cream sauce was excellent though, buttery and creamy but still light....The beef bourguignon wasn't that good. The red wine sauce reduction didn't taste good and the meat was still a bit tough with so much fat on the meat. Definitey not to my liking.Overall, I find that the price was a bit pricey (around $40 for the main courses). continue reading
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