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Level4 2016-09-07
It used to offer Italian food but now it had changed to same menu as the other outlets (PURVIS STREET & FAR EAST PLAZA), offering french food, as the business was not as good as other outlets. The decoration was simple, with cement flooring. Iced water is served and refillable.SAVEUR'S PASTA ($4.90++)chilli oil, chopped kombu, pork sauce, sakura ebiA hot favourite since the outlet started in Alibaba. Simple and refreshing. Price for this simple dish had increased a lot over the years.SALMON CONFIT ($10.90++)chives, kombu, apple and fennel, lemon vinaigretteThe salmon did not look uncooked, more like raw. The taste was oily, tender with a hint of sour.ESCARGOT & CHORIZO ($8.90++)root vegetables, sundried tomatoes, baguetteQuite a small serving. The baguette was light and crispy.COOKIES & MILK ($9.90++)cookie dough ice cream, milk soil, cherry kirsch, peanut butter, honey cloudIt looked a pool of foam when served. It was light with explosive effects in the mouth.Overall the food was not bad and served quite fast. Would like the water to be refilled more regularly. The place was not crowded on a sunday evening. continue reading
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Level4 2015-09-24
See my full reviews & photos at = http://chefquak.com/2015/09/23/superb-set-lunch-concetto-on-23sep2015/my RI friends decided to visit national museum & have lunch, so 3 of us met for lunch at concetto @ the cathay on 23.9.2015.^^another 2 friends joined lunch afterwards, so 5pax.concetto set lunch menu S$22.90last time i had the set lunch here was on 10.2.2015.prices have gone up from S$20.90 to S$22.90, inflation i guess, but for me it’s still a good deal.i missed the YMCA (that being nearest to concetto & national museum & cheaper parking rates) carpark entrance, so parked at park mall & walked over to the cathay. concetto looks out onto the road, and is bright & airy.we all ordered the concetto pasta – an interesting chilled capellini dish.it was not quite the famous chilled capellinin at da luca or gordon grill or of course gunther.still it was pretty flavourful & unique. & ala carte price is just S$4.90! :-)i like the previous version – chilled capellini with crab & prawn tartare (tiny morsels) tossed in lobster oil & topped with lobster foam & ikura (salmon roe) – a lot better though.think they should just revert to the previous version, full-stop!i pushed away most of the mayonnaise. this drier version was heavier, less refine but still tasty. i had the kurobuta pork cheeks.it had this impressive squid-ink calligraphy, haha! ^^the kurobuta was super, melt-in-the-mouth.& the gnocchi & sauce were very good. this the best dish for me.we ordered different main courses to share & try.salmon was done beautifully.plating & presentation were top class!with cous cous & pickled shallots, and the tasty & crab bisque pretty foam.the chicken was good too & nice presentation too.taste was pretty good, just chicken nothing special out of the ordinary though.for me, kurobuta was no 1, salmon next & last chicken.my good friend on the other hand liked the salmon best.i only tried the pistachio panna cotta here nefore.this time we ordered the tiramisu. again it was so pretty!it was kind of deconstructed.as a dessert, i think it was rather good, and i would order it next time.as a tiramisu, i think my own tiramisu is much better, both in flavours especially coffee & liquor, & also texture.the pistachio panna cotta was as good as last time.for a change, i will try the tiramisu next time though.for me the only complaint was the poor service. the young guy was unhelpful, tidak apa & very poor in his service attitude. towards the end though his attitude improved from poor to ok. think he just needed some service training. the lady server was ok.the 3-course set lunch was S$22.90, to me great value-for-money! there is a supplement of S$3 for the salmon. continue reading
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Concetto is the Italian equivalent of Saveur so first thing that comes to mind is, good food at affordable prices!  While the decor at Saveur tries to mimic the ambience of fine dining, Concetto is so different, bare, industrial feel, with haphazard taping on the floors (I believe it is used as some form of cover up) and brown wood-like tables, stark contrast to the greyish walls.  It makes me feel this place is still considered experimental so not much effort and money is used for the renovation if any.  If you are not one to be particular about the decor while eating, then step inside.  The food is more than enough to make up for the lack of ambience. This is one of the few places that offer set lunches everyday and the price staying the same between weekdays and weekends.  We tried both entrees on the set lunch menu. Concetto pasta - which was cold and and Salitish.  Give it a miss.Mushroom soup - which was creamy and filled with mushroom bits. For the mains, we tried theKurobuta pork cheek - pork that was tasty and soft, a very good dishDuck confit - this was ok, skin not really crispy but well executedLobster pasta- generous amount of lobster for the price and a tasty sauce like lobster bisque just made this dish so deliciousFruitti de mare - seafood pasta with a tomato based sauce, tasting of seafood stock and slight spiciness.  A very rich and enjoyable dish. For the desserts, the tiramisu offered on the set lunch is good. A deconstructed version of the normal tiramisu, you get to eat the various layers separately or together, it's really up to you. We tried the chocolate tart but it was forgettable.   continue reading
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Level4 2015-04-13
Saveur - a French restaurant set up by Mr. Dylan Ong, Mr. Joshua Khoo and another business partner with the aim to offer quality yet affordable French cuisine to the masses. After the successful outlet of Savour in Purvis Street and Far East Plaza, these two young entrepreneurs just can't keep still and decided to set up a Italian sibbling for Saveur, thus Concetto was born.Little Devil ('LD') and I have tried Saveur, for the price we actually find it quite good. So when the opportunity arises, we decided to tried Concetto. Unlike Saveur that always packed with crowd, we manage to get a seat in Concetto on a Saturday afternoon without any problem. We started our lunch with Buffalo Mozzarella ($8.90). The Mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, parmesan cheese are served on top of toasted rye bread. Drizzle with good balsamic vinegar, it was a good appetizer, light and refreshing. We wished that there were more of the mozzarella. Grilled Octopus Caesar Salad ($11.90). This salad is colourful and beautifully presented. Fresh salad, crispy bacon, shaved parmesan cheese binds well with the anchovies base dressing. The octopus are tender, although slightly limited. However the almost powdered eggs really captured our attention and palate. Yum Yum. For mains, we have Crab Risotto ($13.90) and Wagyu Tender ($26.90). The risotto is al-dente and creamy. You can feel the robust broth absorbs into the arborio rice. To add to the texture, they also use crispy rice, capsicums, cucumbers and brussel sprouts. The crab meat tartare tasted fresh, but it seems that the flavour of the crab in the risotto seems to be missing. Using the Wagyu shoulder, the meat is quite lean similar to filet mingon. Low in fat but tender and juicy. Cooked to medium rare and accompany with foie gras with shallots and portobello mushrooms. The beef jus that accompany the dish was just perfect. Delicious. Service is good and efficient. The décor of the restaurant is very minimal, however it is bright, spacious and cosy. Rather than charge you for decoration, they decided to pass the savings to the customers by keeping the price low. Overall, we really enjoy our meal here. Concetto interpertation of Italian food is more towards simple, modern, nice presentation and pack of punch. Kudos to them for bringing the food people. Cheers!!For the complete review, click or copy the below link to your browser:http://www.chubbybotakkoala.com/2015/04/concetto-by-saveur.html continue reading
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Level4 2015-04-13
For more details, please visit http://www.foodesteem.com/2015/04/concetto-by-saveur.htmlConcetto comprise of 2 levels, but for the selfie-takers, the upper level provides more light to the interior, giving you a fairer picture. With such a generous shop space, even if there's a queue ahead, turnover time should be fast. If you are one of those whom rather spend time more meaningfully than waiting in a queue, Concetto gives you the privilege to make reservations!I went for the 3-Course Lunch ($20.90) which surprisingly is not just affordable but good-to-taste! Concetto Pasta ($6.90 ala-carte) is made of chilled capellini tossed in lobster oil and seaweed, served with crab and shrimp tartare, and finished with lobster foam and ikura. While it is just an entree dish, it does open my appetite and awaits for more the main dish to come!Had wanted the Beef Oyster Blade as my main, but was told that it has removed from the set lunch. Not sure why, but I had the Kurobuta Pork Cheek ($15.90 ala-carte), substitute for Beef Oyster Blade.With the 3-4 pieces of pork cheek, I love every singly bit of it. Soft and sauce absorbing meat makes me kept on chewing non-stop on it, but at the same time the amount of disappointment falls greater on me as it get lesser and lesser on my plate. Served with homemade potato gnocchi and anchovy squid ink puree.Ordered another main from the ala-carte, Red Snapper ($13.90). Red snapper fillet served with pan-roasted cherry tomatoes, mashed cod and lemon-infused paprika jus. Snapper meat is flak-ky and tender, but I find this dish a little sour, perhaps due to the cherry tomatoes. Not to my liking, but I still prefer my Kurobuta Pork Cheek!The 3rd course, Pistachio Panna Cotta ($6.90 ala-carte), which is also the dessert. Pistachio-flavored cream served with pistachio crumble and salted pistachio. Texture is like the soya beancurd, the popular brand that we all know of, and pretty enjoyable. A nice dessert to end the course!Definitely worth the money, but serving time is a little slow although we don't see the crowd. I believe Concetto will continue to attract masses of young people, in addition to its location where it’s surrounded by malls and academics. If you are in town, and looking for an affordable westernized food, Concetto can be one of your choice!For more details, please visit http://www.foodesteem.com/2015/04/concetto-by-saveur.html continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)