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After much anticipation, I finally got to try KKI - it used to be at Tanjong Pagar area but had closed briefly, and I didn't get to try it at all. This quaint, neat, pretty cafe has relocated, and I managed to hunt it down, bringing my colleague in tow.KKI Sweets is the cafe arm of KKI Home, retailing household products and tableware. This cafe serves Japanese-inspired French desserts. It has a rather clean-cut, rustic interior decor. We were pretty excited at the array of pretty cakes, so each of us picked one to share and try.*Z, being an avid coffee lover, chose the Tiramisu (SGD$8.80) - mascarpone cheese mousse cake with Kahlua centre. The cake was very fine in texture, and soft; the flavor was creamy and sweet; the liqueur centre penetrated the cake well enough to give it a wicked boost, but not overpowering.I chose the Fromage Melon (SGD$8.80) - cheese mousse cake with rock melon centre. The texture was fluffy light, melting lusciously in the mouth in a light cream flavor. The rock melon centre added a refreshing touch but did not affect the gentle taste of the cheesecake as a whole.For full review and more photographs, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2015/03/afternoon-tea-at-kki-sweets-sota.html continue reading
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Level2 2015-02-05
Kki Sweets, located at School of The Arts, is a cake shop and/or a café that specializes in Japanese inspired French cakes.The café was very charming. It was decorated with clean and sophisticated wood furniture.The café is not only filled with stunning furniture but it also serves such mouthwatering desserts.Cakes1. Antoinette ($8.80++) - White Chocolate Mousse and MangoThe softest cake ever. It’s like I was eating some foam and the sweetness was just right. I don’t usually eat mango (except for mango pudding) but this one is really good. You can’t beat the taste of this appealing teardrop shaped dessert.2. Nao ($9.80++) - Strawberry Mousse with PistachioEnchanting pinky cylinder shaped cake. That is the only description that I can give as my sister and my brother in law finished this cake without leaving any crumb. It’s like they can’t stop eating it. My brother in law said that the strawberry flavor was quite strong and delightful. It was not extremely sour.3. Mont Blanc ($9.80++) - Chestnut Paste with Fresh Creme on Almond Tart BaseThe outside was crunchy but soft (if you know what I meant) and the crème was very light. This cake was equally pleasurable as the previous ones but I would not say it was at completely different level. Maybe because I tasted Antoinette before this and it was breathtaking.4. Ananas ($9.80++) - Pineapple Mousse on Almond Tart BaseThe pineapple gave out an intense aftertaste. So sour! But I like the pillowy texture.5. Onigiri ($9++) - Basil Milk Chocolate Mousse and OrangeIt had all the taste in a single plate. The orange in the middle contributed a little bitterness among the sweet sensation AND just like the original onigiri, it also had a slight saltiness. What a unique dessert!For a relatively small piece of cake, the price is a bit expensive but they were all worth the price.FYI: They also sell some pretty home wares, check them out for yourself! continue reading
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Level2 2015-01-20
After over 8-months waiting, Kki Cafe finally reopens at SOTA (School of the Arts) !! And the Little Dorm Store comes together with the cafe as wellKki sells somewhat the best Japanese cakes in Singapore. Anyway i really love the place, my friend and i once was crazy that two of us ate 5 pieces at a time, in 30 minutes….we just kept ordering ordering. It’s so glad to hear that its back!This is probably the most popular cake at Kki, most of the people will order this when they come for the first time. It looks exactly the same as they used to be, expect there used to be a blackberry on the top. NAO is basically a raspberry mousse with pistachio mousse inside, with a bit touch of raspberry jam.The mousse itself was very light and smooth, it melted in my mouth very soon. The raspberry favor is a bit sour and perfectly combined with the pistachio mousse inside and the sweetness of raspberry jam. I was kind scared of mousse cakes because of they are usually heavy, over-sweetened and makes me feel guilty, but NAO is an expection, at least for me.I am such a chestnut addict and i never miss Mont Blanc if i see them in any cake shop. Kki’s Mont Blanc is one of my favorite in Singapore, as well as Pantler‘s. Mont Blanc is usually available in the afternoon, after 3 pm. Sometimes they don’t put Mont Blanc in the counter and you have to ask. As i had that before, so i ask the lady to brought me one from the bakery.The chestnut cream is very smooth and strong in chestnut flavor, although seems a lot icing sugar outside but not oversweetend at all.Underneath the chestnut layer is fresh cream, comes in moderate portion (because i hate cream!). The sponge cake under the cream is quite good, very soft and moist. The tart base is also moist , moderate hard ( i had a horrible experience at PAUL bakery with their raspberry, the tart base was hard like stone!). While the tart base is actually too sweet for me, not those kind of sweet that would stuck your throat, but comparably sweeter than other components of the cake. continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-12
Full review: http://dairycream.blogspot.sg/2014/11/kki-sweets-sota.htmlI've tried nearly all of Kki's cakes when they were back at Ann Siang Hill but I decided to revisit again at it's new outlet in SOTA . There is no new items after so long and yes, one has to be mentally prepared to fork out more, meaning $9.80 + 10% service charge for each cake. This works up to be around 930 yen for each cake, surpassing the 750-yen cakes by Hidemi Sugino and the 800-yen range of Pierre Herme & Jean Paul Hevin but NOT in terms of quality. Ouch, I definitely felt the pinch in my wallet. First, the White Chocolate and Mango ($8.80++) which was messed up by a hazy confusion of sweetness. I would love the Strawberry and Pistachio ($9.80++) very much, if I hadn't knew it suffered from some nasty frost bites; the half-defrosted pistachio center was unpleasant. I suspect there is a big bad wolf hidden somewhere in this Little Red Riding Hood ($9.80++) for it's notoriously famed for its intense cacao notes. Pegged exquisitely against a sharp raspberry compote, the mousse layers were smooth as silk, to the verge of tasting like refrigerated butter left under room temperature for 3 minutes and not longer than that. Meanwhile, I was surprised that Kki proffered a delicious Mont Blanc ($9.80++) , safe from the radical glucose level by trading the uber-sweet meringue with an almond fragipane tart base and cushioning the chestnut goodness with clouds of heavenly light Chantily cream. I was expecting a "crunch" sound as I cut through the Cafe Dumo ($9.80++) but there was silence. Still, I gleaned in delight when my tongue hit some faintly crunchy praline, buried amidst the constituents resting atop, while hazelnut tones echoed back and forth amidst the waves of coffee. Highly recommended for coffee lovers. And Fromage Melon ($8.80++) was my personal favourite for two reasons. One, the rarity of flavours--where else in SG can you find a cheese melon combination? Two, superbly executed textures; neither too light nor dense cheese layer with solidly fresh biscuit baseI don't know how Kki Sweets got to be associated with Japanese cakes but to be honest, it isn't. Branded with a streak of perfectionism, the petit gateaux are seriously elegant and dainty, striking out a legend of its own by distinguishing from the mediocre cakes saturated in Singapore. continue reading
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Level4 2014-09-04
Having taken a hiatus of eight months after the closure of its Ann Siang Hill shophouse space, Kki Sweets is back, and at a more convenient location situated in Dhoby Ghaut. Located in SOTA, the new store is bright, simple and contemporary. The white walls and the wooden tables just feels modern yet Japanese. We visited on the very first day that they had reopened, and they were serving a small selection of cakes that were previously being sold in Ann Siang Hill.Kki Sweets is known for their soft-core mousse cakes. Antoinette ($8.80) is a white chocolate mousse cake encasing a Mango puree centre. The mousse was light, smooth and fluffy, and it had a subtle hint of white chocolate that could be tasted but does not flood the tastebuds with sweetness. The mango puree centre was more sweet than sour, but added a nice fruity tang to the mousse that sits atop a vanilla sponge cake.Its not difficult to see the reason why this cake is named Onigri ($9.00); it is just shaped like one. Similar to the Antoinette, it is Basil Dark Chocolate mousse encasing a Bitter Orange puree. Again, that subtle flavour of dark chocolate went well with the slightly intense citrus flavour of the puree, but I had never expected that Basil could even compliment dark chocolate. A bold flavour that had been tested and proven (think orange-infused chocolate), this cake was pretty much an eye opener for me.Probably it was the cakes that override the flavour, but I could not really find the sweetness of the Lightly-Sweetened Japanese Coffee ($4.80). Despite that, it was a nice balance of acidity and earthiness that makes it enjoyable after indulging the sweet stuff earlier.For more photos and the full review, please visit: http://jiaksimipng.wordpress.com/2014/08/22/kki-sweets-school-of-the-arts-sota/ continue reading
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