Creamier ice creams are churned fresh from their kitchen. Coffee beans are purveyed from the best local roasteries every week to assure freshness. They use the best quality ingredients, carefully sourced from different parts of the world. continue reading
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Richest Dark Chocolate Ferrero Ice Cream Roasted Pistachio Ice Cream Sea Salt Gula Melaka Ice Cream
Review (36)
Level4 2015-12-16
Creamier Ice Cream and Coffee (Toa Payoh Lorong 1) is a cafe hidden in a corner of one of the oldest HDB estate in Singapore (i.e. Toa Payoh HDB estate)! Homemade (handcrafted) ice cream, coffee and waffles are sold in this cafe. This cafe is located in between Braddell, Toa Payoh and Caldecott MRT stations. The nearest MRT station is Braddell and it is around a 10 minutes walk away from the station.We (a group of three) visited Creamier Ice Cream and Coffee on a weekday (Friday) at around 215pm. Although I was aware that this cafe was popular and that it was small, I did not expect it to be full house even on a weekday! Interesting lightsWe tried waiting for a table, but after 15 minutes of wait, we only managed to get a counter table. Well, what to do.... I can't imagine what the crowd would be like on a weekend. After securing our seats, we proceeded and place our order. After making payment, we were given this paper cup with the number "09" on it. Any guess what it is?The answer was hidden in the cup. It was the key to our orders. A waiting number!Belgian waffle with Earl Grey Lavendar and Orange Cranberry Vodka Ice Cream $11.80After around 10 minutes, we received our food! Needless to say we ordered their signature Belgian waffle with ice cream! From observation, this was the most popular order, every table had at least one of this! Belgian waffle with Earl Grey Lavendar and Orange Cranberry Vodka Ice Cream $11.80We ordered our Belgian Waffle with Earl Grey Lavendar and Orange Cranberry Vodka Ice Cream $11.80. They had a wide variety of ice cream such Sea Salt Gula Melaka, Roasted Pistachio, Banana Chocolate Chip Crumbles and Banana Roasted Pecan. We sampled several of them before settling for the two ice creams. The Earl Grey Lavendar ice cream which had a unique lavendar after taste, was fragrant and creamy. The Orange Cranberry Vodka ice cream was a premium ice cream. The combination of orange and cranberry was a perfect match as both flavours complemented each other well and did not overwhelm each other.For information on the cost/prices: A waffle with ice cream cost $8.50. Extra scoop of ice cream cost $2.50 each. As the Orange Cranberry Vodka was a premium ice cream, there was an extra cost of $0.80 per scoop. Belgian waffle with Earl Grey Lavendar and Orange Cranberry Vodka Ice Cream $11.80The freshly made Belgian Waffles were well executed! They were incredibly crispy on the outside, and soft and fluffy on the inside. The slightly hard (outside), soft (inside) texture, warmth of the waffle couple with the cold ice cream were such a perfect combination. The addition of the maple syrup and chocolate sauce went very well with this too! After trying this, I understand the raves about the dessert served here. The Belgian Waffles with Ice Cream is a must try! But I will not advise coming on a weekend unless you are prepared to wait and squeeze with the crowd. http://foodiefc.blogspot.sg/2014/03/creamier-ice-cream-and-coffee-toa-payoh.html continue reading
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Level4 2015-11-10
For more reviews, www.umakemehungry.comNot to be exaggerating but its kinda true based on my factual experience that I'm actually queuing up for Ice Cream on a Sunday Morning. Coming from the West Side of Singapore, I'm rather amazed by how Creamier's fans diligently waited for the doors to be opened while the crews were still preparing the necessaries with quarter of the shop shutters still unopened. For the moment, I could not recall that we have such scenario in Jurong.It was actually an impromptu meetup with my friend as we were in Toa Payoh area and she suggested Creamier as our meeting point. Just imagine someone recommended this place and have ice cream for breakfast, it so out of the usual lifestyle but I believe it was so good that it worth to do a little tweak in the lifestyle.Queues swarmed into the restaurant immediately as their shutters were fully drawn up and orders were made in an orderly manner. No doubt the tables were abit narrow and "kid-sized", I would say it was intelligently catered in efficient use of the space. It was all about waiting for Creamier and we were given a Table Tracker to alert us if our orders were ready. As tables were rather limited in Creamier, patrons were tend to wait outside the shop in front of the playgrounds where affixed public tables are. However patrons are reminded to stay within the vicinity in order to be alerted as the tracker will only vibrate in silent mode.Belgian Waffles are the must try! Waffles were good, crispy at the exterior with buttery fragrance and they tasted, eggy with sweetness. Presentation is definitely inviting with 2 pieces of Waffles stacked together sprinkled with Icing Sugar and Chocolate syrup as its base.Thai Milk Tea was good but lacking in the intensity in flavour of what Thai's Tea supposed to be. Earl Grey Lavendar was one of the hits too! Simply love the decent scent of the Lavendar that also brings out the Earl Grey Essence in such lucious ice cream. Sea Salt Gula Melaka was my favourite too. Besides being dense & silky like the rest, though Gula Melaka suppose to has a strong taste, I would say its combination was a perfect marriage and with sweetness not too overwhelming. Recommended! continue reading
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After a heavy feast at Newton Circus Hawker Centre and whilst heading home, my friend was craving for ice cream so we decided to stop by braddell. Sadly though at 930pm, 30 mins till closing, they ran out of waffles.We tasted a few of their ice creams before deciding in earl grey lavender and banana nut milk. At $5.80 for 2 scoops, I felt it was reasonable. The scoops were big.The earl grey lavender was subtly sweet and when I closed my eyes, I imagined I was eating a cup of tea ice cream! It was superb and when I wanted to take home a pint of it, they were out of it. So I ended up taking home a pint of thai milk tea, which is also delicious!The banana nut milk had real banana fruit and nuts in there. It was nice to bite into abit of fruit and nut, whilst savouring the milky and creamy ice cream.You can help yourself to iced water. The shop itself is always crowded, as there is a neighbourhood playground right in front of the shop. You can always get your ice cream in a cup or cone, and sit on the park benches out side.I will definitely be back to try their waffles at some point, but for now.. I will make my own waffles at home and enjoy it with my pint of thai milk tea ice cream continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-26
It is best to visit in the afternoon because at night time, it is always packed and had to wait for seats. This time round I waited for 10mins for seats and had to queue to order ice cream.. Ordered for a waffle topped with 2 scoops of icecream- vanilla and pistachios.. I liked the pistachios because the flavour is unique and has the nutty taste. However the vanilla one tasted normal and most probably will not order them again and order other flavours. The waffle is served warm and i like to cut the waffle to small pieces and put some icecream on top of it and eat. Enjoying small bites and the cozy ambience over there in the small little humble cafe. continue reading
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Level3 2014-12-23
I was craving for waffle so much !! So, decided to find the answer for places selling a flavoursome waffer. Found out 1 place located at Toa Payoh lorong 1 - HDB .The cafe is quite small and mostly crowded by office people during their lunch time. Most of them aimed for the ice cream. So, certainly, the ice cream should be quite popular.Since i been there around 1 PM plus which is the lunch time and Opss!! Didn't expect that the cafe was crowded due to the lunch time ... We was thought of lunch time should be lesser people hang for dessert.We waited for 15 - 20 mins for the seat and even till our waffle were ready to serve, there was no seat available yet. All were occupied. No choice, we told the staff that we couldn't find any seat and i think she is the owner of the shop and helped us to find seat ..Thank you so much for the lady boss.We appreciate so much on it . Without her help , i think we must stand and wait there nearly an hour.  So, the good time to be there was during the tea timeWe ordered a different choices of ice cream :Love the crispy and the scent of the waffles. We topped with the ice cream flavour of Ferrero Chocoate, Earl Grey, and Hollicks ice cream. Earl Grey would be the top choice among the 3 ice cream. Nice, delicious. Yummy !!. Hollicks would be the 2nd choice and Ferrero is the last one because it taste bitter and i don't really like it . . continue reading
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