Operated under the same management as Old Chang Kee, the company has decided to spread their love for curry as the pioneer and master of Singapore's iconic curry puff through Curry Times. continue reading
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Curry Bun Curry Chicken Ramen Curry Fish Head
Review (4)
- The stallfront- Interesting old-school design at the food collection counter withinYou can order your food at a touch-screen panel in front of the stall, which is pretty interesting. The counter staff was friendly and helpful in explaining the options available and suggesting to us which food to order when we seemed unsure of our decisions.- Curry chicken set and the dry curry chicken setWe did not really like the packaging that the food came in, as it felt too much like takeaway, microwaved food even though we were dining in. Perhaps it's more suitable if you pack it back to eat in your office. The normal curry chicken was delicious, the chicken pieces were tender and the curry gravy very tasty. However, it was hard to scoop the curry out from the bowl as it was very deep and we were given a plastic long spoon (not the soup spoon kind). The dry curry chicken was tasty as well and much easier to eat from the bowl. The chicken pieces were tender and small pieces of potato were mixed in. The lime juice and hot tea were all too sweet though. continue reading
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Level4 2013-03-09
When I stepped in to this shop, i was really impressed by its abit of old time decoration in it. Smell their just freshly baked curry bun on their display shelves and decided to buy one piece to share with my sister. The bun was toasted to very nice golden brown colour and the texture is quite firm and chewy. The generous amount of curry potatoes in the bun certain taste good but was abit too spicy for me. continue reading
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Level4 2013-03-01
The Place - Curry Times is Old Chang Kee's new cafe/restaurant concept. Stepping into Curry Times feels like being transported back in time to a Seventies coffee shop with marble topped tables and wooden chairs. It has a casual, laid back,retro vibe with bird cages suspended from the ceiling adding olde world charm, and piped in sentimental Chinese oldies playing softly in the background.The Food - You won't find Old Chang Kee's signature Curry O (deepfried curry puffs with a wedge of hardboiled egg within) and popular skewered snacks being sold here. Instead, the menu offers a selection of Asian, Peranakan, Hainanese dishes. Curry is the higlight here and we ordered the signature chicken curry which was rich, concentrated, fragrant with generous pieces of chicken thigh and chicken breast. The curry goes so well with plain rice that we finished every morsel and drained the last drop of gravy from the bowl. There is a weekday lunch promotion where each order of chicken curry comes with your choice of side dishes such as Hainanese chap chye, homemade salmon otah, etc and a cup of coffee or tea. After 2pm on weekdays there is a tea time special when their big & yummy chicken curry bun and a cup of coffee/tea costs just $2.50. We will return in a bigger group soon to try their fish head curry and other dishes like spicy chicken wing, ngoh hiang, beef stewThe Prices - Very reasonable with most item& meals priced below $10 - the exception being the fish head curry.The Service - Cheerful and efficient crew. continue reading
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