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For us to truly exemplify harmony, of which we have always proudly proclaim as Singaporeans, we decided to start bringing wholesome, healthy food from different parts of the world to Singapore, starting from Korea. continue reading
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SuYuk GalBi-Tang Dang-Myeon So-Myeon InjeolMi BingSu
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Level4 2018-01-05
The korean restaurant was a few months old and headed by a pretty young looking Korean female chef. The dishes served here were more of the home cooked type, no barbecued food. The dishes were accompanied with 6 different side dishes commonly known as banchan .GalBi-Tang  (S$26)Beef short rib soup with radish, leek and stripped sliced eggs.The favourite dish of the meal. The meat looked quite red but it was quite tender. The soup was quite flavourful too.SuYuk with rice Set  (S$24)Tender boiled pork with rice and pork soup.Quite a healthy way of eating the sliced pork with bean paste wrapped with a piece of lettuce, although would prefer the meat to be more tender and moist. The soup was kind of lacking of the meat flavour.Saeng Seon Gui  (S$24)Korean grilled fish.Simple looking dish but the meat was sweet in taste.Haemui Sundubu  (S$26)Seafood tofu soup.There's lot of seafood in this soup such as prawns, squid, scallops, and mussels. Quite flavourful soup too.Bibimbab  (S$20)Korean rice bowl.Interestingly it was served meatless, but the meat was not missed here.InJeolMi BingSu  (S$12)Iced milk flakes with mixed grain powder, InJeolMi (Korean rice cake), red bean paste and sliced almonds served with ice cream and condensed milk.The shaved ice was very fine and melted easily. It was not too sweet. However the rice cakes got hardened easily.Mixed Melon Bingsu  (S$12)Iced milk flakes with assorted melon and watermelon, coconut flakes served with ice cream and condensed milk.Similar to the other bingsu, it was not too sweet but packed with the natural sweetness from the fruit.Hong-Cho  (S$4)Pomegranate vinegar drink (iced).Slightly sweet vinegared drink which peaked up the appetite continue reading
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