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Level4 2016-05-23
The outlet was located at the second level of the shophouse, with a small wooden signage at the ground floor next to the stairs. At the second level, walked into the place, one was met with shelves full of different bottles of liquors. The place was dim and lay back in decoration.Menu was a simple used looking booklet.Flat White ($5)The coffee was rich and thick.Unicorn Tears ($10)Served in a bottle with a chilled glass. Best served chilled. A bluish drink, which tasted light and refreshing.Fully Loaded Baked Avocado ($8)avocado, cheddar, caramlised bacon, sour cream, spring onionsIt was like a healthier version of baked potato. So rich and creamy. Buttery in taste too.Gula-Melaka Walnut Oat Cake ($9/ slice)Local flavours are the best flavours! oat-based sponge (so it's basically health food right?), coated with coconut cream and drizzled with gula melaka toffee. Finished with toasted walnuts and coconut chips!The cake was quite soft and unable to hold its weight. The gula melaka was not strong enough. It was more like a coconut cake as the desiccated coconut was distinct in the texture and taste.Salted Egg Black Sesame Cake ($9/ slice)Super light black sesame chiffon and black sesame frosting, topped with salted egg yolk custard drizzle, and salted egg crumble.Although the cake was soft, I felt that it was a bit too dry.Overall the cooked food and drinks were great, but the cakes were a bit too expensive and too dry. continue reading
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Dapper Coffee with Sugar for you? Nope not the condiment, but the app!I probably would never have found Dapper without Sugar because it is set in the downtown hipster wonderland that I've just discovered (loving this better than Duxton now), the Amoy Street/ Ann Siang Hill/ Boon Tat Street area. It's also home to an impressive row of cafes, bars and restaurants like FYR, My Awesome Cafe, and more. But today, I'll be introducing to you Dapper, a true hidden find on the second floor. Most people might pass by it without batting an eyelid despite the signs outside - it's that elusive.Dapper Coffee collaborated with Sugar to create a series of Premium deals - one of which is the lunch set which is a pesto vegetarian pasta with iced tea. The idea of trying out somewhere new and a hipster café that I haven't heard of made me tap into this.Just realized I got to earn Usage Rewards too for opening the app! Cool beans.Upon entering, the lady at front of house welcomed me and cheerfully told me "free seating". I shuffled into a seat near the window because sunlight is enough reason. They have a pretty cool menu, even with a 'secret menu' page - heh guess it isn't thaat secretive if it's already on the menu right. I was there for a purpose and so I used my Sugar premium voucher ($14) when ordering.They seemed experienced enough and transaction went on smoothly. Within 5 minutes, my iced fruit fusion tea came and it is so delicately pretty, I was sold instantly. A deep shade of fuschia and floral fragments dusted atop? Yes this is the sort of thing I love! The iced tea is rather light, very refreshing but I do wished it tasted stronger. A case of looks prettier than it tastes but I guess I still like it considering its presentation.Then came the vegetarian nori cashew pesto pasta with a runny egg on top. The pasta is al dente, though done with extremely generous sprinkles of black pepper and herbs. They definitely can go easy on the black pepper. The egg helped to ease the black pepper, and overall it was quite delicious.All in all, Dapper Coffee is quite a cool place to hang out - office-goers huddle in groups for engaging conversations over lunch and girlfriends having a laugh.. It felt like you can truly let your hair down at this cafe which disconnect with the rest of the world.For more reviews and fun reads: www.amiehu.com continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)