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By the people behind the highly successful D'Bell in Mumbai, D'Bell is a Indian-inspired dining and drinking restaurant/ bar located at the heart of Singapore's CBD area. continue reading
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Chicken Mulligatawny Masala Aloo Tikki Tandoori Kebabs
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Level4 2014-08-10
First established in November 2013, in Mumbai, the D'Bell Cafe & Lounge quickly garned rave reviews, packing in the crowds. The owners behind D'Bell have since expanded their operations to Singapore, with their first D'Bell outlet in 43 North Canal Road. Styled as a modern Indian fine dining restaurant, lounge, and party area, D'Bell looks set to establish its claim on the modern Indian dining niche.D'Bell isn't your typical Indian restaurant, and the ambience reflects that. Elegantly designed, with blended elements of East India and East Asia, the interior features plush velvet banquettes, elegant wrought iron vintage chandeliers, gold rimmed mirrors, and modern furniture befitting a classy, sophisticated Western fine dining restaurant. Their Indian roots are evident in the ethnic pillow designs, soft, plush and colourful, contrasting well with the dark toned lounge chairs. However, I didn't quite like the overall dim lighting, though staff say the level of brightness is adjustable.While the 1st level of D'Bell is laid out in a stylish fine dining restaurant style, the 2nd level doubles as a classy, chic, sophisticated lounge and private function area, with a private bar, and a private VIP party room that is soundproof. Projector screens display sporting events, while the awesome sound system makes the place seem like a club, playing anything from the latest Bollywood club hits, to classy International music. The luxe surroundings here are very inviting!The service at D'Bell is impeccable. As befitting its fine dining status, staff are friendly and polite, offering greetings upon entry, and are able to hold conversations with you. They seem well versed and knowledgable on the history of D'Bell, as well as its menu, being able to describe the roots / inspirations behind each dish. Efficiency is great, offering more drinks proactively, topping up water discreetly, and clearing empty plates relatively quickly. Also noticed that during events, staff will go up to guests with empty hands to offer drinks and canapes. Excellent service, professional and courteous!D'Bell specialises in Modern Indian cuisine, made using authentic Indian recipes, but plated in contemporary Western style. While the taste of each dish remains traditional, D'Bell refrains from using butter or ghee in their cooking, choosing to prepare dishes using olive oil instead. This makes D'Bell food healthier than other Indian restaurants, and you can barely taste the difference! The extensive menu is an eclectic mix of North Indian and Western (American, Italian) cuisine, with options for off-menu items that Executive Chef Satish Madaan might whip up.D'Bell encourages communal dining, so regular sized portions are sufficient for 2 - 4 people to share. I noted that most of the dishes tasted authentic, even without the use of butter or ghee, and were very flavourful. Some had been purposely toned down to suit the Western / Singaporean palate, but staff assure me that you can still request for these to be prepared the classic, traditional way it's served in India. Prices at D'Bell are very reasonable for a fine dining restaurant, budget about SGD $40 - $60 per person. I daresay this is considered a low price range for a fine dining restaurant that provides this high quality of food and service.The Western style Lobster Bisque (SGD $12) is excellent! Rich and deep with the flavour of the ocean / crustaceans, the texture is thick but not gloopy, and the taste isn't overpowering. Warm, hearty, and satisfying, I could drink bowls of this! The crisp garlic bread that accompanied was great for dipping, though the texture is softer than typical toasted garlic bread.The Tawa Wali Fish (SGD $22) was excellent! Firm, meaty butter fish cubes are glazed in coconut milk and curry leaves, then grilled to perfection. The moist, flavourful fish was among the outstanding dishes I tried here!An above average rendition, the Tandoori Chicken Tikka (SGD $16) features boneless chicken leg cubes, marinated in a mix of Indian spices and yoghurt, then cooked in a tandoor. Unlike other Indian restaurant versions, this isn't dry at all, being somewhat moist in the middle, an example of the skill of the chef.The Amritsari Dal (SGD $12) features a mix of split Bengal gram beans and whole black gram beans, simmered overnight on a charcoal flame. While more grainy in texture than other versions elsewhere, the flavour is intense and full, thick and savoury with some chew. I like that it's not too salty, which is a common mistake. Pairs well with Indian bread or rice!The signature Chilli Cheese Naan (SGD $8) is a unique item, combining the best of cheesy pizza-like dough, with heat from Indian spices. Stuffed with cheddar cheese, onion, bell peppers / capsicum, and studded with fresh coriander leaves, the result is a filling and satisfying staple, that pairs well with any curry, and can also be eaten on its own!Among the best dishes we tried, the Kadhai Vegetable (SGD $12) features a medly of fresh vegetables, including cauliflower, bell peppers / capsicum, tomatoes, onions, cooked in a mild curry of Indian spices, garnished with coriander and cashew nuts. The result is a savoury dish, rich in fragrant spices (not spicy). The curry paste coating the vegetables is complex in flavour but light on the palate, instead of heavy or cloying. Although it's cooked in a Kadai / Kadhai metal pan, the plating and presentation is Western style. Excellent!The rather healthy Pudina Paratha (SGD $7) is made with whole wheat, cooked in a tandoor oven without any butter or ghee, and dusted lightly with mint. This light Indian flat bread is perfect for light eaters, healthy eaters, and everyone in between!The Gulab Jamun (SGD $7.50) feature reduced milk balls, served in a fragrant rose syrup. I thought the texture of this dessert was more firm than it should be, and not as easy to eat. But I loved the rose flavoured syrup, as well as the addition of chopped pistachio nuts. But overall, not that great a dessert, I've had better elsewhere.Ras Malai (SGD $8.50) is an East Indian dessert, consisting of a cream coloured ball of paneer cheese, served in a sweet clotted cream and cardamom flavoured syrup. I love that the version here retains its chewy texture, without being crumbly, and is much lighter and not as sweet as other versions elsewhere. Very good!Overall, D'Bell makes a strong case for healthy, yet authentic, classic Indian food, that still tastes great. Prices are reasonable for the thought and effort put into each dish. I definitely plan to return to D'Bell, if only to relax in their luxurious lounge, feast on the fantastic Indian and Western bar food, and soak in great music!Full D'Bell review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2014/08/dbell-tasting-session.html continue reading
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