An immersive cafe-retail experience of DC Comics. Halal-certified, American-diner styled cafe with vegetarian options. Hearty portions of burgers, pastas, shakes, cakes and ice-cream themed to Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash and other Justice League heroes and villains! The retail store stocks apparel, accessories, gifts and collectibles - to unleash the superhero within you. continue reading
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Level4 2017-07-12
The place looked great with lots of cartoon character figures around. I was shown to a chosen table which I later found that the chair had oily stains on.Quite a lot of choices on the menu. Prices were more on the high sides. Wonder Woman's Box Office Power Drink ($10.90++)An ice-blended beverage created with all-time favourite salted caramel popcorn flavourThe drink was quite sweet and lacking of the popcorn taste which one was expecting. Instead it tasted more like oreo cookie. Maybe it should have a change of description.Paradise Island Mac & Cheese  (S$18.90++)Conchiglie rigate baked in special 5 cheese  sauce and mentaiko sauce, flavoured with white button mushrooms , turkey  bacon and garlicMy first choice was pancake but I was informed it was not available more than 10 minutes after I had placed my order. The pasta was well cooked and flavourful, although one could not taste the 5 distinct taste of cheese nor the pollack roe which was commonly found in mentaiko sauce. The dish itself was a tab dry. Didn't really found any garlic, but there was shrimps in it. Needed another change of description here. continue reading
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For the complete review, click here:http://www.chubbybotakkoala.com/2015/12/dc-comics-super-heroes-cafe.html DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe (“DCSH”) at Marina Bay Sands is one of the cafe that are licensed by Warner Bros. Unlike any normal cafe, this place is like a mini museum for DC Comics. Once you enter the cafe, every details of the cafe is basically screams DC comics characters. You have Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and The Flash leading the charge. The decorations, the menu, the food even the utensils, have DC Comic characters or their logo on it. So if you are a fan of DC Comics characters, this place definitely a must visit for you. During this Christmas period, DCSH offered a festive 3-Course Menu + Gifts @$88++ per person. For starters, you can choose between Arkham City's X'Mad Minestrone Soup or Star of Wonder (Woman) Salad. The soup is very subtle, slightly tangy from the tomatoes and you can clearly taste each ingredients such as celery, cabbage, carrot and potato. In line with the theme of the cafe, the sliced potatoes and carrots comes with the shape of Batman Logo. The parmesan cheese crackers, springs a slight surprise in the soup flavours. The salad serving looks generous. Instead of typical mini cube croutons, the salad came with toasted bread in the shape of star. You can find pomegranate arils, raisins, sliced almond and dried cranberries accompanied the mesclun salad. The combination of balsamic vinegar and red wine vinegar, gave the dressing the sweetness needed to lift up the salad. Little Devil and I personally feel that the salad is the crowd pleaser, especially with so much high antioxidant ingredients in it. For Mains, you can choose between Batman's Dark Knight Burger, Deluxe Edition or Aquaman “The Sea King of Atlantis” Lobster Tail. The half lobster is pretty huge in size, it is springy, tasty and goes well with the lobster bisque sauce. The vegetables are done just right, boiled then coated with lemon butter. A good choice for a seafood lover. Our pick are the deluxe edition of the burger. Served on black charcoal bun, mustard mayo with Wagyu Beef Patties, Foie Gras, Avocado and Chilli Jam. Ok, I am officially drooling again when I writing this review. The patties is thick and juicy, while the foie gras and avocado just melts in your mouth. Yum Yum Burgergasm!! The fries on the side was double fried, so it is crisp on the outside and moist inside for a longer period of time. Warning, the size of serving is pretty huge, so it will be enough to share with your loved ones. There is only one choice of dessert, which is Superman Winter Solstice-Tude. Mixed berries tartlet with icing sugar. You can find the combination of strawberries and blackberries on the tart and sliced kiwi fruit on the side. Though it looks aesthetically pleasing, it does not deliver in terms of taste. For each person ordering the Festive Season Special, you will each received Trexi Batman or Superman (Value at $29.90 each) and a Hero Cape of Batman or Superman (Value at $29.90 each). If you count this in, it is truly worth to visit DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe during this period. During our visit here, we also sampled their Flaming Firestorm's Wings ($10.90 for 6 pcs/ $18.90 for 12 pcs). A unique version of chicken wings, where it combines the prawn paste marinate with bbq sauce. It is crispy, juicy and succulent and well seasoned. Meanwhile the bbq sauce is not spicy at all and is suitable for all ages. When you order drinks here, such as their Strawberry Supergirl ($9.90) it come with a Super cup, which has a cape on its own. Pretty Cool right. We also tried some of their other desserts such as their Rainbow Chocolate cake ($9.90 per slice) and Lemon Meringue Pie ($7.90). Let just say that the Superheroes were to busy fighting crime, they did not pay attention to the desserts. Unless you really in a need to get your fix of cakes, we suggest you give it a pass.  Overall, dining at DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe will provide you with a sense of dining with your DC Comic Superheroes. The entrée, small bites and main menu are good and delivery on flavours. The drinks are creative and we totally loved the presentation. So DC Comics fans or those who want to get to know DC Comics Characters, give this place a try. Cheers and Merry Christmas. Thank you very much to DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe and H3(Cube) for the tasting invitation. continue reading
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DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe has been opened for about a month at Marina Bay Sands on the ground floor, closer to the Arts and Science Museum.The shop area itself is like a DC Comics museum itself, with a replica of the batmobile and statues of your iconic DC heroes. I even met the owner who was super friendly and even doubled up as a bus boy! He was so humble! He knew that there were tables that needed to be cleared and all the staff were busy as it was approaching dinner time, and he stepped right up and cleared our table. He even offered us water after we were done with our food.There's 3 sections of it, on the left is the full fledge serviced restaurant that serves lunch and dinner. In the center is the "kiosk" that serves cupcakes, cakes, drinks, ice crea and waffles. On the right is the actual DC store which you can get your merchandise.Check out the assorted super hero cupcakes. The flavours available are 1. Double Chocolate2. Red Velvet3. Banana Walnut4. Blueberry5. Chocolate ChipsBanana Walnut Cupcake $8.90I doubled checked the prices as I couldn't believe that this cupcake was priced at $8.90. But then again it does have a cool batman emblem on it. It is still rather experience for just a cupcake. The rainbow cakes were $13.90 thought I was tempted to get one!The fondant itself wasn't too sweet and it was good tinge of sweetness as the cupcake itself wasn't very sweet either. I did manage to get a crunch of walnut in a bite, but don't expect too much from these pretty cupcakes.Checking out the drinks menu they start from $7.90 and up.Mr Freeze's White Chococino $7.90A pretty cool cup and a nice design on the foam but the ice blender didn't do a good job and the ice bits were alot larger than any ice blended drink I've had. It would've been better if those large chunks of ice was chocolate chips instead. So I would be biting into something sweet and not ice. Other than that, it was a decent drink, that was instagram-worthy.Sinestro's War and Peach Iced Tea (sunmoon) $7.90The peach tea tasted better than the white chococino, but I would say at this kind of price, it really doesn't do it any justice. It is a huge cup though Here is their full menu for other food offerings at the restaurant on the far left.All in all, I would go again just for the experience and because I'm a comic book nerd. But just go and enjoy and don't think too much about the food quality and prices! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)