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Level3 2014-10-19
More and more cafes opening in Singapore recently and there's one that stands out, literally. De'Pop Culture is a new cafe at the Bugis area, specializing in desserts. The owner, Adeline, loves home baking and wants to share her love of food with everyone, hence, opened this cafe called De'Pop Culture, with De representing desserts and pop culture referring to the pop art theme of the cafe. She hopes the bright colours will instantly brighten up one's mood when they step into the cafe.We were served an array of items, from sides to breakfast items to main courses, and finally ending off the meal with some desserts!Italian sodas ($4.90 each)Bacon Surprise ($10.90)The Bacon Surprise came in 3 bacon cups, topped with mushrooms, scrambled eggs and a sunny side up. Personally find that there was nothing special about this; bacon were not crispy, sunny side up was not runny, scrambled eggs were so mashed it felt more like egg mayo.Truffle Fries ($7.90)The truffle fries which was served next was not bad. Hot and crispy with a hint of truffle taste and topped with some cheese shavings. Wished the truffle taste was stronger though.De'Pop Breakfast Platter for 2 ($28.90) The breakfast platter came in a hugeeeee lazy susan. Consisting of scrambled eggs, bacons, mushrooms, baked beans, salad, sausages and hashbrown, it will definitely fill you to the brim. I love the crispy hashbrown and sausages. Salad was also light and refreshing. The scrambled eggs and mushrooms were the same as those on Bacon Surprise which I thought was pretty mediocre.Crab and the Dog ($15.90)Next comes the Crab and the Dog - hot dog bun served with chilli crab sauce. A smart incorporation of Singaporean flavours into traditional western items. The chilli crab sauce was spicy and damn shiok! I didn't quite like the choice of bun they used and would have much preferred a fluffier and softer bun. Nonetheless, one of the better dish I tried that night!Black Pepper Crab Spaghetti ($14.90)Here comes my favourite dish! The Black Pepper Crab Spaghetti consists of Spaghetti in black pepper sauce, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and topped with real crab meat. I could totally have the whole plate on my own. The black pepper sauce was super strong and spicy, coating every strand of the spaghetti. There was still an after tingling taste!As De'Pop Culture prides itself in its dessert offerings, I was excited to try out the desserts even though I was filled to the brim after trying so many dishes.French Toast feat. Banana-tella ($11.90) and Waffles Caramel ($11.50)Was told that one of the more popular items is the Banana French Toast with nutella. Honestly, I was disappointed when I had it as I had set my expectations high for it. The french toast felt like it was made using some ordinary Gardenia bread and was not fluffy enough. Was also hoping that the bananas were more heavily caramelized but they were not.The waffles were crispy on the outside but too dense inside that it felt slightly uncooked. Love the idea of serving waffles with granola though, it gives the dessert an extra bite. My fellow dining companions were raving about the ice cream but I felt it was not creamy enough. I prefer my ice cream to be thick and creamy but this was more on the watery side.Apple Crumble Pie with ice cream ($7.90)Panna Cotta ($6.90)Would definitely recommend you to try their Apple Crumble and Panna Cotta if you are heading there though. My favourite was the Panna Cotta which was smooth and creamy. I'm usually not a fan of apple crumble but this was good; crumbly on top but moist and soft inside.Overall, the food here is not bad though there was nothing really outstanding. I would say it's still worth a try if you are around the area. Adeline runs the cafe on her own together with a friend, juggling both inside and outside. So do give her some support as I can see how much effort she puts into her cafe and her passion to serve good food and desserts to everyone!For more food reviews, please visit shirlynnyang.blogspot.com continue reading
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Level4 2014-10-13
De'Pop Culture is a colourful theme pop art cafe located along North Bridge Road. The 2 months old cafe with 30 Seaters is run by a couple who has great passion for desserts. In case you are wondering, the name De' Pop Culture was created with "De" referring to desserts while Pop culture is referring to their pop art theme cafe.The colorful themes with its pop decorations were fanciful and engaging, even their air conditioners were painted in pop pink colors.With interesting graphics and vibrant colors, the place is very enjoyable, allowing a change in mood. Besides the usual table and chairs on the limited shop space, there is one cozy corner with sofa and bean bag. It makes us feel so at home, relaxing with the provided magazines and comic graphics on the wall.Halloween is around the corner? This looks abit spooky though as if someone is looking at us in the corner. Its actually the stereo which keeps the environment alive and comfy. A walk down into the cafe and there's the place where their desserts were well refridgerated in the display fridge. I cant help it and I have already make rooms for them after my meals. Yum Yum!Have something to perk you up for the week, do try out their Italian Soda. It comes in four fruity flavours, Red Raspberry, Kiwi, Blue Raspberry and Passionfruit (Left to Right).They are absolutely refreshing coolers for the night.Truffle oil infused thick cut fries were served. These straight forward and generous portions is a reminiscent of comfort food, a good start, lending a bench mark on the up coming dishes. Bacon Surprise featuring miniatures of toasted brioche bread with bacon wrapped. It came in 3 with creamy scrambled egg, sauteed mushroom and sunny side up egg. The presentation was further enhanced by the salad with Japanese roasted sesame sauce.Out of the 3, I like the scrambled egg the most as it gave a smooth creamy texture whereas the sauteed mushroom's texture was quite firm and not to my liking. As for the sunny side up egg, I find that it was a reminiscent of microwaved egg which was not really my style too. Breakfast Platter for 2 was a large portion served on a lazy susan. It comes with toasted brioche, sauteed mushrooms, streak bacon, scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, baked beans, bratwrust sausage and salad. The portion can significantly be divided by 2 and its a great choice if you want to fill up the stomachs.A quirky name "Crab and the Dog" featuring local's favourite spicy Chilli Crab sauce on the Italian pork sausage with sides like fries and salad. The piquant chilli sauce had hit me on the right spot and with the toasted sausage buns, its as good as enjoying dipping the fried buns into the sauce after a chilli crab meal. I would recommend this dish to anyone who can take spice. Black pepper crab spaghetti is served with mushroom, crab meat and the chef's inhouse special black pepper sauce. The dish was too salty to our liking and the peppery taste was overpowering, covering up the natural sweetness of the crab meat. Thick buttermilk waffle was topped with a scoop of ice cream and a dallop of whipped cream. Sweetness of the waffle was moderate with fluffy texture and crispiness on the outside. The dessert was further complimented with the crunchy granola bites. Best of all, the creamy salted caramel ice cream was already outstanding and addictive by itself. I would rate this as the best dessert I had among the others. Thick Toast with caramelized bananas and caramel drizzles, served with a dash of hazelnut chocolate. The crumbles was great, crunchy but a tad sweet, topped with an ice cream. As we sink out spoon to the bottom and discovered the chunks of caramelized apples, we realized that it takes a while before we can reach the apples and this showed how thick the crumbles are. Panna Cotta was coated with a layer of Raspberry sauce with red wine, lending a sweet and sour aftertaste. Though the panna cotta was wobbly with a soft texture, the liquid content was somehow overdone. Perhaps it could have score better given a firmer texture.All in all, I find that De'Pop Culture is another alternative added to my list of Cafe that provides All Day Breakfast at a value for money range. On top of that there is no GST and Service charge required.For more reviews, visit http://www.umakemehungry.com/2014/10/depop-culture.html continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2014-10-10
First impression counts - with bold colours, and a medley of pop art accents in interior design, De'Pop Culture consistently scores brownie points when it comes to building their own cafe's distinctive personality. It is a deviation from the usual hipster vibes. But it's definitely easy to remember this Andy Warhol themed cafe. In case you are wondering: the "De" in their cafe's name refers to desserts. Find out more about what the cafe's decor, range of mains, desserts and drinks:Cafe decorThat's Adeline, the founder of De'Pop Culture Cafe! She's a very dedicated and down-to-earth boss who takes care of all the minute details of the cafe including interior design, food and the daily operations!The first thing that I noticed was that De'Pop Culture Cafe is very in tune with their Halloween decorations! Their super cute set of stereo speakers plays very comfortable, soft pop songs in the background for awesome ambience.These pop art inspired wall decorations featuring characters from the different movies! How many can you spot? Spiderman, Despicable Me, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Thor, Star Wars... what else?I cannot resist a selfie against their cute ceiling in the cafe... toilet! Adeline puts in a lot of effort in painting it by hand. I am impressed by her effort. Please visit the toilet when you are there to see their beautiful creation!There's a surprise at every turn. The cozy factor continues to increase with little wall decals at every corner possible - my favourite is the sleeping cat above the electrical socket!There are also classic vinyl discs plastered on the walls for a touch of vintage.I guess there must be the classic Andy Warhol pop art styled portrait of someone somewhere, and they've chosen Albert Einstein... a quirky personality for an equally chic cafe.Feeling thirsty..?An assortment of Italian Sodas ($4.90) is their house favourites, with four flavours: Kiwi, Passionfruit, Red Raspberry and Blue Raspberry. It's a refreshing change from the usual suspects on drink menus such as ice lemon tea, root beer float, Coke or Sprite - which De'Pop Culture also offers.Onto the starters!Bacon Surprise ($10.90) would be perfect for the undecided... not sure whether to get sunny side ups or scrambled eggs? Why not both! With bacon, mushrooms and the salad on the side, you can be sure to have a bit of everything.Lo and behold, one of my favourite dishes. And... their truffle fries ($7.90) performs! I love how thick-cut their fries are, very fluffy on the insides, slightly salted, and the truffle flavours hit all the right notes. Wonderfully done and perfect for sharing - definitely recommended!De'Pop mainsTheir De'Pop Breakfast Platter for 2 ($28.90) felt like an upsize version of the Bacon Surprise, presented on a lazy susan if you ever need to turn this huge serving. To feed your voracious morning appetites, nothing less than this breakfast platter can satisfy. While the toasted brioche was a little soggy and the streaky bacon a little dry, the bratswurst sausage was outstanding. The rest of it was pretty average.The adorably-named Crab and the Dog ($15.90) won lots of compliments all around the table. There is more than it meets the eye - this unassuming dish actually has a local spin to it with spicy chilli crab sauce drizzled across the Italian pork sausage. I would rate the 'spiciness kick' a 11/10 - I only took a little pinch of the sauce and it was so-fiery-hot! The rest of them were indulging in it happily though. I guess if you are crazy over chilli crab, you should definitely not miss this.Here comes my most memorable dish of the night: the Black Pepper Crab Spaghetti ($14.90)! I love how they incorporate a lot of Singaporean flavours into their dishes! I only know of one other cafe who also does this, and I really enjoy dishes like this because... Egg Benedicts and waffles everyday can get damn boring too. The spaghetti is a little overcooked, which caused the noodles to lose its al dente quality. The saltiness level was also on the high side. What I liked about this was the piquant black pepper and yummy crab meat strands on top! For this price, you probably can't get such a special pasta dish anywhere else. There are quite a bit of adjustments to the recipe to do for this dish, but pretty sure it will be stellar when it's done well.Their specialty: De-sserts!Their Caramel Waffles ($11.50) are accompanied with a scoop of salted caramel ice-cream which we couldn't figure the provenance of... we are so determined to know, but it's a trade secret so looks like a salted caramel ice-cream tasting session is in order, yes? ;) I'm guessing it can't be from Udders because the salted caramel ice-cream is pretty faint on the taste spectrum, but nevertheless, the texture is super rich and luxurious. All the hype over the ice-cream has taken away attention from the waffle itself which was pretty decent, with granola (possibly Post?!) and caramel sauce. Not too photogenic, but well, it's not going to be resting on the plate for too long anyway.French Toast feat. Banana-tella ($11.90) is another caramel-centric dessert, but this time with bananas and Nutella. You can't really go wrong with that, though I wish the toast can be crispier (or did we take too long with the food photography...). The dessert I was looking forward to was the Panna Cotta ($6.90), which came dressed in gorgeous red raspberry sauce and blueberry toppings. The custard mixture was leaning towards more cream and milk, needs a little bit more gelatin to let it set firmer. I still loved this though, I can't resist these milky and sweet desserts!The Apple Crumble Pie with Salted Caramel Ice-Cream ($7.90) was delightful as well, coming a close second to the Panna Cotta. At this point I really wished for a second stomach so I can continue eating this! I liked a swirl of hot and cold elements within one dessert, and also how there were very generous amounts of caramelized apples at the bottom.Read original review: http://www.amiehu.com/2014/10/openrice-x-depop-culture-cafe.html continue reading
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Level2 2014-10-09
Food Tasting at De'Pop Culture Cafe!How did the name "De'Pop Culture" come about? Instead of the commonly perceived "The Pop Culture", De'Pop Culture actually stands for desserts and pop-culture. The cafe is owned by a young couple, Adeline and her partner. Founded in August 2014, it's a relatively new cafe located along North Bridge road.We ordered their Signature Drink- Italian Sodas ($4.90 each)From left to right: Red Raspberry Italian Soda, Kiwi Italian Soda, Blue Raspberry Italian Soda, Passionfruit Italian Soda.First up, the Bacon Surprise ($10.90). Bacon wraps topped with scrambled eggs, Sunny-side up and mushroom. The sunny-side up had yolks that are still slightly runny, which I think is good. The mushroom had a very earthy taste to it, not quite to my liking. But mushroom lovers, you'll love this. Scrambled eggs was a clear winner, love the buttery and creamy taste of it. Bacon, on the other hand, was a tad too tough. I would have preferred chewy bacons for this dish.Truffle Fries ($7.90), covered in a generous amount of truffle, topped with parmesan cheese. Yes, you could taste the truffle in every single one of them, not even one is missed. And to get such quality truffle fries for just $7.90 in a cafe (with no service charge), it's seriously a steal.Next up, De'Pop Breakfast Platter for 2 ($28.90) served on a lazy susan. The portion is really huge. Single serving is available at $18.90 but I love how they came up with the double serving concept. You just saved yourself $8.90! The sausages were juicy and tater tots were pretty much addictive. Bacons were still slightly tougher for my preference but I love the scrambled eggs all the same. Basically this platter of goodness consists of the same ingredients that were used to make the Bacon Surprise.Crab and the Dog ($15.90), a fusion dish that incorporates Singapore signature dish- chilli crab. Do not underestimate the spiciness level of the sauce because it does give you some kicks and punches. However, it tasted more like sambal sauce to me and the tougher italian pork sausage used in the dish pales in comparison to the juicy bratwurst sausage in the breakfast platter.Black Pepper Crab Spaghetti ($14.90), spaghetti served with mushroom and crab meat. Portion served was generous, including the crab meat. I find the black pepper sauce salty, spicy and a little too overpowering to be able to taste the freshness of the crab. (Disclaimer: I would choose anything over black pepper for any dishes so I might be a little biased.) Most of the reviews that I read gave this dish a thumbs up, so try it if you're a black pepper lover!Waffles Caramel ($11.50), all of us loved the salted caramel ice cream! The premium ice cream used was smooth and granola bits added extra crunch to the otherwise soft and fluffy centre. Outer rims of the waffles were a little overcooked as it was crispy instead of soft but overall, recommended!French Toast feat. Banana-tella ($11.90). No doubt the toast were soft & anything chocolate and banana would go well together but I thought it tasted average. I find other desserts more deserving of my already-filled stomach space because they tasted even better!Panna Cotta ($6.90), my favourite dessert of the night! Creamy and smooth, I love this. I was told that the texture of it wasn't right but what's important is that it's nice! To be honest, I've never tried (and never thought of trying) Panna Cotta so I couldn't have known about the texture at all. If you're as noob as me and all you know is eat, order it. It won't disappoint! Most importantly, it doesn't get jelat just after a few spoonful.Another recommendation, their Apple Crumble Pie with ice cream ($7.90). Just the right level of sweetness, with a hint of cinammon taste and the crunch of the crumble made me crave for more!My favourite dishes of the night are Scrambled Eggs (I know it's not a dish), Panna Cotta, Apple Crumble Pie and Waffles Caramel. No doubt that it's a desserts cafe because the desserts are *thumbs up*(Due to the limit on the number of pictures, I'm only able to post pictures of the food. For more pictures on the interior decorations, hop over to playmatesorlovers.blogspot.sg !) continue reading
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Level4 2014-10-08
Tonight I am invited by OpenRice to a food tasting sessions at De'Pop Culture. The cafe is located at one end of a row of shophouses. The cafe is quite pop out from the rest with its rainbow coloured signage. Inside the cafe is decorated in bright yellow and red, with pop arts on the wallls. Music from a pair of cute little speakers filled the room.There is also cozy area with sofa, bean bag and magazines to relax with.Delicious and yummy looking desserts filled the display shelf.Through the staff's recommendation for drinks, we have Kiwi Italian Soda ($4.90), Passionfruit Italian Soda ($4.90), Red Raspberry Italian Soda ($4.90) and Blue Raspberry Italian Soda ($4.90). Very colourful looking drinks, but tastes simply like normal soda drinks.Truffle Fries ($7.90)Although there is barely any truffle oil smell, but one can taste its distinct taste with the soft and crispy fries.Bacon Surprise ($10.90)The bacons are shaped into cups, holding scrambled eggs, fried egg and sauteed mushroom. It is served with a side salad in Japanese style sesame dressing.De'Pop Breakfast Platter (for 2) ($28.90)Toasted brioche, grilled tomatoes, sauteed mushrooms, streaky bacon, scrambled eggs, hashbrown, baked beans and bratwurst sausage.The meal is served on a Lazy Susan, where one can rotate around to try around. It is actually big breakfast with everything in it. Huge serving, which is a good choice for sharing.Crab and the Dog ($15.90)Italian pork sausage served in a bun drizzled with spicy chilli crab sauce and sides of fries and salad.At first look, I have thought that it is a hotdog, topped with sambal sauce. Although the sauce is spicy, it is lacking of the egg flower characteristics which is usually found in chilli crab sauce.Black Pepper Crab Spaghetti ($14.90)Spaghetti served with mushroom, crab meat and chef's special black pepper sauce. Chunks of crab meat on top of the black coloured spaghetti, it tastes strongly peppery, although I would prefer it with a hint of sweetness.French Toast feat. Banana-tella ($11.90)Thick toast with caramelized bananas, drizzle of caramel and a dash of hazelnut chocolate.The thick toast is soft but I would prefer it to be crispy outside. Maybe have it deep fried in a egg batter, similar to the Cha  Chaang Teng's type. The slices of banana do not have well caramelized texture. Maybe it should not be called French Toast at all, since it is not soaked in egg batter and fried.Waffles Caramel ($11.50)Buttermilk waffle with granola, whipped cream, salted caramel ice cream and caramel.The waffle is served hot and crispy on the outside, while soft and fluffly inside. A very well made waffle. Topped with salted caramel ice cream, it is such a super combination that we wipe it clean in no time.Apple Crumble Pie with ice cream ($11.50)It is served hot, with soft chunky pieces of flavourful apple inside. Topped with the cold ice cream, it is a heavenly match.Panna Cotta ($6.90)A milky and creamy pudding, topped with blueberry and sauce. It tastes thick and rich, which could get a bit jelat after some mouthfuls.Overall it is yummy meal, especially for its dessert items. Our stomachs are near to bursting out. Thank you OpenRice for the invite. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)