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In Dolce Tokyo, you can enjoy the best of Japanese-Italian influenced cuisine and coffee in a hip and trendy setting. A variety of Japanese desserts of Mitsu Mame, Kakigori, homemade Green Tea-Sesame/Yuzu/Carrot Cakes, Italian influenced Panacotta, Gelato and many more, will surely satisfy any die-hard dessert enthusiasts. Their Japanese & Italian chefs have also created a simple yet exquisite menu of mains and sides to complete the dining experience. continue reading
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Located right in front of Challenger, BHG on the the third floor is Dolce Tokyo, it is quite a large unit and literally right above from Miam Miam, so I'm sure most of the patrons at Dolce Tokyo/Miam Miam might have to dilema of which restaurant to go to, as both serve similar items, except for the souffles which only Miam Miam serves.The tables are widely spaced and Dolce Tokyo can accomodate big groups, however if you do make a reservation, they expect the entire party to be present within 5 minutes of your reservation time. Quite a fussy restaurant policy, but nonetheless we still got our table for 8.Each table has a button which you can buzz for service. Each time we buzzed for service, the staff came instantly, which was great. Especially since we were a big group and we made our orders all at different times.Dolce Tokyo has a large menu that can cater to a variety of taste buds. From curry rice, pasta, to western food and matcha and azuki drinks.They also have a wide variety of parfait, dessert bentos and so on. They can cater to the youngsters who have a sweet tooth. However the prices are quite steep, but it is awesome to have a friend who is an MOF member which entitles you to 10% off.1. Salmon Ikura Pasta $16.80++Upon ordering a pasta, the staff will ask you what sauce would you like, there's tomato, cream, garlic etc. I asked the staff for her recommendations and she said try the tomato cream which I did. And I later regretted as the sauce was too salty and it made the pasta extremely gerlat. I barely finished half of the plate.The ikura however, looked and tasted fresh which was the highlight of the dish!2. Pork Katsu Curry Rice $19 ++The pork katsu was very crispy and delicious. I love the curry sauce here at Dolce Tokyo. I wouldn't say this is a MUST-TRY at Dolce Tokyo, but it was probably the best dish that I tried that day.3. Red Matcha Latte Deluxe $9.90++ For the price you are paying for this drink, you would expect something awesome but nope, it tasted very bland and there tiny cubes of jelly. Even the matcha latte at Pie Face at $4.50 tastes so much better than this. I would rather go to Gong Cha and order a green tea with azuki beans for 1/3 the price of this. This was very disappointing.4. Azuki Latte with Gelato $8.80++The matcha latte was disappointing and so was this. It tasted like water before the ice cream melted and disolved into the drink. But after the ice cream melted, there was a strange buttery after taste after every sip of the drink. I think it's because of the commerically made vanilla ice cream. The smoked salmon in this baked rice was super salty and the tomato sauce underneath the layer of cheese was also super salty. On the bright side, the service staff were attentive and friendly, they were the reason I had an enjoyable experience despite the salty food and tasteless and overpriced drinks. continue reading
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For pictures and full review, pls visit:http://madamechewy.com/2015/05/18/dolce-tokyo/Opened by Ministry of Food, Dolce Tokyo offers diners Japanese and Italian cuisine in a trendy setting. “Dolce” means “sweet” in Italian, but this cafe is more than a dessert place. A flip through the menu reveals riotous offerings of appetizers, all day breakfasts, burgers, pastas, pizzas, curry rice, desserts, milkshakes and so on.For something substantial, go for the Grilled Chicken Burger ($13) with mayo sauce. The tender chicken had a nice crisp char on the skin, but because it wasn’t well-marinated, the meat was rather bland. The burger was accompanied with baked beans, fries and chilli dip.I didn’t enjoy the Battered Fish Fillet ($17), which includes a choice of 2 side dishes (sweet corn, whipped potato, baked potato or thick-cut fries) and salad. Although the batter was well fried, the flesh had a strong fishy taste.Tossed in a spicy tomato sauce, each mouthful of the Chicken and Asparagus Pasta ($16) was a delightful blast of flavor. The chicken skin had a nice smoky char, but the meat was too tough and dry.The Aglio Olio with Soft Shell Crab ($17) fared better. While I felt it could do with more garlic, the pasta was pleasantly al dente, with onion slices present for additional flavor and crunch. The soft shell crab was well fried. The crustacean had quite a bit of flesh and the sweetness of the meat could be detected.I was sorely disappointed with the Red Velvet Cake ($12.50). At this exorbitant price, one would expect an exceptional Red Velvet slice. It was far from that-too dry and paltry portion of crème cheese. Avoid this at all costs!The Yuzu Panna Cotta ($7.90) on the other hand, was rather decent. The Panna Cotta itself was plain but creamy, with Mandarin Orange slices and Yuzu sauce lending flavour.I wouldn’t say the food is terrible, but neither is it particularly enticing for a return visit. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)