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Dome is on a quest for the finest Arabica coffee beans and roasting them to perfection. Dôme cafés are also equally famous for its superb, fresh and innovative food, magnificent cakes, pastries baked fresh on the premises, gourmet sandwiches and delicious full meal served throughout the day. continue reading
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Level4 2014-08-17
Among the earliest of the major coffee franchises in Singapore, Dôme Cafe has flown relatively under the radar, unlike its competitors which are now everywhere. Thus, Dôme Cafe still retains its chic executive feel, and with its premium fresh roasted Italian style coffee and revamped menu, stand apart as a coffee haven of choice.Ambience at Dôme Cafe is casual and comfortable, with faux Italian Renaissance decor that lends a touch of class. Colours of marble, green and wood, along with a high ceiling, and natural lighting, give a welcoming, relaxing vibe. However, I felt the arm rests on the chairs were a little short, and rather uncomfortable.Service at Dôme Cafe is friendly, and order as served quickly. Staff are relatively knowledgable on the menu and coffee, but I find it odd that Dôme Cafe doesn't accept some brands of debit cards. I like that they provide a selection of current magazines for browsing, and that staff can engage you in conversation.Food at Dôme Cafe is Western style, mostly Italian or American cuisine. With a focus on easy to prepare, beautifully plated dishes, Dôme Cafe food involves mostly salads, soups, sandwiches, pasta, and desserts. Portions are slightly large for one person, but prices are affordable for a cafe, an average main course costs less than SGD $20 per person. While creative in the use of ingredients, the taste and execution of dishes is sometimes lacking.The Club Sandwich (SGD $14) is large enough for 2 people, and is packed with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, sliced chicken, and an egg omelette, topped with mayonnaise between 3 layers of toasted white bread. Served with a salsa and potato chips, this is a satisfiying comfort meal, great as a snack or as a main course!The Grilled Porcini Mushroom Chicken (SGD $16.50) features 3 pieces of grilled boneless chicken thigh, on red skin potato and eggplant / aubergine ragout, with a porcini mushroom sauce. I like the meaty and moist chicken, and the earthy mushroom sauce and crisp, crunchy mushroom strips. But the ragout was too oily, and made the plate messy, causing the potatoes to become oil soaked as well. Full Dôme Cafe review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2014/08/dome-cafe.html continue reading
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This plate of noodles may look really simple and unattractive, but you will be surprise on how delicious this dish is after you have your first mouthful of it. THe noodles are very chewy and not too soggy and has been stir fried till very fragrant. The added slices of green and red capsicums has further made the dish even tastier and added that extra crunchiness to it too. The added seaweed was i thought abit unnecessary and does not blend in to the taste and term as well. continue reading
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Level4 2012-03-17
Was here with a fren for a small coffee catch up and was too full to eat becoz had eaten a kebab 2 hours before(watch out for the review) so just had finger food. Wedges were nice n crispy with a thin layer of potato skin (i love it like that!) and the sour cream dressing that came with it was yummy as well.. For coffee, I must say their coffee is not too bad. had the long machiatto.. and was quite surprised they had quite a good range of coffee.. After too many starbucks.. am starting to find that coffee quite watery and overpriced.. the machiatto here was strong n perfect to perk you up. Btw, they have a breakfast menu too and I think being beside the art museum, the dome branch here makes for a good place for sunday brunch! continue reading
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Level4 2012-03-06
The setting at Dome is Westernize.Dome offer magazines and newspapers for your pleasure reading while waiting to be served.Their menu is one of the less quantity but good quality - the range of food and beverages are limited but unique; not that similar to most of the restaurants or cafes. love the food at Dôme which was prepared healthily was but still remained delicious. Overall, my dining experience at Dôme was pleasant but I guess they will have to look into the level service from the staff as they were not attentive, warm and friendly enough. However, I will still visit Dôme as the food is good! continue reading
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Level4 2012-01-02
It was an early morning in town. Passed by DOM cafe at the Singapore Art Museum and decided to have breakfast there. The place and surroundings was very pleasant and welcoming to dine in. I ordered the sausage and egg breakfast set which cost about $8.90 and an iced cappuccino. Food was served fast enough for my hungry belly. In the breakfast set, there were about four pieces of sausages, scrambled eggs (you could choose sunny side too), toast with butter and jam and a huge roasted tomato. The toast was good, hearty and fragrant bread with lots of seeds in it which was toasted very evenly and well. I love the sausages, although there were so many, i did not feel sick finishing them all. They were just too delicious, not too salty. The iced cappuccino was served in a cool glass. It was not too thick or diluted, just appropriate. You add your own syrup so you can adjust the sweetness level of your coffee. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)