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The international fast food pizza delivery corporation, Domino’s Pizza, is a renowned and popular choice amongst people for relishing their favorite fast food, the Pizza. Today, this huge franchise has a profound global impact and has more than 8,900 corporate and franchise stores in more than 65 countries. continue reading
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The international American pizza franchise Domino's Pizza is the comeback kid of pizza franchises in Singapore. First established in Singapore in 1992 with 5 outlets, Domino's Pizza saw their business dip over the years, and eventually ceased operations in 2000. They returned in 2010, and have since expanded significantly, offering their famed 30-minute pizza delivery guarantee islandwide.Ambience when dining in at a Domino's Pizza outlet is passable at best. Furniture is fast food style, functional and sterile, lit by harsh flourescent lights, and not very comfortable. Seats are also limited. No surprise, as Domino's Pizza specialises in takeaway and delivery.Service at Domino's Pizza fluctuates widely. On good days, or non peak periods, they live up to their promise of 15 minutes for takeaway, and 30 minutes for delivery, including preparation and transportation. On bad days, or peak periods, the wait can stretch up to 1 hour or more. I've experienced both... the quickest delivery was 25 minutes, the longest delivery was over 2 hours!Food at Domino's Pizza is primarily their speciality pizzas. Specifically, the American style pizza crust, of which there are 2 versions. The New York Crust is known for its wide, floppy, yet tough shape, is traditionally hand-tossed, light on sauce, and eaten by folding. The Chicago Crust, also known as Deep Dish Crust, is known for its tall, thick, dense shape, is traditionally baked for a longer time, though the term may also refer to either a stuffed crust with cheese, or a crisp, thin crust.While I don't normally associate the word "Pizza" with Domino's Pizza immediately, I have to admit that the quality of their pizza ingredients is on par, or even better, than several of their competitors. Pricing is almost similar as well, with 2 regular size pizzas costing SGD $22, and 2 large size pizzas costing SGD $33. I like that Domino's Pizza has no GST or delivery fee, all prices quoted are nett prices. The Pizza Meatasaurus With Classic Hand Tossed Crust (SGD $35.80 Large) features a generous portion of beef pepperoni, minced beef, fresh button mushrooms, and a tangy, smoky barbecue / BBQ sauce, on a fresh, hand tossed crust that is oil-free and dusted with herbs.The Pizza Hawaiian Paradise With Crunchy Thin Crust (SGD $22.80 Regular) features 100% mozzarella cheese topped with succulent smoked chicken breast, chicken ham, juicy pineapples, and a fresh, lively Napolitana sauce, on a light, crisp, crunchy crust.The Pizza Parmagiana Chicken With New York Crust (SGD $24.80 Regular) features juicy cherry tomatoes, ripe olives, roasted chicken, parmesan cheese, mozzarella cheese, and a fresh, lively Napolitana sauce, on a light, crisp, crunchy crust.Full Domino's Pizza review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2014/09/dominos-pizza.html continue reading
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Level3 2014-09-16
Domino's Pizza has recently launched two electrifying deals, namely the 2 PIZZAS DEAL and DOUBLE DELIGHTS.With the 2 PIZZAS DEAL, you can order any 2 pizzas from the ‘All Time Favourite’ range at a price of $22 for 9” regular, $33 for 12” large and $44 for 15” xtra large (surcharge applies to the Classics and First Class series). Be spoilt for choice with 28 specialty pizzas to choose from, including the new delectable toppings such as Parmagiana Chicken, Smoky Meatilicious, Alfredo Prawn, Chilli Prawn, Smoky Pepperoni and Mushroom. What’s unique about Domino’s is that you can even customise your own pizza at an additional charge.Check out the new Top Secret Sauce!resenting to you the DOUBLE DELIGHTS where sides, desserts and beverages comes in pairs too! All sides are oven baked and not fried, yay to healthy eating! You could save up to 40% with add-on deals for a complete satisfaction, as compared to ordering them as a la carte.To find out more about the promotions, do check out http://nkikichua.blogspot.sg/2014/09/dominos-double-fun-double-taste-party.html continue reading
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I was invited to Domino’s to try out their latest Cheesy Crust pizza, which cheese lovers will be sure to love!Made from handstretch fresh dough, mozerella cheese is wrapped into its crust and later generously sprinkled with tasty Parmesan cheese, breadcrumbs and parsley. All of that gave the new crust a crunchy flavorsome bite!I personally fancy their thin crust pizza which is less filling and the crunchy bite is very shiok!The chocolate lava cake really ooze! The picture I had of it was so bad, you have to contend with this one A little too sweet for me, but I did see a lot of the ladies who had a preference for this. Oh well, who can say no to chocolate!This is my favourite one out of both, as it came with a caramel crusted top and moist batter soaked in caramel goodness! It also helps that it wasn’t overly sweet so you can enjoy quite a few mouthfuls of it without getting je continue reading
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Level2 2013-08-16
For this, my friend had a voucher as dominos sponsored NUS science bash, therefore we had a 50% off the regular pizza, making it $12.00 for a regular pizza.For the pizza we had the classified chicken flavour with the new york crust. I ENJOYED IT! the classified chicken flavour is my absolute favourite! Usually i have the pizza in its original crust, but in the new york crust it tasted even more awesome!The spicy chicken drumlet was a little too expensive ($7.90) and also the taste, too spicy and nothing special about it... continue reading
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