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Level4 2017-02-16
We were in the vicinity of Tanjong Pagar one weekend and decided to pop by Drury Lane (one of the numerous hipster cafes that have been sprouting up like mushrooms in the past few years). Getting a table took a while and it seemed filled with youngsters in their teens to mid twenties. The Place Seating is rather limited on the ground floor where the ordering counter and kitchen is. The second level offers more seats but comes across as cramp with tables small and packed rather tightly together. One major gripe I have is the lack of air-conditioning. We had a table at one of the corners and believe me, it was warm and a little stuffy. To be fair, fans were placed at certain locations but it only benefited those who were seated directly in front. Water is self service from one of the counters located near the stairwell. Half Sized Cheese Toasties To start we had the mozzarella and turkey bacon cheese toasties (half sized). Nicely grilled on the outside but sadly, the gooey cheese and turkey bacon didn't quite feature in the taste department. Nowhere close to Toastface Grillah's but decent for the price ($4). Monterey Chicken with Avocado and Sriracha Butter The chicken came across as nicely grilled but a touch too salty whilst the whole grain bread was just dry. I liked the gooey cheese but not much of a fan of Sriracha. Average overall. Creamy Salted Egg Yolk Eggs Benedict with Grilled Prawns This was a rather interesting - Runny egg yolk atop a lightly sweet but mildly dry mantou and drenched with a rather diluted salted egg yolk custard that could use a little more robustness/richness. Packed with three decent sized, crunchy and relatively sweet prawns to justify the comparatively expensive (as opposed to other items on the menu) $17 price tag. Pretty decent dish. Bill Drury Lane serves up relatively inexpensive food in general (prices are nett) but quality hovers around the average mark. In short, just another run off the mill (but reasonably priced) cafe. No idea about the coffee though!Final Verdict:Ambience: 6/10 (a little cramp and warm)Service:NAFood: 6/10Price: 7/10Overall: 6.33/10Address: 94 Tanjong Pagar RdContact: 06222 6698Opening Hours:MON - TUES / 8AM - 6PMWED - FRI / 8AM - 9PMSAT - SUN / 9AM - 6PMWebsite: www.drurylane.sg continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-04
I normally judge a cafe based on their poached eggs and drury lanes'' poached eggs are awesome.. I had the salmon with mushroom sandwich as well and the mushrooms were everywhere!! Couldn't see one empty spot of bread!   I loved their smoked salmon too.. Way fresher than what I had at November 8.. I am convinced that I need to head back to drury lane for some more smoked salmon with mushroom sandwich at only $8!! it is soo worth it!!   Their smores tart was also a good treat big enough to share and the best par. About drury lane .. It's air coned! Walking from tanjong pagar MRT isn't a far walk but on a saturday afternoon I was melting.. It is a 2 storey buildig/cafe... And because of that.. They leave jars of water on the second floor for you to serve yourself rather than climb up and down to get the water.. You also get a buzzer after ordering so you know when to climb downstairs to get the foodDon't forget to bring additional stomach space for desserts on top of their mains, things like bacon topped pancakes sounds like what I would order next, when I get back to drury lane Value for money nett priced food at tanjong pagar continue reading
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Level2 2014-12-02
Originally posted on: http://www.thegirlnextshore.com/2014/11/drury-lane-cafe-singapore-where-lunch.htmlMy friend Fran suggested lunch at Drury Lane on Tanjong Pagar Road in Chinatown, which I found quite serendipitous, as my office in London is very near a street called Drury Lane.The cafe is set on two floors; downstairs has a rather quick-eat feel for those on the go whilst upstairs is laid for those who have a bit more time for bigger meals.We opted for the daily specials. Fran chose the smoked salmon pasta with portabello mushrooms and aglio olio. It looked as picturesque as it sounded although I personally thought the serving was going to be a bit more generous. Nonetheless, I reckon she enjoyed it. I got a smoked portobello mushroom sandwich with avocado (SG$11) and asked for extra steak (SG$4). This was under the "pasta dishes" so I was surprised to get a sandwich. I was too happy with my date to whine, though. Yay to the power of nice people talaga!It's like a glorified cheesesteak except slightly healthier. I love the combination of avocado and mushroom but it left half of the bread soggy and the other half hard. The steak pieces, cooked medium well were actually quite tender and seasoned well. It's a decent sandwich, but I downed my last bite wishing I ordered the prawn pasta instead.Drury Lane looks like a decent cafe and I'd come back to try their coffee and cakes next time... but if I'm being honest, the highlight of this visit wasn't particularly the food, but my lunch date.  continue reading
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Level2 2014-09-13
It was a quick catch up with my old collegemate who came down to Singapore for a week of training. It has been years since after our graduation. So, it was great to catch up with him. He wanted to go to a small cafe and have a great brunch.I randomly googled and came to know this cafe, Drury Lane Cafe. It was a bit hard to find as I am not familiar with the place. Eventually, we found it and we ordered our brunch at the counter and moved to upper storey to sit down. While I googled for this cafe, I came to know a lot of people recommended this Smoked Salmon Sandwich and I wanted to give a try and give my review. Indeed, it was great as per described by other bloggers or patrons.Everything was perfect for me except that the toasted breads were a bit too hard for me. It was nicely done, tasted good and looked pretty healthy. And, do not look down at its portion, as it was very filling after that. I ordered the Hot Chocolate to warm my heart. It was nicely crafted. The environment of the cafe at upper level is quiet and enabled us to slowly talk through the day. Even when, there's more people coming, we did not feel crowded. continue reading
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Level4 2014-08-02
About a year ago, this cafe popped up along Tanjong Pagar with the cafe development on Duxton Hill. Drury Lane is one of the streets in London near Covent Garden (not that foreign to me anymore now that I've walked those streets), and also this cafe that I'm featuring in this review. Needless to say, this humble cafe with little flashy gimmicks to make it outstanding has been swamped under the torrential waves of coffee movements.Drury Lane is a two-storey establishment, and the first thing that sets this cafe apart is its practicality and comfortable setting: tables are large and spread out respectfully from each other. The team at Drury Lane is youthful, energetic and laidback, which makes the cafe experience more delightful and enjoyable.Eggs benedict for dinner, why not? All day breakfast, that's what it means. Drury Lane's version reflects its attitude towards the whole cafe business, no frills, just comfortingly straightforward. Generous dosage of hollandaise sauce, perfect poached eggs, bacon and fresh veggies. Not fancy, but enough. A possibly fantastic place to hang out at if you want to be assured of privacy, space and a laidback atmosphere - a rarity when it comes to cafes today. Plenty of other places just want your money and get you out a-s-a-p, but not Drury Lane. continue reading
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