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With recipes passed down from generation to generation, Dulukala Peranakan restaurant is a family run restaurant that provides its customers with the most authentic, home cooked Peranakan cuisines, just like it was in the past. continue reading
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Signature Dishes
Curry Fish Head Nasi Curry Nasi Goreng
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Level3 2016-03-02
See my full reviews & photos at = http://chefquak.com/2016/03/02/so-so-perankan-food-dulukala-peranakan-restaurant-beauty-world-centre-on-29feb2016/had another expiring groupon to use, and went with sis & bil to dulukala peranakan restaurant at beauty word centre on 29.1.2016. ^^we had 5 peranakan dishesi had a S$80 groupon voucher. we ordered 5 dishes including the S$25.90 assam fish head. it came to S$83.70 including service no GST, so effectively about S$51.50 (S$47.80 for S$80 voucher). :-)restaurant was simply furnished, just some display & framed sketches.they had a classic nonya silver belt. this one has 4 tingkat layers on interlocking rings.assam fish head was ok. fish was fresh, quite meaty. assam was ok, we still finished all the gravy, but it was not like specially tasty, just average, so-so really.overall the dish fell far short in terms of shiokness c/w the thai style fish head at forture, the zi char at old holland road.the sotong hitam was quite poor. it was artificially sweet – sugar…a small serving for S$13.90. my first impression was we got a small serving because of groupon discount?? but i didn’t think so as except for this & the small serving of chap chai, the other dishes seemed ok.i would say this was quite poor dish. the very nice unique squid ink flavour was absent.the ayam buah keluak did not resemble anything like the restuarant photo (which looked wonderful!)chicken itself was very so-so, dry, but the serving was substantial & the gravy was quite excellent, didn’t feel so at first taste but it gets into you. like the dish overall though it is easy to have the chicken a lot more tender.the chap chai also did not resemble the restaurant menu photo.a very small serving. taste was pretty good with the tau jeon.the lady fingers with ikan bilis was tasty. i must try cooking some dishes with ikan bilis.the simple ikan bilis bee hoon (very ex at S$4) we had recently at ayer rajah food centre also very tasty.overall with the groupon discounts, S$51.50 for 5 dishes including fish head was quite good price.still it didn’t give me the same satisfaction of a good S$10 curry rice for 2pax like that at hoower food court in haig road; or agood nasi padang like that at sinar pagi nasi padang at geylang serai food centre.on balance, ok to try but for myself don’t think i would want to take this again. continue reading
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Level4 2014-08-18
http://www.umakemehungry.com/2014/04/dulu-kala.htmlDulu Kala, The Peranakan House is located at the 4th Level of Beauty World Centre is a family business that aims to serve authentic and home made Peranakan fare at an affordable price. Located humbly at a corner of the old school shopping building, it is rather surprisingly to see how "hot" they are over the weekends dinner crowd.Interior designed was simple and atomosphere was filled with Pernakan culture with the Batik table cloth and the restaurant was adorn with Peranakan bowls and plates on its wall shelves, also carved wooden ornaments were hung up at the walls.A table size glass was placed on top of the Batik table cloth on every table, leaving 4 sharp edges at the sides of the table. However, Dulu Kala was thoughtful enough to install rubbers on the edges to prevent diners from knocking into it.I must admit that it took almost an hour before the first dish came onto my table. I wasn't patient initially but I told myself, good things come to those who wait.Nonya Chap Chye was really a welcoming dish of the entire meal. It was a normal plate of braised chap chye added with a twist - the nonya style.Those cabbages were braised and soften added with black fungus and mushroom, lending a special taste in the palette.Ayam Buah Keluak was good, especially its gravy which make the fragrant white rice turns interesting. Meat was cooked to softness and flavourful in the tamarind sauce. For those who enjoy Buah Keluak (an indonesian nut), remember to dig your spoons into the nutty shell.Babi Pongteh (Pork in Bean paste sauce) is another dish in the cuisine that we have to order. Meat was not too hard with potatoes added in the sweet spicy sauce.The Assam Fish Head was not too bad, it was slightly towards the sweet side than soury. Nevertheless, the fish was fresh and tender added with brinja, tomatoes and lady fingers. The assam gravy gave another good reason to order another bowl of white rice to pair.Giving off a sweet finish before we called it a day, we had ordered Bobo Chacha and its Chendol. Bobo chacha dessert was chilled with not too much of coconut milk. Instead it gave off a light fragrance of the coconut with the interesting colorful cubes of tapioca combinations as well as yam and sweet potatoes.Another Chilling dessert to end with was Chendol. Gula Melaka was thick but not too cloying. It was real addictive and a happy ending to the satisfying meal.Altogether with 4 bowls of steamed rice and with Service Charge, the total bill sums up to be $81.10 for 4 pax. Bearing in mind that preparations were tedious with long hours needed, Peranakan Cuisine generally costs dearer than others and over here in Dulu Kala, I find that pricing was reasonable. The overall dining experience will definitely be better if the long waiting time were shortened. continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-30
I wanted to have Peranakan food for my birthday and this place seemed to have consistently good reviews, hence I decided to head there for a meal with my family. It was a small restaurant situated at the top floor of Beauty World, seems to be family-owned. The whole place had a really homey and cozy feeling.The Nonya Chap Chye was okay, I would have preferred if the vegetables were cooked longer so that they'd be softer. I really love Sambal Petai so of course I had to order this when I saw it on their menu! The petai was cooked well, retaining the nice crunch of the bean. The sambal was also great and not too spicy. The Assam Fish Head tasted like tomyam, which was fine by me since I like tomyam. The fish was fresh and the vegetables like tomatoes, brinjal and lady's fingers were cooked till soft and had soaked up the lovely assam gravy.The Beef Rendang curry was really nice and fragrant and the beef was pretty tender. This was my favourite dish there. All the dishes (except chap chye which was non-spicy) were not too spicy which was great for me. Portions were on the smaller side and there's only one size for all the dishes. Will recommend this to anyone looking for good and affordable peranakan food! continue reading
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Level2 2013-06-05
Do you like Peranakan food(Nyonya cuisine)? It combines Chinese, Malay and other influences into a unique blend. Nyonya cooking is the result of blending Chinese ingredients with spices and cooking technique used by the Malay/ Indonesian community.Dulukala Peranakan restaurant is located at level 4, beauty world shopping centre. A very old building. I work at this building and always have no chance to come for a try. Compared to the few shops nearby, Dulukala is the one that remain there for the longest year. I heard good reputation of this place and it is always crowded during peak hours.Finally, I am free to come here for dinner. Looking at the attractive menu, I feel like ordering many dishes, but I'm alone, so worry that I may not be able to finish the food. So I choose only two dishes from the chef's recommendation page.1. The Ayam Buah Keluak ( the staple Peranakan dish) Made with chicken pieces combined with "Keluak" nuts (Indonesian nuts with a very tough shell which gave a unique taste), mixed with other spices and ingredients, the gravy taste superb. It is not spicy at all, but somehow I can taste a bit of sourish taste, like very very mild Asam.2. Lady finger with ikan bilis.A simple vege dish that stir fried with red chili and ikan bilis. Cooked perfectly nice.I order steamed rice to go with the two dishes. And pick the Chendol ice for my dessert. The gula Melaka that used in the chendol is thick and smells very good. Overall, it is a very satisfying dinner. And will definately return to try other signature dish like Curry fish head. continue reading
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Level4 2011-10-01
This is the second time I visited this restaurant. This time we came slightly after two, there was only one other table occuppied. It was a hot day, so we started off with this refreshing coconut and aloe vera drink.Both of the drinks were not very sweet. Because our kids couldn't eat too spicy food, so we ordered dishes that weren't so spicy. The onion was very sweet. The outer layer of the omelette was crispy and the inside soft. One of the specialties of this restaurant. It has either fish or prawn options. We chose the fish otah but it was not the right choice. The fish was fishy. The otah was a little too spicy for the kids.Nothing much to comment about this. Pretty standard.This dish was ordered specially for the kids, not what I liked. Don't think that it was a Paranakan dish. They have a sambal fried fish that was very delicious. I ate it the last time I came.This restaurant has some very nice specialty dishes. This time we seemed to have made a few wrong choice. continue reading
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