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Level3 2015-10-28
德明鸭饭-Stall 10, Basement level-Dunman Food Ctr271 Onan RoadSingapore 424768(1) Duck Porridge/ Congee $3- This bowl of pipin' hot duck porridge is best suitable for a cold rainy day as it warms my tummy! Gravy was abit too salty for me but the stall owner is indeed generous in the portion of duck meat given.(2) Duck Rice $3- I was given the duck breast meat. But still, meat is tender, well marinated and not dry. Rice is fragrant and texture is soft yet still remains some firmness, not mushy.(3) Kway chap $3.50 + Pork Belly & Duck Liver $3.50- $3 for the kway chap ingredients and $0.50 for the "kway". For this price, the portion served was consider big. Drizzled with the braised gravy, the ingredients were full of flavour from the chinese spices. Bean curd skin "tau pok" soaked up a lot of the gravy that's why tasted abit salty when bite. But the pork skin and intestines were very chewy/Q which I like The "kway" was plain as usual and additional flavour comes from the gravy broth it is soaked in.Pork belly was very tender and just like the kway chap ingredients, meat was well marinated with the spices. Pork belly meat and fats ratio was quite balanced too. On the other hand, I don't really fancy the duck liver as the duck stench was pretty strong which I don't like.Verdict: Dining experience here was pleasant. Stall owners were friendly and generous in the food portions served. Prices are very reasonable too.The only negative issue here is, the food center is way too warm and you will definitely be soaked in sweat after eating.  continue reading
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Level4 2012-07-13
I ordered a plate of $3 braised duck rice and a braised egg which cost $3.50 in total. Thinking that the dark colored rice was traditional yam rice, I was rather disappointed to find out that it was actually plain rice coated with braised gravy. However, Dunman duck rice makes it up with its well-marinated braised duck which is remarkably tender and tasty. The herbal soup is fragrant and savory.Besides duck rice, Dunman Duck Rice also has duck porridge and duck kway chap which I will return to try someday. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)