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Level3 2016-03-22
I am a seafood fan. Anything with seafood I would love to try. I have been to Melben several times, but never explore the hawker centre opposite Melben Toa Payoh. As such I never knew about the existence of East Seafood White MeeHoon which is located at the hawker centre until I spotted a photo of the seafood MeeHoon on Instagram.It is easy to locate the hawker centre for those who know the Melben Toa Payoh outlet, right opposite when you are standing at Melben restaurant. Since East Seafood White MeeHoon is located within a hawker centre, nothing much to describe about its ambience as most Singaporean are familiar with it.East Seafood White MeeHoon stall has a very simple menu. Basically it whips White MeeHoon with various seafood ingredients. It offers Lala White MeeHoon ($5/$8/$12), Prawn White MeeHoon ($5/$8/$12), Crayfish White MeeHoon ($15/$20/$25) and Crab White MeeHoon (Seasonal Price).Initially I wanted to have my plate of Crayfish White MeeHoon at the hawker centre. But I thought I might not be able to finish even the small plate as such I decided to buy home for sharing. I got the medium Crayfish White MeeHoon at $20. It was such a heavy takeaway. When I received the plastic tub, I saw the MeeHoon swimming in soup. I was worried that the MeeHoon will turn soggy when I reach home since journey take at least 45 minutes.When I reached home, I opened up the box and the first ingredient I spotted was the surprising large amount of pork lard!!There were 2 crayfish. I think about 4 prawns.Quite a good amount of Lala.And was glad that the MeeHoon was not soggy. The soup was relatively rich but needed a little more salt. As it was a takeaway, the heat that was trapped in the box further "cook" the seafood, especially the Lala and crayfish. Prawns wasn't much affected though. In addition, maybe it was a takeaway, hence they didn't cook long enough for the soup to be absorbed into the MeeHoon which otherwise it would turn the MeeHoon soggy. I am not sure if this is the case, so I will try it out again to dine there. The $20 Crayfish MeeHoon was just enough for sharing among 4 diners. We thought well of the gravy of the MeeHoon prepared by East Seafood White MeeHoon stall. It was a pity that the gravy wasn't absorbed by the MeeHoon. And maybe it would be worth eating at the hawker centre instead of takeaway. continue reading
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