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Level1 2014-02-01
My girlfriend and I went to this cafe this afternoon. As today is holiday, we decided to text the cafe to ask whether they are open. It took them some time to reply but they did reply eventually. So, 1 point for their customer service.The location of this cafe is quite easy to find. Since there were not many customer when we arrived, finding a seat is not difficult even though the place is quite small.We ordered Sarang Sabsuka ($12.90) and Chicken Pita ($9.50) for our main dish. The portion of both dishes were acceptable, tasted great and stomach filling. The dishes were also well-presented. The Sabsuka was served with baguette. It was a little bit sour as there were tomatoes inside the sabsuka. The Chicken Pita is quite spicy and served with fries. For drinks, we ordered A&W float ($4.50) and Bussorah Nyte cocktail($6). The cocktail is a speciality of this cafe. I forgot what are the combination of the cocktail but it tasted sour and fizzy. Haha. Not much comment for the drinks.As for the dessert, we ordered waffle icecream ($8.90). It was not included in the menu but we heard that there is such thing served at this cafe when we did our research about this cafe. And this was the main reason why we came here. So we asked the waitress about this and she said there is. The waffle was soft and there were 2 scoops of icecream on top of it. We chose vanilla and cookies 'n' cream flavour. The waffle was also topped with chocolate syrup and some berries.Overall, we are satisfied with the taste of the foods and the service of this cafe. The price is also considerably okay. Thank you, Sarang Cafe. It was a memorable experience. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level1 2013-06-23
It used to be one of my fave restaurants but not anymore. The service was a bit slow when it first opened but it has gone even slower. If you want to try their food for dinner, make sure your whole evening is free from any after dinner plans and be prepared for a long wait.Food wise, I used to love the Chicken Chop when they first opened as it used to be served with mashed potato and a good amount of veggies on the side but now, it is disappointing. Now, there is only a small portion of veggies and the overall taste is not as good when it first opened. Once, I came with a group of friends and we ordered Mushroom Pizza, it was a little too overcooked and burnt at the sides. We had to wait for quite long before our order was served. The reason given was they ran out most of their stock as they said that they had a huge crowd the night before and the owner himself had to buy the supplies.One evening,I came to have dinner as I had an appointment at 8pm around Arab St area. I came in around 7.15pm and there were already a number of patrons in there. I ordered their soup of the day which was Onion Soup and some Chicken Salad if I'm not mistaken. The Onion Salad was served after 20 mins of wait and I thought that my next order will come shortly after, but it didn't. I waited and had already finished eating my soup but still the next dish was not out. The time was 8pm. I was not able to wait any longer as I had an appointment and had been there for 45 mins so I decided to leave after paying for my soup (The taste of the soup was ok but a little mushroomy even though the name was Onion Soup but to me it was just ok) The owner apologize for the slow service, stating that they were having a bigger number of patrons and not enough staff man-power. The final time I came was for a late lunch (I just decided to come again to give them 'chance' and try eating there for one last time before making any comments). Well this time, it was even more disappointing. The restaurant was empty when I came and the owner was busy talking to his staff about something. The owner's wife greeted me and went back in. I thought that she was going to fetch the menu but she didn't. I waited for sometime for anyone to take my order but there was no other staff who came. The owner and the staff who were talking when I came in, just continued talking without even bother to attend to me. I just left soon after that. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)