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Level4 2016-03-17
Recently the coffeeshop had gone through a change and renamed 31 Coffee Shop. All the stalls in the coffeeshop had been replaced with new stalls. The zhi char stall was now called EC Kitchen 简单小厨. Being new, the coffee shop was packed during dinner time. We were lucky to grab a table facing the flat screen television.Curry Fish Head ($22)Served in a claypot, the dish was topped with lots of crispy beancurd skin, which went quite well when dipped in dark soya sauce. The curry was spicy and rich. The vegetables such as eggplants and lady's fingers were soft and moist in the dish. The fish meat was chunky and meaty.Yam Ring ($18)The yam ring was crispy and moist and soft inside. I like that there was not too much flour mixed with the yam paste to form the ring, based on the taste and the color of the yam ring. The filling in the centre was moist and crunchy without being too wet.Prawn Paste Chicken ($11/ medium size serving)The chickent mid joints were crispy and moist inside. Slightly salty due to the prawn paste, although I wished for a stronger prawn paste taste.Claypot Beancurd ($10/ medium size serving)Pieces of fried beancurd, with assorted vegetables and roast pork. The roast pork was soft and tender. Vegetables with 3 Types of Egg Yolk ($12/ medium size serving)The dish was well cooked and the gravy was drinkable as soup without being too salty. The dish was even spread with the mixture of eggs in it.Dried Tang Hoon ($4.50)The noodle was moist and not too oily.Overall the food was delicious and reasonable priced. Service was fast and smooth. continue reading
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