Eggs 'n Things, a popular Waikiki eatery for both locals and tourists since 1974, was first opened in Waikiki. Their key goals were using fresh ingredients, keeping the prices reasonable, and treating everyone like Ohana (family). Eggs 'n Things serves all-day breakfast and Hawaiian favourites after 5pm. continue reading
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Level4 2018-01-03
Eggs ‘n Things is just one of the many new F&B tenants which had recently found their home at Plaza Singapura, such as Typhoon Cafe, SAMA Curry & Cafe and Sen Sushi/Burosu Honten.  Hailing from Hawaii, the Plaza Singapura branch is the first store under the brand that had opened outside of Japan and Hawaii; the store at Plaza Singapura takes over the space that was formerly taken up by now-defunct Skinny Salad/Pizza at Level 3 of the new wing. The space had seen quite a revamp, with bright interiors with green and yellow accents as well as wood furnishings that looks warm and welcoming. As what most would have expected from the name, Eggs ‘n Things is known for their egg dishes which includes a variety of Eggs Benedicts, Omelets and a section on the menu named “Meats & Eggs”, though the all-day dining menu also includes other items such as Pancakes and Waffles.Listed on both the all-day dining menu as well as the Hawaiian Loco Foods dinner menu is the Ahi Poke Bowl ($16.90++); essentially a tuna poke bowl that comes with diced onions and cucumbers served atop rice with a raw egg yolk that sits on the top. One of the healthier options on the menu, the diced raw tuna is being marinated in soy sauce for a hint of savoury flavour; the marination does not completely overwhelm the natural flavours of the fish, while the diced cucumbers do help to add a crunch to the entire dish to provide a textural contrast. The egg yolk does help to make the entire mix of ingredients a little silkier when broken and mixed into the entire bowl, though we were not quite a fan of how the rice was served warm; the temperature of the rice caused the diced cubes of raw fish to be slightly warmed up after a while which was rather odd to us somehow.We figured out that we could not leave Eggs ‘n Things without trying their signature pancakes that most have been raving about of the late, so we decided to go for the Fresh Strawberry, Whipped Cream and Macadamia Nuts ($19.90++). Each portion comes with five pancakes that are sized slightly smaller than the usual; the portion works great for sharing considering the size. We did enjoy the buttermilk pancakes; light and fluffy, they were a delight to have on their own without feeling particularly heavy; three types of syrups (i.e. Grava, Coconut or Maple) are provided at each table for patrons to enjoy with the waffles and pancakes. Of all the three syrups, our favourite was the coconut which came slightly sweet though with a hint of the coconut aroma at the end similar to desiccated coconut; the Grava felt a tad sour for our tastebuds in comparison. The accompanying chunks of strawberry gave a tart contrast to the sweet syrup when eaten together with the pancake, while the whipped cream was amazingly light and smooth with just a light hint of sweetness. That being said, we felt the serving of whipped cream was unnecessary huge for we had difficulty wiping out the portion of whipped cream on our plate; we also noticed diners from other tables scraping off a substantial portion of the whipped cream to set aside on the sharing plate on the side as well.Read the full story about Eggs 'n Things on jiaksimipng: https://jiaksimipng.wordpress.com/2017/12/30/eggs-n-things-plaza-singapura/ continue reading
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