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The owner and Executive Chef of the Western fusion restaurant, Benny Se Teo actively hires delinquents and former prison inmates to work at his restaurant, giving them another chance at life, without discrimination. continue reading
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Level2 2014-08-16
This eighteen chefs outlet at The Cathay is one of the many outlets opened. I thought this is the only one. Their menu looks good but is not. The service could be better. Ordered the aglio olio and set B. Set B is served with drinks and soup. The mushroom is good, enough mushroom taste and not diluted. However, the aglio olio pasta is bland. It is just pasta that was cooked in boiling water and not fried well with olive oil. The temperature of the fire is not enough such that the fragrant of the dish is not set out. The sauce on top of the chicken taste a bit weird, not the normal mushroom sauce. Overall, the dish is not worth it. continue reading
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Level3 2014-03-07
My friend and I both ordered the Student's Set Meal each and each set comes with a Ice Lemon Tea, Main and a scoop of Ice Cream (flavours vary) for only $6.90.This is the ice lemon tea, served in a really cute and huge mug! I like this ice lemon tea a lot because the sweetness is just nice to my liking (unlike those where diners have to personally add in the sugar syrup, which is still tasteless/ bitter after doing so). I managed to finish the whole mug of ice lemon tea!For the student's set meal, we get to be our own chefs whereby we pick the pasta sauce base and ingredients that we want. Thinking that Spicy Garlic meant Aglio Olio Style with Chilli & Garlic, I went ahead to place my order, only to find out that it's a white (not creamy though, tastes a little like roux sauce) base with garlic and chilli padi. I was disappointed, but nevertheless, still enjoyed the pasta, although it could do with more seasoning.The portion for the Double Cheese Fries is quite huge, so it's recommended for sharing. The fries were served piping hot and crispy, and the cheese sauce was amazing!The best part of the whole meal besides the ice lemon tea would be this coconut ice cream. Don't underestimate it just because it looks plain; it tastes incredibly delicious! The coconut ice cream is not too rich and it's such a pleasure eating it. It also comes with a few bits of coconut flesh. My friend who is quite picky with her food actually enjoyed this ice cream and said that it was even better than some ice cream served at other popular ice cream joints! Really wished they sell the ice cream individually. continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-05
I had heard good reviews about 18 chefs and had wanted to try it, however, there will always be a long queue at lunch/dinner time. Finally one day, my friends and i went to the cathay at around 11plus am and we were the first few customers. They had a student promo which you could order baked rice/ pasta @ just below $10! It was quite a good deal hence i decided to try their pasta with white sauce and toppings: salmon, sausage and prawn. Was quite disappointed with their service as their waitress were not very sure of the menu items. Moreover, the portion of the food were inconsistent esp their ingredients. ): continue reading
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One of the popular social enterprises, Eighteen chefs is a for-profit eatery that offers jobs to ex-convicts. I love businesses that are always contributing to the welfare of society.. especially when it gives people second chances! How does food taste like now that eighteen chefs have been around for several years?I ordered the Creamy white cheese baked pasta with chicken sausage (SGD7.80). With student privilege, it's only $6.40 with iced lemon tea and ice cream! The baked rice was delicious.. extremely tantalizing although really small portion!My friend ordered the Mushroom Chicken with Aglio Olio at SGD12.80. It was topped with mushroom sauce, not real visible mushrooms. The pasta tasted a little too salty and the chicken tasted like it was defrost from frozen meat! Nevertheless, we enjoyed our meal at the restaurant. continue reading
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