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Frog Boiled in Porridge Frog with Dried Chilli Frog with Chicken Essence Special Homemade Chilli Frog
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Level4 2013-12-29
Before eating “Frog”, I considered quite a long time. It felt like a bit disgusting, I dare not to take it for my meal. Life is short, I decided to be more adventurous and I finally followed my friend to a place famous of Frog Porridge. Opened only for Dinner or Supper, patrons can still make their impromptu trip even in midnight. Almost full house scenery, I was surprised to know so many people like to eat frog.Actually, it was not a big deal. The overall tasted similar with chicken, but frog was more slippery and tender. Dried claypot-style, the meat was in slightly-burnt condition and flavourful. Light pipping hot porridge, I had one huge spoon in my bowl. The taste was decent and a little bit sweet in nature. Ordered also stir-fried long beans, crunchy refreshing to accompany our porridge. Frog was expensive, nearly $20. My friend said maybe the stall was too famous and therefore they had authority charge higher price. continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-30
I have a friend who really loves frog porridge and it just brought out the curiosity in me to go and try it at least once! The both of us ordered a big pot to share. When it came, I can literally smell the aroma of the soft rice. The spring onions and pepper further enhance the flavour of the porridge. The cooked frogs are soaked in this thick brown sauce, mixed together with dried chilli. On my first bite of the frog meat, I thought that is tasted very similar to chicken, only that it is softer and much tastier! The combination of porridge and frogs legs is perfect! I can finally understand why my friend is forever so excited when it comes to frog leg porridge! continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-28
With 5 or 6 different flavors to choose from, it's hard to decide which claypot you want to order. Apparently, their house specialty is their white pepper frog leg, but they do have the classic garlic, spring onion, to frog legs with chicken essence.Seating was quite easy to find, and we ordered the white pepper frog claypot and the sauce goes really well with the porridge and warms you right up. Perfect for a rainy or cold day. Decided to try their fried frog legs, but they don't seem to be able to do an awesome a job as the claypot. There was too much flour and the portion was just too much to handle after a while.Their vegetables were served hot, but don't bother ordering their egg omelet as the oysters in there weren't very fresh and still had sand in them (come on, it's a place that specializes in frog porridge). Order the frog porridge and try not to experiment too much with their seafood.They really are good in marketing though cause ordering 2 frogs means they will give you 1 additional frog free..etc. continue reading
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Level4 2012-12-10
Photo uploaded to instagram on the frog leg porridge that i had with my colleague & her husband. This is the first time ever she recommended a place to have dinner. It is an impromptu dinner as well because i went to be my colleague & her husband 'light bulb' for the night. Newly weds want to have private time together but I just tagged along!Haha!This is the famous Eminent Frog Leg Porridge recommended at the website as well. It is located at Lorong 19 Geylang which is surprising full of people. Geylang is always known as red district lanes with legal prostitution but it is also known for the famous frog leg porridge. We saw the reviews for this restaurant at Lorong 19. They are having "buy 2 get 1 free " for $16 promotion. 1 frog leg costs $8 so we opt for the promotion. The staffs are prompt to attend to customers and they do really have enough manpower to get the turnover business to move faster.So we ordered plain porridge with kung pao and spring onions style. We also add on dishes to complete the dinner. Kang Kong as our vegetable choice for the day. Plain and tastless porridge to go with the frog leg dishes. The combination is great as the sauce of the kung pao and spring onion blend well with the tasteless porridge. It lighten up the plain look of the porridge.We also ordered Salted Egg with crab which is Yunita's husband favourite. It's his first time trying this dish and he is loving it. He thanks me for the recommendation. The crab meat is fresh and juicy in the inner shell crab and the crab shell covered with salted eggs which thumbs up!He is licking his fingers over it.The salted egg is liquid type here in Singapore compared to the ones i tried in Malaysia. Nevertheless the taste is still sweet and salty combination that licks your fingers away. But the price for the crab is quite pricey though.Dinner was around S$70 plus for 3 persons. It is quite affordable except for the crab. The crab price is go by the weight of the crab. It was a pleasant dinner and my colleague's husband had a satisfied dinner during his visit in singapore.Full blogspot : http://hazelnutlife.blogspot.sg/2012/10/eminent-frog-porridge-geylang-lorong-19.html continue reading
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Ordered the porridge for 2, but we couldn't finish it because it is quite a big portion. However, it tastes nice. The frog porridge is so delicious that i savour everything up within minutes and i only remembered to take a photo of it after all of us finishes it! Already show how fabulous it is right! The frog is tender and juicy, a little salty which i love! Porridge or rather congee is nice too. Hot and soft, not too watery kind. Will go back for more! continue reading
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