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Level3 2013-02-19
12 of us had dinner there. honestly i dont like the food because raw sushi is not my cup of tea but all my other friends enjoyed a lot especially my boyfriend, he is always in japanese cuisine... (speechless ) the environment is nice, suitable for a catch up after work for some drinks or dinner. the bbq food is a bit sweat to me. i like chinese style bbq. staff respond is quick since it is a la cart buffet. continue reading
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Level4 2012-07-11
For more reviews with photos, please see http://thehungrybunnie.blogspot.com/2011/03/en-dining-japanese-bar-river-valley.htmlWe had high expectations for dinner, having had a very good meal at Z'en, their sister restaurant. We should have tampered our expectations way low, as there were more misses than hits. We had:1) Tsukune ($9) - skewers of grilled chicken meatball with egg yolk. Some kind of herb or raw celery was added, which threw the taste of the meatball off2) Enoki Bacon ($7) skewers of grilled enoki mushrooms wrapped with bacon - nice but really quite idiot-proof. A very simple dish of the winning combination of delicate golden mushrooms and fatty salty decadent bacon.3) Shitake Nikuzume ($7.50) one of the few nice dishes, skewers of grilled shitake mushroom with minced chicken, fat juicy mushrooms stuffed with freshly ground chicken, seasoned with a quick brush of teriyaki sauce4) Yose Tofu ($9.80) handmade silky sweet tofu served with soy sauce - I thought the tofu could have been softer and silker, this had a very thick semi-hard texture that I didn't like5) Soft Shell Crab Temaki ($6) - fairly alright but ordinary. We didn't take to the mayonnaise in the handroll. Even with the 50% discount on the handroll, this was still really pricey and not worth the discounted $3 pricetag6) Yaki Udon ($11) stir fried noodles with pork and vegetable was waaaay too sweet. I expected a savoury dish, but this turned out ridiculously sweet continue reading
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Level4 2011-12-05
There's a 30% off drinks during happy hour from 6-8pm. Note that the beers served here are smaller than the standard sizes at Harry's or Irish Murphy's.There's a 50% off sushi and sashmi during 6-8pm as well. And an extension after 8pm whereby sushi and sashimi start at $1.There staff are all wearing black and we were there for dinner. Looks like a really dark place. We liked the Mohd Sultan area, and found the outside seating to be better than inside. Inside is really small and cramped and although the restaruant was totally empty inside, we were placed in the furthest corner of the restaurant. We asked for a table with a view and the view they arranged for us was in front of the sake fridge in the corner of the restaurant!We didn't take many pictures because everything that came to the table was different to what was pictured in the menu! And it was really dark. The menu had fantastic pictures. But what comes to your table is an entirely different story.We ordered some sushi makis and the natto ones were slimy! The soft shell crab sushi makis tasted great - as is with all things deep fried. But the portions and presentation were absolutely nothing like in the menu. What they serve you is very much smaller than the pictures in the menu, with none of the trimmings, and you might even think you've been given the wrong food! The river prawns were raved about but it's nothing special. Very spikey in the mouth. And oily.We also ordered a whole unagi sushi maki which in the picture in menu was a long piece of the whole unagi. But what came out was a rolled up piece of unagi, of a different colour to the unagi menu with a lump of rice in the middle! The menu had the typical unagi that's grilled and nicely browned. The one that came to the table was grey! and slimy!We had some salmon sashimi as well, which wasn't fantastic at all. Even the wasabi is not real wasabi but some commerical crap. We had chawanmushi which wasn't in the menu, and that was pretty good. But at $7 for a small little pot the size of a tea cup, it's seriously overpriced! Everything looked really grey and off colour.We love Japanese food and might give this place another go because of the "cheap" prices. But otherwise, it's not recommended! Not sure to brand this place a "rip off" or not, since the quality really reflects the price. It's not really 50% off if the quality is also 50% off! And the drinks are 30% because it's 30% less than normal! Not to mention, our drinks came out in different sized glasses each time. Inconsistency! continue reading
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Level4 2011-11-03
well if u are a night personu should try en jap dining bar's late night promotion on its drinks and foodthis was the first time that i had japanese unagi fried ricei was rather surprise by it hahait taste good and the unagi taste fresh without fishy smellit was valued for $$$ due to late night 50% discount promotionu should try it too =) continue reading
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Level3 2011-11-02
After work i came here with my friends for dinner,chill out We had bacon wrapped scallop, prawn wrapped in pork & shiso leaf, asparagus bacon, enoki bacon, unagi, &beef with grated radishThe prawn was good & the beef was a nice medium rare & went very well with the sauces Among all my fav was the cheese wrapped in bacon Each bite exploded with flavour &tasted like eating pizza.Food was nice & service was great Overall i rate 8/10 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)