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The age-old tradition of Japanese grilled foods or Yakimono include skewered and grilled items, and this is exclusively presented to customers at En Grill & Bar. An extensive grilled selection is offered, complete with unique Japanese light bites, and a well-stocked bar that carries a discerning variety of Sake, Shochu, Awamori, wine & spirits. continue reading
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Level1 2015-11-09
Stumbled upon this restaurant and it's a hidden gem! 50% discount on all sushi from 6pm to 8pm daily except public holidays. Must try their ikura sushi and fresh oysters. Tsukune grill was quite good too! And excellent service from their staff! Ordered a scallop and uni rice bowl at $56. Quality of the uni was disappointing and forgettable.  Spent about $230 for 3 pax. continue reading
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Level4 2015-05-31
See my full reviews & photos here=http://chefquak.com/2015/05/31/6-course-wagyu-or-seafood-set-en-grill-bar-on-28may2015/saw on groupon a S$38 6-course wagyu set at en grill & bar & decided to go with some friends. i made sure i made the reservations before i bought the groupon deal. 3 of us picked the wagyu set (okinawan wagyu) & 1 the seafood set. 6-course wagyu set we started with the standard japanese salad with ponzu dressing which i always like. there were like 3 thin slices of wagyu, quite marbled & sweet i guess, not much impact. very tiny helpings. they supposed to add up i guess.wagyu meatball was ok. the crouton went pretty ok with the tomato sauce too.wagyu tataki was excellent, marbled & flavourful. the misoyaki? quite odd..didn’t taste anything, like any roast beef. this was quite excellent! liked the roasted sweet potatoes. the wagyu was well marbled & tasty. not everyone agreed though. 1 friend thought it tasted like satay beef. i didn’t feel that though, & the beef was great for my taste. and the grilled onions infused much of the taste, very good. didn’t feel much of the foie gras, maybe we were busy talking. the wagyu mini burger was excellent!^^i can have this again. good that it’s so small, i finished all the carbs. haha! a slightly thicker slice!don’t know about the orange sauce. the wagyu was well marbled & flavourful. i felt the orange sauce diminished it. not that the sauce was not nice, but i rather have the grilled, intense wagyu taste. it’s more braised beef than ragout tagliatelle. i guess it was ragout sauce + braised beef. well, as good as a braised wagyu could be. very nice pasta really. 6-course seafood set 1 friend had the 6-course seafood set. didn’t ask but it looked like the same salad with cube-cut sashimi maguro, salmon & maybe kajiki (swordfish). looked good. this looked very appetising. the sliced scallop with plum jelly on cucumber quite interesting. the friend was very impressed with the chicken mini burger she mentioned several times during dinner & afterwards on FB that it was one of the best burgers she had.^^the gindara like some of the wagyu servings was really thin to feel much impact. looked like grilled with mentaiko then plated on the shells. if so they should be quite tasty & flavourful. the uni & ikura capellini was excellent. ^^this the only one from my friend’s set i tasted. very flavourful, matching gordon grill’s and other places. i would be quite happy overall to take this seafood set. both sets came with cheese cake & yuzu sorbet. the yuzu sorbet was superb, just love it!^^ cheese cake was the usual soft textured japanese cheese cake, which i like also.overall, it was very good value set for S$38nett. as a great set meal i will certainly do this again. for the purpose of having a good steak fix, the wagyu set did not really deliver a steak experience, not like what we had at- arossa (closed), or me@oue or at prime society i guess that’s not comparing apple for apple. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2013-10-06
for photos and more reviews, visit http://thelittlemomentsofmylife.blogspot.com/ (oh where can you get authentic japanese food at 50%?! when i heard that this restaurant had 50% discount on their sushi and sashimi, i made sure i dragged my family there to try it. we realised though, that after the the discount, the price was actually pretty much the same as what we would have at other japanese restaurants. the difference? this was AUTHENTIC. or at least, that's what i felt. i really loved the food ))okay, just let me give my two cents worth of this restaurant before going into the food part. 1) don't sit outside. it's just really hot. super hot. and stuffy. i attempted to sit outside for about 10mins and i couldn't take it after that. it feels like the air is super thick and heavy and hot, really unbearable. so even if they tell you that you have to share a table inside, just go for that option - anyway, the tables are huge, so there is no problem with sharing. 2) the service is rather...i don't know how to put it. it was definitely NOT GOOD, because the staff were just quite slow in responding to requests and stuff, but it did seem like they were really sincere, which i have to give them credit for. i guess all you can say is that it is inconsistent? or contradictory. haha i dunno.yepps, anyway, that's it! the food made up for everything though xD woohoo! we ordered the 7-kinds sashimi platter ($48.50 before discount) which included salmon, yellowtail, tuna, red snapper, octopus, swordfish and scallops. we also had an additional serving of salmon sashimi ($12.50 before discount) the sashimi was super fresh and delicious (: simple and good (:we ordered several types of sushi - california maki ($10 before discount), salmon avocado maki ($11 before discount) and some unagi sushi which was a wrong order. yupp, they got the order wrong, and didnt even realise cos they charged us wrongly at the end. but i really loved the sushi!!!! this must be the best quality sushi i've ever tasted! they're made on the spot by chefs at this cool lowered-platform thing adjacent to the dining area. and the sushi is super soft and fluffy! each grain of rice is wonderfully fluffed up and the ingredients are all really tasty. it was really sushi made with love (:the garlic fried rice ($10) is also the best i've ever tasted! i used to think the one at sushi tei was the best, but now i've found a worthy contender xD even before putting it in your mouth, you can smell and taste the aroma of the garlic. and every fluffy piece of rice is completely infused with the flavour of the garlic, it is SO awesome.our wrong order of unagi sushi was meant to be soft shell crab maki ($12), so we decided to order it again. i loved the roasted crispy soft-shell crab in the sushi. it just makes all the other soft shell crab items in other jap restaurants feel overfried and less tasty in comparison.and lastly, the most big shot item of the day - the buta kimchi fried rice ($12). i say it's a big shot, because we had to wait 45 minutes for it!!!!!! seriously?! it was plain ridiculous. we asked the waitress to check on it over and over again, and attempted to cancel our order, but they just kept saying that it was coming. 5 minutes rolled into 15 minutes, and we were pretty much full and ready to leave any moment. when it finally arrived, we were thinking 'this had better be good'....and guess what? IT WAS GOOD! it had a subtler garlic taste as compared to the fried garlic rice, and was balanced out nicely by the flavours of the kimchi. omgosh, it was worth it. although i would have preferred that we didnt have to wait of course, i have to say that i didn't regret waiting for this dish (: YUMMY!!!so overall, i LOVE the food in this restaurant, but i do hope that the service would have improved the next time i come here (:by the way, the 50% promotion is between 6-8pm daily! just look at the symbols on the menu (: continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)