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Level4 2013-05-18
Murthabak Bomb PrataMy regular lunch place at Jurong as I work near by, it also my favorite place too... I'm strongly recommend their BOMB Prata!! I'm totally in love with their Bomb prata, itself is very crispy and when you bite into it, it just dissolves in your mouth...Compare with it, I can say it wouldn't lose to other place of prata...We try the chicken murthabak didn't disappointed us, really taste good...The chicken tends to be a little more juicy...Thumb up!! continue reading
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Level4 2013-02-06
FoodEnaq restaurant has gained its reputation over the years from its cripsy and delicious prata. I'm not particularly a fan of heavily greasy foods, nevertheless I thought I should have a taste of it!There are no booklets of menu given for the diners. Instead, we have to lift our heads up and read the big blue board above us. Every detail is written clearly over there. It's a good idea to have such a big menu instead of passing the small booklet of menu around.Order a plate of Mutton Murtabak which costs $5.50. Interestingly, murtabak is served in 4 pieces, each piece cut in triangle shape and over lapping each other on a plate - a fish plate. Cute! Minced mutton were wrapped inside and they are not stingy with the fillings. There is no strong mutton smell.Apart from the cute fish plate, there are 3 slices of cucumber placed in a line on top of the murtabak slices. Each filled with a patch of tomato ketchup. . Quite funny.This plate of curry is paired with the murtabak. Not diluted and its goes well with mutton murtabak!Here comes my order of the day - Egg onion prata and Prata Bomb costs $1.70 each! They are placed nicely in a metal plate divided into 3 sections - 2 for the sauces and the bigger portion for the prata. Prata Bomb is actually prata filled with condensed milk, sugar and butter. It is not very common for the usual prata stalls to sell bomb. Therefore I considered it special with my order. On top of that, this prata comes with chilli sauce with ikan billis in it. Yammilicious!The Bomb is that it is really nice and crispy on the outside, sweet tasting buttery & fluffy within. If you pass by Jurong East, do drop by for this!Tore my egg onion prata and see! It's thin but the crunch is definitely there!ServiceWe have to place our order first and then it will be sent to our table. When we have finish dinning, we have pay over at the counter. AmbienceI'm not sure if it is very common nowadays to see chinese helper in a prata shop but in there, 2 of the helpers are chinese. I overheard one speaking tamil fluently to the cooks! Caught me by surprised. PriceI find that the price is reasonable, even cheaper than the price of the prata in kopitiam.Recommendation / TipsCurry is refillable. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)