An all-day dining restaurant in Singapore, Escape Restaurant & Lounge serves a myriad of local and international cuisine from its interactive open kitchen. Tuck into a sumptuous spread of freshly-prepared dishes and watch our chefs ‘live’ in action as they whip up your culinary choices a la minute. Unwind with a glass of wine or a refreshing soda at the Escape lobby lounge, or enjoy tête-à-tête over cakes and coffee at the cosy café area. continue reading
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As the in-house dining restaurant of the 5-star One Farrer Hotel, Escape Restaurant & Lounge offers a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ala-carte dining. But perhaps they're best known for their extensive international buffet spread, a formidable feast spanning 9 live stations and 8 static stations, with dozens of dishes prepared by chefs in open theatre kitchens. Since opening their doors in September 2014, Escape Restaurant & Lounge has quickly become one of the most popular hotel buffets around, creating gastronomic experiences with their daily rotating buffet themes.Ambience at Escape Restaurant & Lounge is lovely. The wide open, spacious dining hall with high ceilings and warm lighting is so inviting, and the comfortable cushioned wooden furniture is nicely laid out, so it's not cramped. A large, circular bar sits at one end of the dining hall, with beautiful bottles of wine displayed. At the other end, the 17 live and static stations are bustling, piled high with all manner of attractive food. Each dish is clearly labelled, and I'm amazed at the extensive variety of dishes they've managed to display in this area. A cursory pass isn't justified, you'll have to walk slowly to observe all the different items on display!Service at Escape Restaurant & Lounge is above average, befitting of a 5-star hotel. Staff behave professionally and politely, observant and attentive to diners, creating a personalised feel. They come around regularly to check if they can clear away empty / dirty plates, always an important thing in a buffet. I also note that staff have some basic product knowledge on the various dishes on the menu, though you can also interact with the chefs at the various live stations if you have specific questions on the food. But though the service is good, I feel it's not particularly memorable.Food at Escape Restaurant & Lounge is good, featuring an International selection of cuisines. What stood out for me here, was their Chinese cuisine, Indian cuisine, and seafood. Perhaps because they're said to specialise in homey, comfort food, these associated dishes were well executed and delicious! Their team of in-house pastry chefs and bakers also produce some excellent butter cakes and breads. Prices are reasonable and comparable for their buffet, per person costs SGD $30 ++ for breakfast, SGD $45 ++ for lunch, and SGD $60 ++ for dinner. If going for their ala-carte, budget about SGD $35 per person.Highly recommend the Roti Prata Plain, which is also a favourite of the chef, for its super crisp, buttery texture! Pairs well with the mild savoury Dhal Tadka lentil curry! The Chicken Tikka was outstanding as well, tender and moist, with good savoury flavour, pairing well with the fluffy, fragrant Naan Plain. The Mutton Korma was tender and decent in taste, though I would have liked it to be more spicy instead. Vegetarians can also go for the Mattar Paneer, which has paneer cheese cubes and peas in a mild savoury curry, or the Aloo Baingan, which has tender eggplant and potatoes in a savoury dry style curry. Overall, very good Indian cuisine here!Highly recommend the Braised Beef Brisket With Tendon, for its smooth, fork-tender texture, and savoury flavour with full taste of the spices! I would visit again just for this, it's a must try! The Braised Broccoli With Mushroom is executed to a decent Zi Char standard, with crunchy florets of broccoli, soft carrots, and tender earthy shiitake mushrooms in a tasty oyster sauce gravy. The Fish Curry is decent, with fresh firm white dory fish which flakes apart nicely, and tender okra / lady's fingers slices. The Chicken Rice isn't too oily, but nicely fragrant with a slight buttery texture, while the Prawn Crackers have a crisp outside that cracks to reveal the meaty sweet fresh shrimp inside. Overall, very good Chinese cuisine here!Full Escape Restaurant & Lounge review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2016/05/escape-restaurant-lounge-tasting-session.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-10-08
One Farrer Hotel & Spa is a newly opened hotel, which is located just above the Farrer Park MRT station. Currently one of its restaurants, Escape is offering a 49% off discount on its buffet lunch and dinner, which costs $30++ and $50++.The first section of the first counter which everyone zooms in, is the cold seafood, where Prawns, Lobster Claws, Oysters, Mussels, and Clams are served on the ice bed. Next is the Cold Cut section, where an assorted spread of parma ham, smoked fish, smoked salmon, ham, and roasted beef are displayed.Next to them is the Japanese section, where there is assorted sushi and maki rolls, as well as, sashimi freshly sliced upon order. There is also cold zaru soba with condiments available.The cheese section rounds off the first counter with Edam Cheese, St Maure Goat Cheese, Fruit Cheese, English Cheddar, bread sticks, dried apricots, walnuts, and Macadamia nuts. The Fruit Cheese is a good choice for those trying cheese for the first with its sweet and fruity taste.For the side counter by the window, it starts with coffee and tea section. Expensive TWG English Tea is served here.Next is the salad section, with a metal bowl for those who prefer a DIY version.Next is the bread section. The cranberry bun is soft and slightly sweet with bites of cranberry spread all over.Next is the Apple Crumble in an oven to keep warm. The apple crumbles are housed in little red tin pots. So cute. Served with a vanilla sauce. Tastes soft and flavourful.Lastly is the Popcorn, which I am surprised to find in a buffet. It tastes light and not too sweet.The next counter starts with the Roast Meat section, where Roasted Duck, Roasted Chicken, and Roasted Pork are served with sweet plum sauce, chilli sauce, garlic sauce and dark soya sauce. Next is the Noodle of the Day section, which turns out to be Mee Rebus. Thick and not too sweet.Next is the soup sections, which has Fish Maw, Meat Ball & Seaweed Broth and Cream of Cauliflower Scented With Smoked King Salmon Bites. Both soups are full of flavours.Next is the western food sections, where pizza, deep fried sotong, Cod Fish, Duck with Fig, Broccoli in Cream Sauce, Rosti with sour Cream are served.Next is the chinese food sections, where fried rice, fried hokkien mee, braised seas cucumber with chinese mushrooms, braised beef are served.This is followed by the Malay food and Indian food sections, where there is an assorted of curries.Lastly is the Dessert section at the side counter. The first section is the mini dessert served on display shelf. There are Chocolate Sacha, Opera, Durian Choux Puff, Oreo Cheesecake, Chocolate Banana Mousse, Sour Cherry & Yuzu jelly, Coffee Eclair, Meringue Tart, Coffee Jivava Mousse, Mango Minov, Breton Strawberry Tart, and Creme Brulee. For local dessert, there is Durian Pengat, Barley with ginkgo nut, and Black glutinous rice. The Durian Pengat smells great from far and tastes thick and creamy.For those who like fruit, there is Watermelon, Rockmelon, Honey Dew, and Pineapple.Next section is the Chocolate Fondue, which comes with assorted dippables. The last section has Kueh Lapis Surabay, Blueberry Muffin and Praline.Overall the food is great. Although the spread looks limited, but I am too full to try all. Service is swift. The place is not crowded. Guess it is still new and a lot of people still do not know about it. Total bill for 3 adults is $90.05 after discount. continue reading
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Escape restaurant & lounge was located at the new 5-Star enchanting urban resort next to Farrer Park mrt. Open 24/7, Escape serves delicious buffet spread of local & international delights from an interactive kitchen, where guests can watch the chefs 'live' in action as they whip up your culinary a la minute at the all day dining restaurant.New Lunch Buffet Price - $45++ per person ( Lunch: 12 - 2.30pm )New Dinner Buffet Price - $60++ per person ( Dinner: 6 - 10pm )Opening Promotion till 21st Oct 2014: Enjoy 49% savings for the first 49 days with a minimum spend of $49. (So Hurry make a reservation now!!!)The salted egg yolk flavor was not strong enough with mild salty and sweetness. Perhaps they did not put in enough salted egg. This was the most popular dish there and we usually don't see this dish at hotel buffet. You have to grab this fast otherwise it will be gone soon and need to wait awhile for the chef to cook new batch..The pandan was very fragrant and the texture was spongy. Thumbs up for this mouth-watering dessert!Generally their dessert here looks heavy but are actually quite light which is good. And the desserts here are not very sweet type unlike some places with too sweet feeling that made you get sick of it easily. As for the food, most of them are decent. I personally feel that the dessert quality are much better than the food quality.The service here was prompt and good! Plates were cleared fast and they will go to every table to refill the water regularly without asking. The staff were very polite too. Thumbs up for their great service!For full review & photos, please visit: http://summerlovestoeat.blogspot.sg/2014/10/lunch-buffet-at-escape-restaurant.html continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)