Started in 2009 by the people behind Awfully Chocolate, Everything with Fries baked all breads from scratch and use only fresh meats and sauces in the burgers. Apart from burger classics and unique burgers, Everything with Fries also have a wide range of handmade desserts. continue reading
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*Arriving by public bus: #48/61/106/970/NR8( Bus stop number 11419- Holland Village Station) Arriving by Train: Holland Village MRT Station Exit A Nearest Carpark: Warna Road Off Street - W0055
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The One Egg Soup The Slider Wild NZ King Slider
Review (47)
Level4 2014-06-28
It was another one of our Dinner cum Chillout nights and this time, the recommended venue was Everything with FriesWe had to wait in line for a while at the casual restaurant / cafe as it was crowded with eager diners. The stark white setting was comforting, giving a clean cut yet relaxing feel. When we were seated, the polite and friendly crew came over to take our orders.We started with a round of different flavored Fries (SGD$5.90 each) - crispy and very tasty shoestring fries - Garlic with Herbs (sapid scrumptiousness of its flavors), Salt & Vinegar (delicious, like eating potato chips in that flavor) and Curry (not spicy, but resplendent of the curry fragrance).The Grilled Pork Chop (SGD$17.90) was another delicacy that surprised us. Note that I am not a fan of anything pork, but I made an exception for this crunchy, tender, juicy, well-marinated pork chop. It was served on the side with Sour Cream fries, enhancing the taste of the dish to another level entirely. I liked this pork chop well enough that I actually returned with the Beau just to eat it again.We ended the meal with a bite of heaven - Nutella Tart (SGD$4.90) - it comes with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream now. The tart is richly infused with chocolate's deliciousness, and comes with a crunchy crust. The sticky coat of chocolate sauce is the very essence of life for chocolate lovers, and we loved this creation immensely. I prefer it without the ice-cream - it was drier, crustier and warm to perfection.For more detailed information and photos, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2014/06/dinner-at-everything-with-fries.html continue reading
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Level3 2014-01-24
There aren't a lot of cafes in Singapore that are generous with portions, but easy on the wallet. Thankfully EWF is one of those places.My friend ordered the ham & cheese sandwich with sour and cream fries. Just look at that enormous portion, my friend couldn't finish it and even asked me to help her to finish! Whereas for me, I decided to give nutella tart a shot after hearing numerous compliments about it. I personally think it's not as surprising as it is because I don't think it will taste as good without the ice-cream.Nevertheless, it's a place to gather with some friends and just chill through the night! continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-19
There were so many people raved about the goodness of Everything with Fries, in fact it was well-established and proud of their Western Culinary with skinny Fries. Normally, the main course will serve along Fries, Coleslaw and baby Caesar. Talking about the choices of Fries, they have Original, Curry, Salt & Vinegar, Sour Cream & Onion and Garlic & Herbs. Comfy atmosphere and prompt service, Menu was organized too.Attractive platter was awesomely served, pork had been BBQ to perfection. Meat was thickly solid while juicy tender with a smoky fragrant, the texture and taste was tangy for my liking. Homemade Miso Sauce added extra savoury delicious for the pork, Fries and Veggies as dressing played their part to balance up the whole. It was absolutely a filling set, I paid for it at $13.90. Pretty decent food with very affordable price, you may enjoy sumptuousness without burning a hole in your pocket. continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-18
I am a big fan of Everything with Fries (EwF) for I usually frequent the outlet at Orchard Central (OC).So one day I passed by the outlet at Holland Village and entered the restaurant thinking it had be the same. For one, it is different. Unlike the OC outlet, you do not have to first purchase your food at the counter (like a fast food restaurant). Instead you will be seated and then handed the menu.Like all the other EwF outlets, their interior is largely dressed in white. My friend and I were shown to a two-seater as the restaurant is slowly filling in with customers.I ordered the Battered Fish sandwich ($13.90). The dish arrived and I noticed it was quite different from the one served at the OC outlet.I was sorely disappointed because the dish turned out to be a flop. There wasn't anything great about the dish at all. Perhaps I just happened to dine at an inappropriate time where the cook wasn't in a good mood or something. My friend ordered the same and he had the same sentiments as do I.Oh well, sometimes I guess its best to stick to where you normally head to. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-27
Breaded NZ King Salmon – crispy handbreaded salmon on the outside, but was undercooked. We asked for a replacement, only to receive a microwaved-cooked “followup” with a side dish of attitude problem from the server.Pork chop – perfectly grilled, well seasoned, and the meat is juicy , but felt that the shoe string fries was a little overrated in justification with the pricing and taste. Or maybe due to the fact that Mcdonalds have set their standards high. So considering how this place is called “Everything with Fries” , should work on having their trademark name stamped more defined. continue reading
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