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First Love Patisserie is a specialty confectionery selling Hokkaido Thousand Layer cakes which are 100% handmade using a recipe from Japan. continue reading
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Hokkaido Thousand Layer Cake Mille Crepe Cakes
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Level4 2014-03-03
I was craving for crepe cakes so I decided to try this out. I had the chocolate crepe cake and matcha green tea crepe cake for $12. The many paper thin layers were perfectly stacked with a thin layer of cream in between each layer. The texture was soft and delicate. The matcha crepe cake had a tinge of bitterness. Both were not too sweet and was just right. However, I still prefer humble beginning's crepe cakes but they're still worth a try though continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-15
I remember i eat this mille crepe cake in Malacca, glad to find it here, i did not know it is opened by Indonesia company using Japanese recipe. But after i try this original mille crepe cake, i love it straightaway, its cream is very fine and crepe is nice, better than what i ate in Malacca, may seem a bit expensive $6.50 for a piece, it is certainly worth the price as the taste will keep you remembering for a while. They always set up stall in shopping mall and i buy from there instead of going Ion Orchard cafe, Nice try for me, Thumbs up. continue reading
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Following our recent visit to Melaka for work and encounter with Mille Crepe there, I was kind of hooked and in search for a patisserie in Singapore that made this fantastic cake. In case you are wondering, Mille Crepe is a cake made from layers of crepes. In between it will normally have a fresh cream and coated with maple syrup or different variety of flavours.First Love Patisserie surprisingly originated from Jakarta. The Chef supposedly trained in Japan, so this mille crepe has the same style as mille crepe made popular in Hokkaido. Although they have many branches in Jakarta and surroundings, the shop in Ion Orchard Singapore is their first overseas outlet.As a reward for picking up my Little Devil and her BFF that can't catch a cab from Ion Orchard, I got three slices of mille crepe. The Original, Strawberry and Oreo ($6.50 per slice). At first glance, I did not find anything special about the packaging. Packed in very thin and flimsy plastic container, it no longer has the flair as the printed box shown in other food blogs before. First bite of Original mille crepe, LD and I found something a little off. There is a solid texture in the cream, apparently it is not fully thawed yet. The result is of this is the crepes does not melts in your mouth. The next time around, I had a chance to tried the Original after it is properly thawed. It is soft and moist, however it still does not melts in your mouth.The Oreo flavour is quite interesting. Coated with chocolate powder, it does actually taste like oreo cake. This slice is better than the original, however the chocolate powder can be quite overpowering and cover the taste of the cream. It is also cause the cake to be a bit harder to swallow. The Strawberry is our favourite. Unfortunately the strawberry toppings did not survive the journey home and got smudged. The strawberry really combines well with the cream and the crepes just melts in your mouth. This slice is good. Yummyyy!!There is no comment on the service and ambiance as they do not have proper seating place for their customers. Overall, the mille crepe they serve here is just okay. However, after trying the amazing freshly made version from Melaka, we can say that First Love Patisserie mille crepe is okay but not great. For full review and more photos, please visit http://www.chubbybotakkoala.com/2013/08/first-love-patisserie-mille-crepe-from.html continue reading
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Level3 2013-05-22
My friend introduced this cake to me while shopping around at Ion Orchard. Did not buy at that moment but went back again to the shop ( haha, cannot resist the temptation of cakes). I have a strong liking to cakes and pastries. ;)This is the original First Love Patisserie slice cake which costs $6.50 for this petite slice. Hmm, its super expensive. First bite of it, I can feel the layers and layers of crepes and cream in between the layers melting in my mouth. It is worth giving a try but it is really quite expensive. continue reading
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Level4 2013-04-25
Back for its other flavour of mille crepe with thousands layers of happiness.Getting 1 slice at S$6.50? Why not try getting 2 slices at S$12.00 instead.I was overjoyed to have 2 flavours of First Love's Cake tonight. Let me introduce the Matcha and Oreo flavour. Packaging was exclusive - silver cupboard which gets reflected under the florescent lights. Ta-da...Meticulously done up by the delicate hands of the baker. Stunning and still as fascinated as before on the thousand layers, here I go again, peeling off the first layer of the Matcha cake.The original cake flavour has a very light fragrance with thin layer of cream sandwiched in the middle of each layer. Matcha tastes close to the original, the taste of matcha added a slight twist to its flavour.Each individual piece has an alminum foil on the base of the cake.Love the light taste of oreo biscuits of the cake, not overly empowering the overall taste with oreo. Layers of browness are seen uneven by the sides however, this doesnt compromise the taste of the cake.Some promotions are going on in celebration of coming MOther's day. Every pre-order of large original cake comes with 4 slices of Mille Crepe free.This is the advertising pamplets which can be taken from the counter. A brief description of its product that summarised every piece of First Love's Patisserie information.The guy was busying taking order via the phone and the lady in front of me that she can kept me waiting there for few moments (about 10 minutes), not knowning of my presence. However as he packed the cakes. It's very fast.Knowing that there are still 2more flavours (strawberry & cappuccino) , I will be back for its flavour! continue reading
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