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Level4 2015-08-27
Sometime back I joined the foodies for an invited tasting at Fish Tales. Located in ‘SCAPE’ which is a walking distance from Somerset MRT station, Fish Tales is a seafood place that specialized in all types of fishes with a range of pastas and sides. The seating areas are scattered along the shopping aisles where you are open to public while dining.There are free flow fruit-infused water available at the corner for self-service. I think this is best for those who prefer to order mains only.So, what’s are the dishes you can find in Fish Tales?SidesTruffle Fries S$7.50 with generous portion serving,Mozzarella Cheese Sticks S$4.80 that is so cheesy that we tried to see how long can the cheese extend.MainsSambal Prawns S$8.90 , known as the best seller dish. The sample sauce is made in-house with their secret recipe. If you are a spicy lover, go for this as the spiciness gives you a good kick start of the meal.Soft Shell Crab Pasta S$12.90 that serves the whole soft shell crab serving. Crispy texture of the soft shell crab with meaty taste would be a pretty decent choice.Salmon Carbonara S$6.90 (Light Catch)/ S$10.90 comes with the creamy sauce combination. Decent I would say with the price offer and the serving portion but do not expect a big cubes of salmon meats in it.Squid Ink S$12.90 which leaves the squid ink black colour on your lips.Best not to order this if you are going for a dinner date.Original Classic Fish & Chips S$5.90 (Light Catch) / S$9.90. Decent pricing with well-balanced of serving.Beaurre Au Citron S$7.90 (Light Catch) / S$11.90 served with garlic, butter and lemon.Citron Sea Bass S$13.90 served with classic garlic lemon butter sauce.Fish Tales offers a pocket friendly pricing especially in Orchard area. They do strategically price their foods at a reasonable price so that students can afford the western cuisine. However, there are also hit and misses dishes but given the overall range of foods served and quality, I still think Fish Tales did a pretty job in securing their niche market at SCAPE. And most importantly there is no GST and service charges applicable. continue reading
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Happen to chance upon this Cafe on Facebook so I decided to give it a try after my movie at Cine.The service crew was really friendly and the picture of the cheesy fish on their menu really made me drool. So I decided to try their cheesy fish and prawn aglio with my friend. We bought the ultimate combo (drink + soup + icecream) to go along as well. The good thing about this cafe is that they do not charge service charge or GST so the prices are NETT.The drinks and soup came first and not long after the food came and it was served in these cute metal grids. Presentation was nice and at first I thought that the cheese was only served on top as seen in the picture I took but when I cut the fish, oh damn.. the cheese was literally oozing out.So overall the cheesy fish was good, the fish that they use isn't cheap dory or something, it was really fresh, like premium quality and cook really well. The fries were yummy too! And the portion was huge. As for the prawn aglio, it was spicy! So I would recommend it to those that like spicy food.Soup was creamy and the ice cream was tasty! They've got three flavours: Cookies and Cream, Peanut Butter and Salted Caramel, I choose the Salted Caramel and it was heavenly..!It's a new cafe worth checking out and highly recommended for dates and gatherings (they have a lot of seating). They serve cakes and coffee as well. Didn’t manage to try them but I’ll most certainly be back to try them soon.Cheers! continue reading
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Level4 2014-07-10
*SCAPE has encountered swindling numbers of shoppers in the past years, but there has been a shift in tenants occupying the first floor of this quirky but isolated shopping mall. One of the restaurants that has been garnering a lot of attention is Fish Tales which has a seafood based menu.This cafe-restaurant adopts an open-concept that goes against all things saintly about private dining. Passers-by may be enticed into trying their menu when they see it.Despite opening for one month, this cafe appears to have kinks to sort out. The clam chowder tasted like it was straight from a can, and the croutons were not at all crispy. They also forgot to serve this until we asked. The other one was supposed to be a side dish of Popcorn Fish, but I could only taste a sliver of fish at the centre... the rest was just fried flour batter.The Fiery Fish & Chips is the signature dish of Fish Tales. The sambal chilli sauce was very spicy but satisfying, though I felt something was missing - perhaps a sour element within the sauce and not just drizzling lemon juice over. Just like most other fish fillets, this was tender and smooth with a slight excess of flour batter.This was the Prawn Aglio Olio which hit my most basic requirements - the subtle yet determined level of spiciness of an aglio olio dish. While the pasta was cooked al dente, it was slightly bland. Perhaps when they cooked it, they should have soaked it in the saltwater a little longer. The rest of the dish was passable but definitely not spectacular. For a meal slightly over $10 (main + side dish + drink), I find that it wasn't value-for-money.For more reviews: http://www.amiehu.com/2014/07/fish-tales-scape.html#more continue reading
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Level4 2014-07-09
Fish Tales takes up a simple shop space as its counter and kitchen, while its seats gets scattered across beside the shopping aisles. Being a fish specialty store, the menu is based on seafood, dividing into Fishhh, Burger, Pasta and sides. For beverages, apart from the usual canned drinks they also serve Italian Sodas, Teas and Coffee.For a side, we went with Calamari ($4.50), which was crispy and well-seasoned though it tasted quite similar to the seasoning used in Calbee Prawn Sticks. There was a choice of dips; Chili, Tartar or Cheese, which we went for the latter. It was rather disappointing though; despite its thickness it was too weak in flavour and did not really had any cheesy factor in it.Since Fish & Chips was the specialty of Fish Tales, I thought it would be good if we went for the Fiery Fish ($9.90). The portion was really generous; a huge slab of fish sitting atop a bed of chips, with the spicy sauce accompanying it by the side. It’s size came quite a bit of an unfortunate thing for us; the fish itself was pretty overcooked as it became rather stiff, and it was marinated in a strange sour sauce which we thought came rather unnecessary as it gave the fish a rather quirky flavour. The spicy sauce was not too spectacular either; it came tasting a wee bit like Chili Beef but seemed a tad weak with a moderate amount of sweetness which seemed pretty odd. Chips were pretty good; crispy skin-on potatoes that were fluffy but came with just a little too much salt. We reckoned that there was so many flavours going in there it became a really confused dish that was mentally draining to have, trying to decipher what was going on in each condiment and was too heavy-tasting that we were having problems just trying to finish it.Glad to say that the Popcorn Fish Pasta ($9.90) was way better; coming with Aglio Olio pasta, the Angel Hair pasta was well tossed in olive oil, capsicums and other herbs and spices that made it simply flavourful and fragrant; though albeit on the greasy side. The Popcorn Fish bites were also fine, though was nothing much to shout about.One of the reasons I wanted to come here so badly was also because of the Instagram photos I had seen about their coffee. Despite being a bistro-style eatery, Fish Tales do serve artisan coffee that comes complete with latte art; a major bonus. Apart from the milkiness however, we could detect a nice chocolate finish to the Latte ($4.50) that we had.For more photos and the full review, please visit: http://jiaksimipng.wordpress.com/2014/07/04/fish-tales-scape/ continue reading
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