From the guys behind November 8 cafe, Five by Five serves brunch items and mains such as burgers, and Japanese Beef Stews. Waffles and Ice cream are also available here. continue reading
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Taro Coconut Ice Cream African Red Chocolate Miso Roasted Pork Chorizo Breakfast 5by5 Breakfast
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Level2 2016-01-07
For the full review and more photos, head over to http://toroamtheworld.blogspot.com/2016/01/food-review-five-by-five.htmlFive By Five is a relatively new cafe opened by the same guys behind November 8 (now defunct), but at a space just below the latter's unit. The interior design is every Instagrammer's dream - white tiles, marble table tops, light-coloured wooden chairs, and unpolished cement floors. Plus the abundant natural lighting completes the checklist of beautiful photos!For the drinks, I can't remember what they were, although the green ones are obviously matcha, because my dining partners ordered it.5by5 Breakfast ($15.50): The usual big breakfast plate, with eggs (sunny or scrambled, of which we chose the latter), chorizo sausage, bacon, honey ham, mushroom and tomato, served on toast and greens by the side. The eggs were very runny and silky, while the bacon and sausages were a bit salty as usual. Mushrooms and tomatoes were fresh and juicy!Miso Roasted Pork ($16.50): Slow roasted pork belly with Japanese Miso seasoning, served with orzo rice pasta with greens by the side. The pork belly was tender and well marinated. The orzo, which was a kind of short-cut pasta, reminded me of the rice in Briyani haha. Overall this dish was not bad.Waffles with 3 scoops of ice cream ($17.80): I felt the waffles could be a little lighter and crispier. But I enjoyed the Durian and Ferrero Rocher ice cream (last flavour was Thai Milk Tea). Also, I think it's pricier than it could have been.There's nothing wrong with this cafe, but there's also nothing outstanding of it either. Food was alright, the ice cream and waffles weren't that mindblowing either. But I guess if you're in the area and bored of the usual Upper Thomson offerings, you can try out this place!Food was alright, worth going if in Thomson area. continue reading
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Level4 2015-10-13
The cafe is newly opened officially on 8 October 2015 and is by the people formerly from November 8 cafe. Compare to the previous cafe, the place has a more cool and bright look with its white look. The place is also easier to locate, compare to the previous location. Similar to the previous cafe, the cafe offers free wifi to customers. Besides that, I could also see some customers helping themselves to the power supply to charge their laptops while in the cafe. Order is taken smoothly with ipad at the table. Credit cards are accepted as payment here. Please note that there is 7%GST charge in bill. Although it is just past 6pm, quite a number of dishes are not available.Chicken Bleu ($15.5)Boneless chicken thigh stuffed with bacon & cheese, served with orzo rice pasta with greens by the side.The chicken is moist but I would prefer if there is more of melted cheese in the stuffing. I could barely taste the cheese in it. The pasta side that served with it fares much better. Although it looks plain with just diced bell pepper and mushroom, it is soft and flavourful on its own.Bacon & Chicken Skewer ($9)Tastes quite juicy, but I feel that it is a bit high for such a simple dish.Cafe Latte ($4.50)Tastes not bad.Waffle & Ice CreamThe waffle ($6) topped with a scoop of Thai Milk Tea ($4.20/ scoop of Deluxe Flavour), and a scoop of Coconut Taro ice cream ($4.80/ scoop of Premium Flavour). The waffle itself is light, hot and crispy but tastes a bit too sweet, maybe because it has been dusted with powered sugar. The coconut taro ice cream is a hot favourite and one can taste bits of the coconut flesh in it. The thai milk tea ice cream is rich and creamy too.Overall food is not bad, but the waiting time for the cooked food is a bit too long. I have waited more than 45 minutes. The staff has explained to me that there is only one person cooking in the kitchen and there is a large order before me. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)