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Hainanese Chicken Rice
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Level2 2019-05-31
Thanks god theres restaurant still opening at late night after my flight arrival.Cold barley water to chill down my body from the stuffy weather.Chicken is nice, tender juicy, great texture, with light soy sauce. The chicken liver and kidney was great, I love the liver more, so mushy smooth and fresh.Cereal prawn, prawns are good but abit oily and not enough flavour. continue reading
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Level2 2017-01-05
在新加坡吃海南雞飯多少都是指定動作,其實看旅遊書都有很多好介紹,如:文東記、天天、幸運……多不勝數,不可能全部也走去試,就選一家在附近的,「五星」就較為順路,參觀完土生華裔祖屋,走不遠就到。五星也有好幾家,但似乎以東海岸路這間較為人氣及多被介紹。東新加坡這邊不是甚麼旅遊區,出名的景點也欠奉,所以這間「五星」位處在住宅區,去到單看周圍環境已經很有街坊的感覺,鋪內亦沒甚特別裝潢,平實得很,眼見來吃飯的人都是以附近的打工仔和街坊為住,遊客不多。海南雞飯,據書描述,老闆堅持用走地雞,雞隻由馬來西亞進口,雞身較細,但肉質結實。吃下時,甚少皮下脂肪,雞肉頗嫩滑,又有雞味。墊底還有點青瓜,很爽脆。而個雞油飯十分香、很油潤,枱上已放有成盤醬料,點雞三寶:薑蓉、黑豉油、辣椒醬,多少隨意。Fried Sambal "Salad" Fish,餐牌只顯示英文名字,此道菜式並沒有中文名稱,所以,不知道是甚麼魚來。不過,條魚炸得非常之香脆,魚肉不乾又不嚡,吃罷又不會感覺油膩。最美味是淋在魚身上面的汁,是爆香洋蔥後再加入參巴醬,極之惹味。其實參巴醬是東南亞的辣椒醬,以十多種不同的辣椒、蒜頭、乾蔥、炸過的乾貝和無去殼的蝦一齊炒製,辣辣地,富有層次。 continue reading
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Level2 2015-03-24
So happened to be visiting my friend in the East and was brought over to Five Star for dinner. Dinner crowd here is quite big but even more queing to "take away". First impression, chicken rice here must be really good.Ordered the white chicken drumstick for myself. Took a while because of the many customers on the go. Service was OK. When dinner finally arrived at the table, must admit the chicken didn't look as attractive as expected. However, was pleasently surprised at the tenderness and well-cooked chicken. They use "kampong" chicken but the drumstick was quite big. Meat was lean and tender, cooked to perfection. The rice was also very good; fragrant and not sticky.Really enjoyed the meal and would ranked it amongst the top 5 chicken rice in Singapore. Only setback was that it is pricey, more expensive than the other restaurants.  continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2013-06-13
For a more casual write-up of this eatery, do visit us at our blog - http://bit.ly/11gxI2OFive Star prides itself for serving kampung chicken, now you may ask, what distinguishes that from the usual broiler chicken? Let our taste buds do the talking!Kampung chicken drumstick (S$5/- inclusive of a portion of rice for 1 pax)The Chinese lady who took our orders was courteous and patiently went through the menu with us. We were asked which part and cut from the chicken we wanted and we went for the drumstick since it was the lady's favourite. For the record, there was an additional 50 cents surcharge over the normal cuts.If you looked close enough, there was minimal fat underneath the skin and that is when you know you are getting the real thing when Five Star boast about their serving of kampung chicken! In place of the fat, there was a beautiful thin layer of jelly which separated the succulent chicken flesh from the skin. From my understanding and experience in trying to cook my own chicken rice at home, it required soaking the poached chicken in iced water, which was essential to lock in the juices. As expected, the flavour of the chicken was noticeably stauncher than the typical broiler counterparts. Partially owed to the selected cut, the flesh was really tender and in our opinion, cooked to perfection. It is always this fine line between getting it perfect and undercooked. Well, we are glad to say that on this occasion, it went the right way.Now if you think that was the end of it, you would be missing out on the beautiful self-concocted sauce luxuriously drenched over the chicken. The secret to this was that it was specially brewed in-house from soy sauce with added soy beans and rock sugar. Personally, I felt that the icing was the addition of rock sugar, which not only enhanced the aroma of the sauce but more importantly offered a good balance to the flavour. It stood in between a pleasant savouriness and a good unami oomph. Tipping the scale was an even diffusion of salinity complemented with a mildly sweet after taste. Shiok!Chicken RiceThe accompanying rice to the separately plated chicken portion has to be good before we can conclude it to be a delectable dish. We particularly enjoyed the lovely texture to the rice where each grain was easily separated. It would suit the calories-conscious because the rice was not overly greasy. The trade-off was however the lack in a strong kick of flavours. The thing with kampung chicken is that the flavours are retained within the meat itself rather than superficially on the fats. The lady had a minor complaint that the rice was slightly on the dry side as she would have preferred a heavier touch in terms of flavour. On the other hand, it suited my palate perfectly for I found that it was oily enough to keep the grains individual yet not leaving a mess on my lips! The best part for me was to scoop up some of that beautiful sauce from the other plate and trust me, you know it is sensational when you inadvertently give a thumbs up.Readily available on each table was a silver tray containing the freshly prepared chilli sauce, ginger purée and dark soy sauce. Personally, my SOP in grading chicken rice always has 3 key components to match - first the chicken, then rice and lastly the chilli sauce. In my humble opinion, there is no short cut for a good chilli sauce other than fresh chilli padi for the heat with an acidic tang from limes. Many substandard chicken rice stalls take the easy way out by replacing the all important acidic twist with the acetic acid owed from vinegar. Well, you know what is a good chicken rice chilli sauce when you have tried one like this at Five Star.Honestly, I would do away with the ginger purée, but it looked good enough for a dab. 'Ooohh...not bad leh!' It was finely grated and richly packed in flavours. What we particularly favoured was that it was so fine that you do not have loose fibre ends clinging on to the gaps between teeth. While it packed a punch, I was contented enough to enjoy my chicken rice with just the chilli.As we were planning to eat along the way down East Coast Road, we stuck to one person portions. After scanning the menu, I was left undecided choosing a savoury dish from their list of Hainanese-styled dishes designed to give families a homely satisfying meal. I decided to go light and ordered a complementing appetizer to go along with the savoury main.You are probably looking at the pictures and saying 'Crap, that looks spicy!'. Surprisingly, it was carefully balanced with the right amount of sweetness to neutralize some of the heat from the finely diced chilli padi.The chef took extra care in ensuring that the red onions were finely sliced, with the purpose of giving that added layer of crispness to the crunchy chicken feet. With an OCD for cleanliness, I scrutinized the skin of the chicken feet intently to ensure that there were no unwanted hair before putting it on the lady's plate. She is not exactly a huge fan of this dish but as the Chinese proverb goes '爱屋及乌' (loving something because your loved one likes it), so she learnt to acquire the taste under my influence!We casually ordered the homemade iced barley drink just to beat the afternoon heat. There was nothing too wow about it because you know what you are getting with this beverage anyway.I thought it was good gesture to have both serviettes being provided (free of charge) and sanitizing wet wipes. It was later when making payment did I realize that these individually packed wet wipes came at an additional 20 cents each and automatically added to the bill.The ambiance of the eatery was casual and relaxed though there was no air-conditioning at where we sat. We noticed the adjacent shopfront carried the same brand name Five Star and had air-conditioning facilities but we were contented with a classic coffee shop dining experience done no-frills Singapore-style in our flip-flops. A worthy shout-out goes out to the PRC auntie serving us for her pleasant and attentive service. While this might return screaming remarks from readers who detest typical PRCs with a heated passion, there are still good breeds out there providing a humble service. A heads-up for those who drive, it would be worthwhile to park in one of those side roads or at nearby shopping malls such as 112 Katong and walk down because it is inconveniently located along the main road. In conclusion, it was a trip worthy of our calories and its position in the food guide books is certainly well-deserved! continue reading
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Level4 2012-05-23
This stall is famous for its Chicken rice and has increasingly expanded to stirred fried dishes such as hot plate, clay pot dishes. This hot plate tofu dish though generous in its serving and ingredients, it is too oily. The starting price of this hot plate tofu dish is $10 (small) and so on. The dish is served piping hot and my favourite part of the dish is perhaps the layer of egg laid on top of the surface of the hot plate. However, for its price and taste, I would not recommend this dish for first time goers. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)